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Soap Nuts 1 Kilo Deseeded (2.2 lbs) 330 wash loads

  • 1 Kilo of USDA Certified Organic Deseeded Soap Nuts.
  • Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts.
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Product Description

1 Kilo of USDA Certified Organic, Soap Nuts. Highest Quality Soap Nuts Available At Any Price.

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What are soap nuts?

Soap Nuts are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. These amazing berries are harvested and then dried in the sun. No chemicals of any kind are added to our soap nuts. We only sell Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts as this is the species that are the largest and have the highest saponin content of any other soap nut species.  Laundry detergents with toxic chemicals can finally be replaced with something all natural and totally organic.

The soap nut contains a natural soap called saponin. Saponin has cleaning abilities equal to toxic chemical detergents. Soap Nuts are extremely hypo-allergenic and can be used by people who are allergic to all other detergents. They are completely green and don't pollute our planet. Soap Nuts go by many names, such as soap berries, wash berries, wash nuts, Ritha, Reetha, Aritha, Dodan, Doadni, Doda, Kanma, Thali. 

Are your soap nuts USDA Certified Organic? 

Yes and they are also certified organic by Ecocert.

I would love to go green, do soap nuts cost a lot more than chemical detergents? 

Most non-toxic cleaning products cost more than the products they replace. Soap nuts cost much less than toxic chemical detergents. Add in the cost of fabric softener or dryer sheets and soap nuts cost two and a half times less. 

How do I use them?

Just place 3 to 5 whole soap nuts in the included drawstring wash bag and toss it into the washer with your clothes. Don't use any detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets. The 1 Kilo bag includes 3 drawstring wash bags. The 500 Gram bag includes 2 wash bags. And the 250 Gram bag includes 1 wash bag. Even after shipping almost all of your soap nuts will be whole when you receive them. We recommend breaking them in half before you put them in the drawstring wash bag so water can circulate freely through the inside of the shell so they can release their saponin more easily.

Soap nuts work equally well in top loaders or the newer HE front loaders. With a top loader, expect about 4-6 wash loads using the same soap nuts. With a front loader HE machine you can expect about 7-9 wash loads. The best way to tell if your soap nuts are used up is to put your used soap nuts in the bag in a jar with a lid with a few ounces of water and shake them up. If you get suds, you can get another load out of them. Pour the sudsy water in the washer with the soap nuts for another load.

Remember that the hardness of water has an effect on all cleaning products. Water hardness and other factors are different all across the country. So start with our recommendations and then experiment. Try using fewer soap nuts, then more and see what works best in your area. Even if you get it wrong they still work great. Your just trying to optimize your consumption of soap nuts. Your clothes will come out smelling amazingly fresh like you hung them outside on a clear spring day.

Plus, your clothes will be softer and more absorbent than ever, which is amazing because you never use fabric softener or dryer sheets with Soap Nuts. Soap Nuts are equal to Tide in cleaning ability. So if you used bleach for your whites before, you can still use bleach for whites (we recommend Oxyclean as it is non-toxic). We also recommend a good pre spotter Like our exclusive GVP Formula 433 Non Toxic Solid Stick Prespotter.

What is the quality of Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts?

Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts are sealed in a resealable bag, at the precise moment when they reach the peak of perfection. This is an important distinction as some sellers don't have their soap nuts cleaned and packaged in India or Nepal where they grow so they are exposed to the elements during the long ocean ride to the USA.

This can take a months at sea where the soap nuts will be absorbing the salty sea spray and any moisture in the air. They will be in very hot or cold temperatures, and they will be absorbing moisture or getting very dried out. They can become contaminated due to the moisture where as ours are sealed in plastic and are unaffected by the sea voyage. We sell only the highest quality USDA Certified Organic Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts available in the world.

We import Green Virgin Soap nuts from the best growers in Nepal. Labor is far less expensive in India and Nepal so our soap nuts are harvested, dried, hand sorted, cleaned, packaged and labeled there. We pass the savings on to you and help the economy for the locals in India. We buy our soap nuts from a company in Nepal that has been in business for over 100 years and does over one billion dollars a year in sales (of course soap nuts are a small percentage of that total).

That's why we can boast the highest quality and the lowest price. Remember soap nuts are basically produce. Produce is not like a car where a higher price usually means higher quality. But with soap nuts, a higher price from one of our competitors just means they are trying to make more profit than we are or they didn't buy them as efficiently as we did. You can find soap nuts as good as ours, but better soap nuts are not available at any price, period.

What health hazards can I help avoid by using Soap Nuts detergent?

Chemical laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets should be avoided at all cost. These products contain chemicals classified under federal law as carcinogens, toxic and hazardous. Some are on the EPA hazardous waste list. The list of health hazards associated with the chemicals in laundry products is staggering and very serious.

The list includes cancer, central nervous system depressant, kidney damage, headache, nausea, dizziness, confusion, twitching muscles, convulsions, fatigue, liver damage, birth defects, Alzheimer's disease, sudden infant death syndrome, reproductive problems and many more. For the proof of this, just Google "laundry detergent health hazards". This is not a myth, it's a fact. There are known carcinogens in American nationally advertised brands of laundry detergents, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Did you know that the European version of the EPA has banned about 1000 chemicals? The EPA in America has banned a total of 4 chemicals and has not banned a single chemical since 1976. The EPA tried to ban Asbestos in 1976 but failed in the courts, and Asbestos is still being manufactured and sold in huge quantities in the USA even though it is a known carcinogen. The EPA has not even tried to ban another chemical since.

Would you buy a laundry detergent if it was banned by the government? Almost all the leading brand detergents in America are banned by all the governments in Europe. It is illegal to sell American laundry detergents and fabric softeners in Europe, because they contain hundreds of banned chemicals. Yet Americans buy and use these toxic products every day. The big soap companies make billions of dollars a year while Americans are slowly being poisoned, along with our rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

For a happy healthy family, buy Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts and use our non-toxic cleaning products as well.

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  1. Amazing Product

    Posted by GY on Apr 10th 2014

    When I first tried soap nuts I was skeptical but was won over by the product and customer service. Mr. Ken Marion is a pleasure to speak with and very understanding of my forgetful mind in my chaotic home. He unanswered questions and was even empathetic of my busy home with youngins. The product is wonderful as well. It works sogreat on diapers, I am truly amazed at the quality.

  2. Very pleased with soap nuts!

    Posted by Elizabeth on Apr 8th 2014

    This is my first time using soap nuts. I typically do not order products online but am very glad I did. Ordering is very easy, confirmation e-mails extremely prompt and the nuts delivered to my door in just a few days. I've been using this product for several weeks now and could not be happier with it. Clothes feel softer and certainly smell better. I am amazed that I no longer need to include fabric sheets in the dryer to ward of static electricity (which is a big problem in New England especially in the winter). This is a great eco-friendly choice and that is important to me.

  3. Best on the Market

    Posted by Erin on Jan 8th 2014

    I have used the GVP Soap Nuts for a few years now and wouldn't consider any other product or supplier. Best in quality. My husband is a mechanic and with the pre-spotter all of his work clothes are perfectly cleaned!

  4. The only laundry soap that I use

    Posted by SMH on Dec 16th 2013

    I have been using soap nuts for years. I make a liquid laundry soap from the nuts and I get superior cleaning results. GVP is a reliable source: friendly expedient service providing a high quality product.

  5. LOVE Soap Nuts!!

    Posted by KRB on Dec 4th 2013

    Being allergic to perfumes, and wanting a more mindful way of washing my clothes, Soap Nuts is perfect. Soap Nuts can be used for washing your hair too!!! One box has lasted me a full year!! Try them - you'll like them.

  6. Best stuff ever

    Posted by JT on Oct 7th 2013

    I try and use natural products as much as I can. These are the best things for laundry and other cleaning. I have two ferrets. They have a pretty strong musky smell. But I can wash their bedding in soap nuts and Oxyclean and it cuts all their musk smell. A very chemically sensitive lady I know was able to breath in one of the fresh washed towels and it did not bother her at all. The soap nuts get out smells, and they leave things smelling clean. NO smell, no perfume, just nice clean clothes. I love them!!!

  7. awesome product!

    Posted by Debey on Aug 29th 2013

    Was surprised how well Soap Nuts worked! Bought the trial size & did all my laundry with it, with fantastic results. Did not use any dryer sheets either and clothes were fresh, soft & no static! Amazing product so went ahead and bought the big bag and won't buy regular detergent anymore! Product also shipped fast!!

  8. Love my soap nuts!

    Posted by Dawn B. on Aug 15th 2013

    Love using my soap nuts... clean, healthy laundry! Also love this company- the BEST!!

  9. I LOVE soapnuts

    Posted by GW on Aug 15th 2013

    Besides being clean, my clothes are so incredibly soft. I can tell when I haven't used soapnuts. I like that I'm not using harmful chemicals, big plastic container after container of detergent and all the waste involved in the production and shipping. Green Virgin customer service is very good. I've turned lots of friends and family onto soapnuts. We're all very happy with the product.

  10. No More "Chemicals"

    Posted by Patricia Pincus on Jul 18th 2013

    I have been using "Soap Nuts" for a few years.
    They are the greatest way to do laundry!! Clothes smell so clean & I don't even have to use a dryer sheet.. Will never go back to store bought detergents!!

  11. Brighter Clothes

    Posted by Diamond Healer on Jul 7th 2013

    Love this product. Unique and cleans very well. My clothes seem cleaner and feel great.

  12. The best soapnuts!

    Posted by Paula G. on Jun 2nd 2013

    I have used soapnuts for about 13 yrs and have bought from several companies. I love soapnuts and will never go back to using detergents and this company sells the best around.

  13. LOVE this natural way to wash clothes!

    Posted by Jim D. on May 14th 2013

    The soap nuts work very well at cleaning and softening my clothes. They do have an odor in the bag they come in, but it does not transfer to the clothing. The only concern I have is, some of my clothes have some static, so I am still using dryer sheets. But overall, LOVE them!!

  14. My tip to leave clothes white and colors bright!

    Posted by Nancy G on May 13th 2013

    In the comments, I saw where a lady had hard well water, and had to use more soap nuts than usual....all she would have to do is to add a little Washing Soda to the water, and she would only need the required amount of nuts. Been there, done that, and it works! Also, a half cup of white vinegar in the rinse water takes all of the graying minerals out, and leave clothes white and colors bright!
    Thank you for your diligence , and we do spread the word to family, friends and clients around the country about you.
    Have a safe and prosperous week.
    Sincerely, Nancy

  15. Awesome product

    Posted by Julia on May 13th 2013

    Love these so much better than making my own detergent, so much easier!

  16. Amazing Organic all-purpose cleaner

    Posted by Wendy C. on May 9th 2013

    This product was recommended by a friend, so I had to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they actually work. I will definitely repurchase, it might be sometime next year, but I will be a lifetime customer.

  17. Soap Nuts? Who knew?

    Posted by Charly on Apr 23rd 2013

    These tiny soap berries work as advertised. That in and of itself is a strong recommendation. The fact that they do not pollute, they do not destroy your septic system and they save you money. All of these just add plus value to a product that really does work.

  18. Tried a couple of times

    Posted by c.lewan on Apr 20th 2013

    So far so good. I have used them just a couple of times but am satisfied so far. I do, however, like the fact that there is no measuring. I will keep on using because my clothes seem to smell better and softer. Goodbye commercial soap and softners and the price is right. I do need to use them more in order to give a 5-star review.

  19. Love! Love! Love!

    Posted by Joy Williams on Apr 18th 2013

    I have been using soap nuts for a few years and love them. There is no soap residue and they are kind to the environment.

  20. Great product even my husband loves them

    Posted by lynda on Apr 10th 2013

    I have been cutting chemicals from our lives, my husband has been somewhat skeptical. He does the laundry and ironing because he is picky about clothes and I am disabled. When I told him how much cheaper these would be and we wouldn't need to use softener, he decided to try them. He loves them, the clothes are clean, smell good and the towels are fluffy soft. Not even the commercial cleaners and softeners got them fluffy soft. He tells me to keep ordering them.

  21. Love soap nuts!

    Posted by Kathie on Mar 17th 2013

    I have been using soap nuts for a few years now and love them. I wouldn't go back to other detergents. No need for fabric softeners. Everything smells lovely and clean; no residue.

  22. Great Product.

    Posted by Leigh on Mar 15th 2013

    I recently tried the sampler pack - I liked it, I then bought the 1kg. pack & am now using it exclusively. I gave away my Eco laundry detergent, I find I like the smell & feel of my clothes more now.

  23. I'm nuts for these nuts!

    Posted by Fran on Mar 14th 2013

    These a fabulous! Everything came out clean, no measuring and easy to use. Will buy again and again.

  24. Fantastic Product

    Posted by S.K. on Feb 25th 2013

    I love using the soap nuts. No more itchy skin or gaggy perfume and chemical smells. The clothes come out cleaner than ever before too!

  25. The Best Soap Ever

    Posted by Nura on Feb 25th 2013

    This is our first time trying out soap nuts. One of our friends introduced us to them. We tried them out, and fell in love with them! The clothes are soft and smell good. Plus, no skin reactions to the soap nuts. Our whole family has some sort of skin reactions to the commercial detergents and products. But no skin reactions to this! Since we tried it out on our own skin, we recommend the soap nuts to everybody. Awesome stuff!

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