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New Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone next to one used daily for 3 years.

Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone, 4.25 oz, 120 grams

Ships within 24 hours
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  • Product Description

    Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone 4.25 ouncesno-body-odors.jpg


    How Does Mineral Salts Deodorant Work?

    Your perspiration, when it first leaves your body is sterile and odorless. When it comes in contact with the bacteria that lives on your skin, the bacteria multiplies, and it's the multiplying bacteria that causes the odor. The mineral salts deodorant stone leaves a thin film of the salts on your skin and the bacteria can not thrive in the mineral salts environment. Therefore, no odors. You will not smell at all. It works better than the toxic cover up deodorants. It's also a natural astringent that can be used like a styptic pencil to stop small bleeding from shaving etc.

    How Long Does a Stick of Mineral Salts Deodorant Last?green-save-money.jpg

    Since only a very thin film of mineral salts is used each time you put it on, a stick of our 4.25 ounce Mineral Salts will last well over 2 years in normal use. I have been using the same one for over 3.5 years. It's a huge money saver.

    What about the stains on the arm pits of my clothes?

    Those days are gone. Our Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone will not stain your clothes at all.

    Is there a break in period for the Mineral Salts Deodorant?

    Some people had reported that if they were using an antiperspirant they had a slight odor for a few days when they first began using the mineral salts deodorant stone. But then the odor went away and now they have no odor. We think this is because antiperspirants actually clog the pores in your underarms. Toxins build up in your body, and when you use a product that does not clog your pores the toxins come pouring out and you get an odor. If you are one of the few people that this happens to just wear some cologne or perfume for a few days and then you will be healthier and odor free. If you feel it stops working after a while it is possible though rare that a crust can form on the surface of the mineral salt stone preventing the salts from dissolving onto your skin. If this happens just rough up the stone with some sand paper or a nail file and it will work like new again. Wearing our deodorant feels like your not wearing anything at all. 

    How Does it Feel to Wear Green Virgin Products Mineral Salts Deodorant?

    It feels clean and fresh. It feels like you have nothing on. No white residue. No sticky feel. No perfume smell. No waiting for it to dry. Just clean, fresh and healthy.


    100% potassium alum mineral salts

    Why should I switch to Green Virgin Products Mineral Salts Deodorant Stones?

     Green Virgin Products 100% pure Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone, sometimes also called crystal deodorant, contains no harmful carcinogens or toxic chemicals which are typically found in national brands. There is a growing controversy over whether aluminum compounds cause breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element on the planet Earth. It is in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. It is in dirt and dust, it is everywhere. For that reason plants and animals on Earth have adapted to be able to deal with aluminum. Healthy individuals will only absorb minimal amounts of aluminum. Then almost all of the amount absorbed will be eliminated in our urine and feces. Since this product is a natural stone from the earth it does contain small amounts of aluminum just like your food, water and the air we breath. New research is pointing out that certain diseases might cause the body to store aluminum instead of the aluminum causing the disease. However, it is documented that the known carcinogens and toxic chemicals in national brands of deodorants can cause cancer and many other debilitating diseases. Deodorant is particularly dangerous due to the fact that it's worn constantly. These highly toxic chemicals are absorbed through our skin.

    It is important to know that the cosmetics industry which sells toxic deodorants to the tune of billions of dollars a year will do just about anything to protect their market share. They spend millions of dollars a year fighting efforts by lawmakers to get toxic and carcinogenic ingredients removed from their products. They feel no guilt whatsoever about putting known carcinogens in products designed for babies. Is it any wonder that they are spreading lies about truly healthy products in an effort to confuse consumers. Their plan is if we can trick consumers into thinking the healthy product is bad for them then they will most likely just buy the really toxic national brand. Click the Skin Deep banner on the right to go to the Skin Deep Data Base. An independent data base based on science. It shows that potassium alum is rated a 1 on a scale of 0-10 with zero being the safest. Our product is extremely effective and safe. And that is not just an opinion that is science.  

    The true story of how Mineral Salts Deodorant Stones were discovered. 

    Hundreds of years ago, a very poor worker from Hangzhou China, had a low paying job, at a work shop. In order to get to his job he had to travel through a mountain pass with towering cliffs on both sides. It was a long and hard journey to climb up and over the mountain both ways, to work, and then back home. mountain.jpg 

    One evening, after a heavy rain storm, when he was on his way home from his job, he was resting before continuing his climb. He happened to look up at one of the cliffs, and he saw a glittering bright light coming from the mountain. His curiosity was raging. He had to know what it was, so he started climbing the steep cliff.It was extremely hot outside and the climb was long and tiring. When he finally reached the light he found a beautiful rock reflecting light off the full moon. He was taken by the rocks beauty, so he dug the rock out, and took it home.

    The rock was very cool to the touch compared to the hot summer air, so he liked to rub the rock all over his body to cool off. Because the summer is very hot in that part of China, and he was a very hard worker, he would sweat like there was no tomorrow. But he noticed that where he rubbed the beautiful stone he was sweating less and less and the smell was gone. He had found a rock that could cure sweat and odor. He took the rock to his job and let others try it, and it worked for all of his coworkers too.

    The poor worker saw a great opportunity and opened a factory to mine and sell this product, that still is in operation today. Green Virgin Products sources this same factory for our deodorant stones. This mine has proven over time to be the richest find with the highest quality mineral salts in the world. 

    This product is the best deodorant in the world. It is safe and effective and will save you a lot of money. Order one for all your loved ones.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Amazing product!!

      I never write reviews but I'm always reading them and always wondered if what I'm reading is true or not. Well, in this case I tried this deodorant because of the great reviews for this product and I am glad I did! This is the best deodorant I have ever tried! This is amazing and I'm so happy with my purchase. If there's anyone out there looking for something natural try this! You will not regret it. I'm going to buy everyone a deodorant stone on my Christmas list this year! on Jul 22nd 2014

    2. AMAZING!!!!!!

      I have been using this product for a couple of months and wanted to wait before reviewing to make sure I was able to give a fair review. I have searched high and low for the past 10 years for a natural deodorant. I have tried and wasted so much money on various "organic & natural" brands with no luck. I even resorted to making my own deodorant which was great in the beginning but ended up not quite cutting it. So by chance as I was purchasing soap nuts, I stumbled across this and boy am I happy that I did! This is so easy to use and effective! Even when I use conventional deodorants, my body gets used to them and they become ineffective. So I have been using this during the warmest part of the year here in England, to the gym, tennis lessons, everywhere! It is amazing and I do not smell of horrible sweaty BO. What is even more amazing is that I sweat and it feels so good.. I know that sounds weird but instead of feeling hot and sticky when I sweat, I can tell my body is doing what it should doing all without being stinky! Thank you for a great product and I will tell everyone who will listen to get themselves a stone! on Jul 14th 2014

    3. Works for Me!

      I was a little unsure about trying this, but wanted to do something natural. I have not regretted my decision. It did take a few days (like the information says) for my other products to leave my system, but after that I haven't noticed any smell. I just wet the product and apply. My mother has sensitive skin, so she is getting ready to try it. Great price for how long it lasts. on Jul 1st 2014

    4. Amazing Value!

      Not only is this a wonderful product, but the value is fantastic! I've had the same stone, which I use daily, for almost 2 years now! I'm finally about to reorder!! on May 24th 2014

    5. Deodorant Mineral Salt

      Excellent.... on Apr 29th 2014

    6. So far...

      The first day I used this, I have to admit, my armpits felt naked. Since then, I've adjusted. I find that if I use the deodorant while I'm still damp from my shower, it applies very easily and dries quickly. I did notice at the end of a particularly warm Easter day, I did have some armpit odor under my right arm. I was taken aback and don't know why this only happened under one arm. Weird. I am still using it though. When the weather warms up I will see if this happens again. I love using something natural and cost-effective. I'm not giving up on it yet. on Apr 23rd 2014

    7. Love your products!

      I love your products!! I ordered your deodorant first, and I do not stink at all. The first time I used It I noticed the difference. No other deodorant has worked as well as this does. And I mean It! Its amazing. I put it on at night and sometimes on the morning, and it works all day nothing else has ever worked for me. I love the information you provide about your products as well, anyway i'm super excited to get these soap nuts I just ordered thank you so much for proving to me that the organic is just as good actually even better than the commercial products. I love it, I love you! Thanks! ;) Consider me a life long customer. on Mar 16th 2014

    8. deodrant

      Still on the fence on this product. I seems to work but to hard to apply. on Dec 15th 2013

    9. The best natural deodorant.

      This is the first natural deodorant that has ever worked for me! I bought it for my husband, my sister, my niece, and myself. Love this deodorant!!! on Oct 2nd 2013

    10. Safe and Effective

      We're delighted to find a natural deodorant that really works while allowing us to avoid toxic ingredients like aluminum. Great product; highly recommend! on Sep 15th 2013

    11. The Only Natural Deodorant That Ever Worked For Us!

      We have tried so many natural deodorants (to many to count) and none of them measured up to yours. We have used yours for a few years now and will keep doing so because it never fails us. I have also introduced several other people to it and they love it!

      Thank you so much for such an affordable great product, it is the BEST!
      on Sep 9th 2013

    12. Love Love Love

      This works great! Was very skeptical but after reading the reviews I purchased. Glad that I did. Has worked wonderfully and well worth the money. Still perspire but no odor. on Jul 21st 2013

    13. The Best Deodorant Ever!!!

      The best ever. So glad I ordered this product. Going to order one for each of my teen agers. Well worth the money!!! on Jul 20th 2013

    14. Love this product

      This is the best deoderant I have ever used. It keeps me fresh all day and leaves no marks on clothing. Plus its all natural which I like the best. on Jul 8th 2013

    15. I live in the desert and this is a real find for me.

      So far, this is the very first deodorant that has not caused a burning rash. My Dr. gave me a prescription for a cortisone cream to use when the rashes got very bad. I am also pleased with the effectiveness in reducing perspiration and associated odor. I live in the desert and this is a real find for me. Thank you!!!! on Jul 7th 2013

    16. Mineral Salt Deodorant Stone

      I really am extremely satisfied with the Mineral Salt Deodorant Stone. What I love most is the surprise I get from others after I convince them to try it. They always remark on how much better it works than their modern deodorant, as long as you wet the skin before application. Females say the salt has little burn to it after a fresh shave. As a cancer survivor, I'm very concerned with health. This deodorant is healthy, natural, simple, economical, and I support it. on Jun 30th 2013

    17. Might be best deodorant out here!

      I was skeptical b/c over the years I had purchased other 'crystal' salts which never seemed to work and slipped out of my hands to the floor and broke. Tried others that were liquid crystal which only were wet with no success. My friend told me of this salt and also said I needed to give it several days while all other ingredients I've used over the years melted, left and then allowed this stone to do it's job. So far I am very happy with this stone. no odor, no real wetness and doesn't seem to stain my clothes on Jun 18th 2013

    18. mineral salts rock!

      I got the mineral salt deodorant just before a trip to tucson,arizona last week. The temps ranged from 105 - 110 degrees everyday.I was sure that I would sweat to death but the salts kept me dry...very amazing! Now that I am back in florida I will continue to use this product and enjoy being dry & healthy. thankyou so much! Patty on Jun 16th 2013

    19. Very interesting concept.

      We were very skeptical when we bought this product, but we have used it and really like it. We have both worked out in the yard and sweat alot and there was no body odor only the smell of the out doors on us. So we are extremely happy with the natural deorderant and would definately recommend it. on May 15th 2013

    20. This works perfectly for me!

      I thought I was doing well for the past year, using an all natural deodorant. This stone is even better. No odor or any other issues from day 1! No mess, you can travel with it, and it lasts a long time. Nice! on May 13th 2013

    21. No more rashes!

      I really wasn't sure that this would work, as I have tried other similar products in the past, but it is great! I have had a problem most of my life with deodorants and rashes, but no rash with this one, YEA!! Most of the time I have been using cornstarch, which is messy no matter how you do it. Now, no mess! Highly recommend this. on May 13th 2013

    22. No more B.O.!!!

      The absolute best deodorant I have even tried. I was an Arm&Hammer die-hard...but I have been converted on May 9th 2013

    23. Works Great.....

      Wasn't sure at first but, decided to give it a try and I will never go back to traditional deodorants.
      PS Thanks Lola
      on Apr 17th 2013

    24. Wow! It really works!

      I was very skeptical of a "natural" product as a deodorant, but was amazingly surprised at how well it works. I don't have to reapply after work, as I did before w/ my "store bought" deodorant. What a difference. No white lines to worry about on clothes, either. I would defininitely purchase this again, but it lasts for years... on Apr 16th 2013

    25. Works great!

      I bought this for my husband. When I gave it to him to try he looked at me strangely. LOL He sweats...not an enormous amount but he likes to be outside all day and this product works wonderfully! I made him keep smelling himself the first few days (and he made me too! lol) and he did not stink one bit. Amazing stuff :) on Apr 16th 2013

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