Soap Nut Peppermint Bar Soap, 5 ounces

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cute-baby-in-bath.jpgVegan, handcrafted, silky smooth luxurious handmade Soap Nuts Bar Soap that’s truly fit for royalty. The peppermint essential oils we use make this natural bar soap smell just like a candy cane. This exclusive Soap Nut Bar Soap includes Shea butter to add even more moisturizing power.

You’ll never go back to toxic name-brand soaps again when you feel the way our Soap Nuts Peppermint Bar Soap leaves your skin supple and soft. This non-toxic, moisturizing, vegan Hand Crafted Soap Nuts Bar Soap is made with large quantities of soap nuts liquid, but we don't put in any soap nuts powder like most others do. Adding soap nuts powder is the easy way to add soap nuts to bar soap but the powder is gritty.

The result is a silky smooth luxurious handmade soap, with gobs of lather, fit for royalty. The peppermint essential oils we use make this natural bar soap smell just like a candy cane. We also put Shea butter in this soap so it leaves your skin soft and moist. This soap makes the perfect gift. But once you try it you might want to keep it for yourself. Large 5 ounce bar, weight at time of cutting the bars.

Ingredients of Soap Nuts Bar Soap:

-Organic Soap nuts -Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil -Coconut oil -Palm Kernel flakes -Sunflower oil -Shea butter -Peppermint essential oil -Water -Sodium hydroxide, The sodium Hydroxide is completely neutralised. We age all our bar soaps at least 6 weeks before selling them.

Not all Handcrafted Bar Soaps are Non-Toxic

Soap Nut Peppermint Bar SoapBe careful who you buy handmade soap from. Essential oils cost up to 3 times more than fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are extremely toxic and contain known carcinogens. Most soap makers are unaware of the toxic nature of fragrance oils and use them to keep the price of their soap low. None of the wholesale sites that sell fragrance oils to soap makers mention the toxic nature of these products which leads to well-intentioned soap makers to put carcinogens in their products.

Also, beware of the type of olive oil used in handmade soaps. We use only the highest grade of olive oil, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. The picture to the right is the brand we use. Most soap makers use what is called Pomace Olive Oil. This is the cheapest olive oil you can buy. It is made after the cold pressing when just pressing the olives won't produce any more oil. They then use toxic solvents (hexane) to extract more of the oil from the olives.

This pomace oil is then heated to evaporate the solvent out. Green Virgin Products will never put a toxic ingredient in any of our products. Buy several bars today so you won't run out.



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