4 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Why Moringa Oil Is Amazing For Your Skin

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Dec 3rd 2015

Skincare is a daily part of life for everyone. With hundreds of known and documented skin conditions, it’s a reality that we all deal with. That fact makes it one of the biggest commercial industries. The skincare market alone is estimated to be a  $121 billion dollar industry worldwide as of 2016. As with any global market of this size, much of the industry is controlled by large, multinational corporations.

woman looking in the mirror - moringa oil skin benefits

The funny thing about all the money, time and research spent by these companies is that most of it goes into mimicking the effects of those that the best all-natural solutions already offer (and have for eons). The problems with offering all-natural solutions for big corporations is the higher associated cost to produce them, a much shorter shelf life and fewer barriers of entry for other businesses to offer the same competing product. That doesn’t work for a profit-driven corporation that has to answer to shareholders. They need a proprietary solution or a cream or a oil that they can control and market as their “exclusive” solution.

Do you think that actual healthy long term skin and hair care are their main objective? No one could honestly say they believe that if they understand all the forces at work in a massive company. Certainly, effective skin and hair care is part of their objective, but it doesn’t come before creating a product that has a long shelf life and high profit margin. They also frequently overlook, ignore and sometimes cover up the many known side effects of these chemical concoctions because of the same pressure for strong earnings.

At Green Virgin Products, we feel that it is our responsibility to share other options for lasting health and wellness. That’s why we are so excited about all the recent scientific studies around the effectiveness of the Moringa tree and many of its by products, like Moringa Oil and Moringa Powder, in promoting healthy skin and hair. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites:

Protect your skin with the locus effect

An interesting 2007 study found that Moringa protects your skin with a “Locus effect.” The locus effect got its name from the Locus flower and the protective nature of the surface structure of the flower’s leaves. They prevent dirt and germs from sticking to the flower so it all just washes away naturally when it rains. Moringa oil was found to provide a natural locus effect on skin and hair when applied. This means that it naturally protects your body from absorbing dirt and germs, and makes it more likely harmful substances will simply be washed off when bathing.

Take advantage of the antiaging Properties

The antiaging properties of a concentrated extract of moringa leaves were proven by Ali et al 2014 when mixed into an activated cream. The study documented, “significant effects on skin volume, texture parameters (energy, variance and contrast) and SELS, SEr (skin roughness), SEsc (skin scaliness), SEsm (skin smoothness), and SEw (skin wrinkles) parameters.” With this many diverse documented effects from the group that used moringa activated cream, the study safely concluded that moringa showed strong antiaging properties. We see and hear about these amazing properties of moringa on a daily basis. Many of our users tell us that their skin glows when they use moringa oil.

Fight acne, blackheads, blemishes

We all deal with acne and blemishes on some level. For most, it’s an occasional annoyance. However, we also all know people that deal with much more severe acne. You only need to think back to your teenage days to remember the burden that acne and blackheads place on many young people. The current name-brand acne fighters will generally dry your skin, and the prescription acne creams almost certainly will. While many see clearing up acne as the lessor of two evils, they still deal with issues from the regular use of many acne creams.

This makes the recent research around the effectiveness of moringa oil for treating acne, blackheads and skin blemishes so important. If moringa oil can provide an effective, long-term treatment for acne, many people will no longer have to deal with the constant irritation of dry, flaky skin. You don’t have to choose one or the other anymore.

To understand why Moringa oil has properties that help fight acne, you must first understand sebum. According to the, sebum is the body’s natural moisturizer, lubricant and skin protection. Our body naturally produces it all the time, and regularly secrets it as needed to protect and heal skin. However, acne is generally caused by your body producing too much sebum.

That’s exactly where moringa oil can help. Moringa has been proven to naturally and effectively fight the excessive production of sebum. This important recent study tracked the way that it helped your body fight over-production of sebum in winter. They concluded that: “The Moringa oleifera cream significantly reduces undesirable skin sebum during winter season in humans. Treatment with Moringa oleifera showed reduction of undesirable skin sebum.” This detailed evidence of moringa actively reducing the production of sebum is why moringa oil is effective with the general treatment of acne.

There are many other studies about the effective treatment of acne with moringa and moringa oil. Moringa oil was listed as one of the natural oils with the over 10% linoleic acid needed to effectively treat acne. The 2011 study listed a number of other naturally occurring oils and creams that were effective for those looking for a few all-natural options to treat and manage severe acne and skin blemishes.

The best part is acne and blackhead treatment is just one of many ways that moringa oil helps your skin. You get to enjoy all the natural benefits and hopefully leave behind that harsh name-brand acne cream.

Soothe the pain and itch of burns, cuts and scraps

Moringa oil has been used for thousands of years as an all-natural way to relieve minor burns, scrapes, cuts and scratches. At Green Virgin Products, moringa oil is something we’ve used for the same purpose for decades. With the recent rise in popularity, the scientific community has taken notice of this historic use for moringa oil, as well and the studies show promising evidence that you should be using it, too.

A scientific study into the wound-healing potential of commonly-used medicinal plants included Moringa. In the study they found that: “There was significant increase in wound closure rate, skin-breaking strength, granuloma breaking strength, hydroxyproline content, granuloma dry weight and decrease in scar area was observed.” This study suggests the potential for moringa to fight the things that cause minor scrapes, burns and cuts, as well as concludes it has effective use for treatment and aids in healing.

Moringa oil is even showing promise for sunscreen activity. The International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences released a study into the potential for moringa seed oil to be included in sunscreen creams. They concluded, “ Moringa oleifera L (Moringaceae) has good sunscreen activity and can be considered as active sunscreen agent or can be incorporated into other sunscreen formulations as an additive to enhance the activity.” This certainly does not mean that you can just slap on some of our high-quality pure Moringa Oil and you are good to lie out in the sun all day. But this study shows some sunscreen-like activity when moringa oil is included as an ingredient in a sunscreen cream, and that it definitely aids in protection from the sun. We see it as another general benefit from the amazing plant and would love to see it included in more natural sunscreens.

Over the years, we’ve found many ways to use moringa oil. But the overwhelming evidence for the drastic ways that it improves and protects your skin are probably the most important. Having supple, soft skin that is free of irritations, rashes and acne feels amazing and liberating. It can be life-changing if you have been suffering with any of the many skin issues or diseases that moringa has been clinically shown to help.

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