Deseeded Soap Nuts 411

Deseeded Soap Nuts 411

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 29th 2016

Deseeded Soap Nuts 411: Know Before You Buy!

Deseeded Soap NutsBy now, many people have heard of soap nuts. These small, hard nuts (which are actually berries from a tree in the Sapindus family) are also known as soap berries. As indicated by their name, soap nuts can be used as soap—for laundry, most commonly, but they can also be boiled down or ground up and used as a liquid or gritty paste-like soap. Be careful to know the differences among soap nuts sellers and recognize the signs of lower quality or unsavory soap nuts sellers. You only get the cleaning power of soap nuts if you purchase 100% natural, Sapindus mukorossi, deseeded soap nuts. Anything else will provide no more cleaning power than water.

Purchase Soap Nuts By Weight

As soap nuts have increased in popularity, so have the number of stores that sell them. Different stores have different ways of marketing their soap nuts. The first thing any potential soap nuts buyer should know is that you should always purchase from a retailer that sells soap nuts by weight. Some soap nut sellers sell batches with a certain number of soap nuts in them. This is no good for the buyer because soap nuts vary in size. You won’t get the same value if you happen to be shipped a batch of ten small soap nuts as you will if you luck out with a batch of ten larger-sized soap nuts.

Other retailers sell batches of soap nuts that they claim are good for an inflated number of washes. This is also no good as there’s no way to test or prove exactly how many washes you’ll get out of any given batch of soap nuts. Some experienced soap nuts users say they can get up to ten loads of clothing per ounce of soap nuts, but again, this is not scientific and will depend on load size and amount of water used. Typically, you should expect to use the same soap nuts on 5 to 7 loads of laundry. Claims of more than that will clue you into the sellers to avoid.

Whole Soap Nuts is a Ripoff

Another important thing to know is that deseeded soap nuts are the only way to go. If you peruse the many online retailers that offer soap nuts, you’ll notice that many of them advertise “Whole Soap Nuts” and “Soap Nuts Full” for sale in various-sized batches. Why would they advertise “Whole Soap Nuts” as if this was a good thing? Well, it is a good thing—but for the seller, not for the buyer.

The seed of the soap nut contains no saponin, which is the natural ingredient that provides the cleaning power. Seeds in soap nuts do nothing besides add weight. If you’re following the advice above and purchasing your soap nuts by weight, seeded soap nuts can weigh twice as much as deseeded soap nuts. Therefore, you will only want to purchase deseeded. Deseeded soap nuts will have cracks in their hulls where the seeds were removed. Don’t rely on the photos provided online, either—only purchase soap nuts from reputable sellers that you know have removed all the seeds.

At Green Virgin Products, we only offer the finest Sapindus mukorossi, deseeded soap nuts and provide conservative estimates for the wash load potential. We believe in the quality of our Deseeded Soap Nuts so much that we want you try them for yourself at a special discount.

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