Benefits of Moringa Soap

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Mar 17th 2016

The most popular of all our handmade soaps is the Soap Nuts & Moringa Peppermint bar soap. There are many 

Moringa Soap

reasons this is most people’s favorite soap and it starts with the remarkable smell of the pure peppermint essential oil. When you open the package for the first time, you’ll understand why. We’ve actually had people say the soap smells so good they want to eat it. Just to be clear, we don’t recommend that. It won’t taste as good as it smells. The luxurious soap will make your skin feel fantastic and clean and it is completely free of toxic fragrances or chemicals.

The Green Virgin Products Difference

The first major difference in the quality of our handmade soap comes from the high quantity of soap nuts that we use to make it. We only use the finest deseeded soap nuts and NEVER use any soap nuts powder. Many handmade soaps will use the much lower cost and lower quality powder to make their soaps will leaves the soap with much lower cleaning power. Our handmade Soap Nuts & Moringa Soap delivers a rich lather because we use real soap nuts in large quantities.

The addition of Moringa is the second big difference in our handmade soap. The amazing by-products of this miracle tree are been proven in study after study to provide your skin with a long list of benefits. Moringa is rich in sulfur and can help your body with the production of keratin and collagen, which are both essential for long term healthy skin. These essential proteins keep your skin smooth and resilient.

Many soaps are manufactured with very low quality Pomace Olive oil. This is the lowest quality and cheapest Olive oil you can buy and it is made using toxic solvents. We only use the highest quality, 100% Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil in our handmade soap.

The familiar and invigorating smell of peppermint is the final major difference in our handmade soap. Essential oils are expensive to use in the production of soap and many manufacturers will opt for the cheaper option of fragrances. We only use pure peppermint essential oil to add that delightful aroma.

Know All Your Soap Ingredients

Many people have no idea the fragrances used to make many of the most common cosmetic and cleaning products smell great are filled with toxic chemicals. They also have no idea that these same fragrances are almost completely unregulated because they are considered proprietary trade secrets. This means that companies do not have to share the toxic ingredients used to make these chemical concoctions.

At Green Virgin Products, we take a different approach. Here’s our complete ingredient list for our Soap Nuts & Moringa Peppermint Soap Bars:

-Soap Nuts Liquid made from 100% pure, Deseeded Soap Nuts

-100% Pure Moringa Ultimate Powder

-Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

-Coconut oil

-Palm Kernel Oil

-Sunflower Oil

-Shea Butter

-Peppermint Essential Oil

-Sodium Hydroxide

We take the time to make our handmade soap right with the finest ingredients in the world. You’ll notice the amazing difference when you open the package and smell the pure Peppermint. You’ll feel the difference the first time you experience the rich lather. Our Soap Nuts & Moringa Peppermint Soap Bars are the most popular for a lot of great reasons.

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