Deseeded Soap Nuts: More Soap for Your Buck

Deseeded Soap Nuts: More Soap for Your Buck

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 28th 2016

Deseeded Soap Nuts: More Soap for Your Buck

Although they’ve been used for centuries in places like the Himalayas, deseeded soap nuts are only just beginning to catch on in the United States. If you’re not familiar with soap nuts, they are actually a berry that develops a hard, nut-like shell when they dry. They have natural cleaners called saponins that provide an all-natural and effective soap for your laundry, your home, and your body.

There are a number of common misconceptions and scams that you want to be aware when you purchase soap nuts. Some soap nuts sellers are selling soap nuts whole or soap nuts full and marketing them as better and purer. There are also a number of sellers exaggerating the number of wash loads you can expect from their soap nuts. Both of these common problems could leave you burnt by an unsavory seller if you don’t learn to recognize them.

The Soap Nuts Golden Rule

Here is the golden rule of buying soap nuts: Always purchase soap nuts by weight. Many soap nuts retailers sell their soap nuts according to how many washes you can get out of a batch. While some soap nuts users insist that you can get around ten washes per ounce of soap nuts, there is simply no exact measurement to prove this. You should generally expect to get five to seven wash loads with each batch of soap nuts. Any company telling you to expect more than that is simply trying to fool you into thinking their soap nuts are higher quality. Now, you will know they are not better, purer, or longer lasting. Make sure to purchase your soap nuts from a company that provides an honest estimate of how many wash loads you can expect.

Other soap nuts retailers sell their products by offering a certain number of soap nuts for a given price. This is wonderful if you get a batch of huge soap nuts and not great if you get shipped a batch of tiny soap nuts. Remember how you can’t know how many washes you’ll get out of a batch of soap nuts? Chances are that larger soap nuts will last a lot longer than smaller ones. As soap nut size varies, so does the wash count you will get out of them. The only foolproof way to purchase soap nuts, then, is by weight. This way, big or small, you know exactly how much soap nut material you are receiving and you can now make your own estimates for the number of expected wash cycles.

A Deseeded Soap Nut Weighs Less

A deseeded soap nut weighs less than one with a seed still in it. They can actually weigh half as much as one with the seed (generally called whole or full). This would seem like that makes soap nuts whole or full better, right? Unfortunately, it is the exact opposite. Soap nuts seeds have no saponin at all. This means that portion of the soap nut, which can be as much as half the weight, has absolutely no cleaning power.

Why, then, would many retailers promote their soap nuts as being whole or full? Because many people don’t realize that the seed in a soap nut is useless for cleaning and it makes it look like you are getting more soap nuts for a better deal. The seller makes money by selling you something that has half the cleaning power and they did not have to go through the deseeding process.

If you’re using soap nuts in your laundry, the seed does not help with the cleaning. Don’t believe any company that says they help with the agitation of the clothes; your washing machine has the agitation covered. The seeds are similarly useless if you boil soap nuts down to make liquid soap or grind them to make a paste, you will have to simply throw away the seeds.

Unless you’re going to try to grow a soap nut tree, the seeds are good for increasing the weight of the package you buy. This is good for a seller and very bad for the buyer. It also hurts the natural cleaning industry as a whole by giving many first time users a poor experience. So do your family and the trend for natural cleaning solutions as a whole a favor, only buy the best soap nuts deseeded.

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