Avoid the Caffeine Crash with Moringa Tea Bags

Avoid the Caffeine Crash with Moringa Tea Bags

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 29th 2016

Avoid the Caffeine Crash with Moringa Tea Bags

Moringa TeaThe Moringa tree is known around the world for its amazing benefits to your health and wellness. Common nicknames like the miracle tree are the result of the incredible properties. At Green Virgin Products, we have used the moringa tree and its by-products for decades and it has become an essential part of our daily life.

One of the most popular ways to add the miracle tree into your diet is moringa tea bags. The pure leaf powder has a crisp, refreshing taste when you make tea with it and it delivers all the nutritional value of the miracle tree in every single cup. This wonderful drink is the perfect way to decrease your dependence on caffeine for regular short energy bursts and avoid that inevitable caffeine crash.

How Will I Ever Make It Without My Morning Coffee?

Many of us can’t imagine starting our day without that cup of coffee or energy drink. It’s such an ingrained habit after years of doing it every day that it can be hard to change.

Our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags provide you an effective all-natural alternative. Most people will find it much easier to leave behind the morning caffeine fix by simply starting their day with a glass of moringa tea with some lemon.

You will notice that the natural boost of energy is different from caffeine. Caffeine hits you fairly quickly, which is what most people like best about it when they are bit groggy in the morning. The problem is that burst of energy does not last very long and we will often resort to more coffee when we feel the crash coming.

Moringa tea bags offer a subtler energy burst that provides a lasting increase in concentration, focus and mood. There’s no crash from an all-natural increase in overall energy levels. This is an important difference to understand when you first attempt to move away from caffeine or at least cut your dependence on it every day. Caffeine has clear withdrawal symptoms, and you may wonder if the moringa is working when you first drink it. It will take a few hours before you really notice the difference, but you certainly will feel it when you get through the day without needing another caffeine fix to stay awake.

We only use the highest-quality Moringa Trees!

To make sure that our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags are the best in the world, we started with finding the best trees. Moringa grows all over the world, but the finest trees are found in tropical climates with warm, damp breezes.

We only use trees found in these climates and developed a process to make sure that our leaf powder is harvested. Using a signature far-infrared drying process assures that our tea is packaged within 8 hours. This industry-leading packaging process is unmatched and guarantees the our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags always contain 100% pure leaf powder that is fresh and potent as the moment it was picked from the tree.

The pride we take in the quality of our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags means that every cup of tea will deliver the host of benefits that the miracle tree is famous for.

Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags are Delicious and Nutritious!

Our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags make it easy to make a fantastic cup of tea. Our favorite recipe is simple. Heat up some water, put one of our moringa tea bags into a cup of hot water, and add some lemon and honey. That’s all you need for a delicious cup of all natural tea.

Our favorite tea is simple, but powerful. The 100% pure moringa leaf powder delivers a host of proven health and wellness benefits. Beyond just the energy boost, the miracle tree has been used for thousands of years to treat a long list of common ailments and illnesses. It also packs more vitamins, minerals and nutrients per serving than any other food or drink on the planet.

Moringa is packed with antioxidants and essential amino acids. The complex natural mix has been shown to effectively scavenge free radicals that cause cell damage and destruction throughout your body. The list of illnesses that natural sources of antioxidants can prevent is growing by the day, but it already includes diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and even cancer.

This does not make moringa tea bags a miracle cure, though. But it does make a tasty way to promote your own health and wellness with the proven power of the miracle tree. It’s a great addition to an overall plan to be healthier and happier.

At Green Virgin Products, we spent decades to find and deliver the finest moringa leaf powder in our Moringa Ultimate Tea Bags so that you could easily add the tasty and amazing health and wellness properties into your life.

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