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Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts is the world’s only laundry detergent that grows on trees 

If you’ve never heard of soap nuts before, you are in for a surprise. They have nothing to do with food, as the name might suggest, but are very efficient laundry cleaners. It seems as if Mother Nature has made more provisions to take care of our needs than we realize and these green cleaning productsare amazing proof.Extra gentle on your clothes and on your skin, these nuts grow in tropical and warm climates on shrubs and small trees, which botanically belong to the Lychee family. 

They are actually berries, but earned the name “nut” in reference to the hard, nut-like shell they form after they have been harvested and dried in the sun. They contain saponins, soap-like components, which are natural cleaners that, just as their chemical counterparts, lift stains from the fabric and take care of odours. They are however much gentler on your laundry than the regular aggressive laundry detergents.

Soap nuts do everything you expect from your favourite household laundry detergent. They clean your laundry, are gentle on your fabrics and leave a fresh scent. However, the real difference between regular detergent and these particular green-cleaning products becomes apparent only after a few wash loads. Contrary to harsh detergents that leave residues on your laundry and make them feel hard after a while, the components found within them open up the fabric fibres and act as natural fabric softeners.  


Give it a try, and wash a few loads of towels with your regular laundry detergent and compare it with a few loads of clothing washed with soap nuts. You’ll see an impressivedifference. Your towels and delicate clothing items will be noticeably softer and fluffier, and it’s easily understandable why this kind of product will extend the overall life of your favourite pieces of clothing. Because it’s an all-natural and very mild product, it’s also ideal for people with sensitive skin and for items such as baby clothes.

But as with most things in life, there can be huge differences in terms of quality. We go to great lengths to purchase only the highest quality, Sapindus Mukorossi, USDA certified organic soap nuts for you. You simply won’t be able to get higher quality than ours or at a better price. They are biodegradable and great for septic and grey water systems and they are true eco friendly Green Virgin Products.

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and therefore all our products come with a 90-day money back guarantee. For convenient use, drawstring bags are already included with your purchase. We also invite you to try our soap nuts liquid with the easy pump top. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be used alongside if desired. Don't forget to check out our non-toxic prespotter bar. It out performs every pre-spotter on the market and lasts for years. Shipping is free for orders $50 and up.

The Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts advantages at a glance are:

  • A wash bag with only about 4-5 soap nuts is sufficient for a load of machine washing
  • You can use the same bag about 5-7 times without losing any of its washing power
  • No need for fabric softeners anymore
  • Gets rid of odor in your laundry
  • They cost two and a half times less than a regular brand name detergent
  • You are supporting the environment in a truly meaningful way


 How do I use soap nuts products properly?

Depending on which of our soap nuts products you are going to use, you can either chose one of two options:

If you purchase the nuts as a whole, simply put about 5 average sized nuts in a wash bag and add to your laundry. You can use the same wash bag for about 5-7 loads.

If you use the liquid form, dilute as instructed and add to laundry.

How long does the bag need to remain in the washer?

You can leave the bag inside the washer until all wash and rinse cycles are completed. Remember that it also acts as a fabric softener so no additional softener or dryer sheets are needed. It might be a good idea to use a pre-soak cycle to allow the soap nuts to become completely saturated before the actual washing cycle starts.

Can I use soap nuts in cold water as well?

Absolutely. As we only offer high quality soap nuts at Green Virgin products, our soaps have the amount of saponin that works just as well with cooler temperatures. If you use the nuts for your laundry and regardless of the temperature, pre-soaking will produce better results, especially when the nuts are already dry and dark. Breaking them into smaller pieces to ease the release of saponin also helps to facilitate better results.

There is no foam and suds. Are the soap nuts really working?

Yes, they definitely are. The suds and foam you are used to seeing when using a regular laundry detergent are artificial foaming surfactants that have been added to suggest and “prove” to you that the laundry detergent is doing its job. The amount of dyes, artificial foaming agents and other toxins that are added to today’s laundry detergents do not only cause a hazard to the environment but are also very often the cause for skin irritations and allergies. This safer product contains a natural surfactant. You won’t see lots of (unnecessary) foam and suds, but the results will speak for themselves.

Can soap nuts be used in HE washer as well as in front loaders?

The answer is yes, in both cases. Theywork especially well in HE washers because of their low suds production. They also do an excellent job with a front loader. Use the pre-soak cycle if you use the wash bag method and you will see great results.

What should active soap nuts ideally feel and look like?

Remember that soap nuts are really dried berries. Sapindus Mukorossi, as it is called by its proper botanical name has a yellow to golden color when it is first harvested, and it feels just like a juicy berry. After the berries have been sun-dried it’s easier to process and de-seed them.

Here is a small test to see if your soap nuts still have cleaning power: Fill a bag with fresh nuts, run it under warm or hot water and squeeze and mash and rub the bag until the nuts are softened. If you see suds coming through the muslin, you can rest assured that you are holding active nuts in your hand.

I have nut allergies. Can I use soap nuts?

Yes, you can. Remember that, despite their name, they are berries. They just became popular with that name due to their hard shell after sun drying. They are also commonly known as soap berries.

How do I best store soap nuts?

Moisture is their biggest enemy, so they are best stored in a dry environment. Moisture can lead to early saponin release and possible mold or mildew. You can keep the soap nuts in their original muslin bag or a Tupperware type of container to prevent moisture from getting in.  If you keep them in the wash bags, allow the nuts to dry between laundry days.

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