Ditch the Toxic Chemicals with All Natural Soap Nuts

Ditch the Toxic Chemicals with All Natural Soap Nuts

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 29th 2016

Ditch the Toxic Chemicals with All Natural Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts

When we first started hearing about how important it is to go non-toxic, the focus was on the food we eat. In grocery stores everywhere, consumers looked for foods that were grown without man-made pesticides and chemicals.

As time went on, more people became aware that it’s important to lose the chemicals in more than just your food. What about your clothing and the products you use to clean and maintain your home? If we’re worried about the chemicals we put in our bodies, we have to remember that we will absorb many of the chemicals that are left in clothes and around our house after cleaning.

Soap Nuts: A Gentle Cleaning Wonder

Many products are marketed as gentle, natural and hypoallergenic. However, many of them are still laden with synthetic chemicals. Most often, these are added to the products in the form of fragrances. Unfortunately, fragrances are considered proprietary and the ingredients do not have to be disclosed. If you’re truly looking to go all-natural with your household cleaning, you can’t get more natural than soap nuts.

What are soap nuts? They look and work just like they sound; they’re hard little nut-like berries (which means they are safe for people with nut allergies) that exude a soap substance when they get wet. How do they do this? The inside of high quality, Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts contain a substance known as saponin. Saponin is a natural surfactant, which works to break the surface tension of the water and pry dirt loose so that it can be washed away. It’s also low-sudsing, so it’s safe to use in dishwashers and washing machines (even High Efficiency machines).

Soap Nuts Get Clothes Fluffy and Clean

The most common use for soap nuts is to put them in a wash bag and throw them in the laundry in place of your regular, chemical-laden detergent. There is a long list of benefits from using soap nuts in your laundry. They take up less room than traditional cleansers, as you won’t be dealing with giant bins of detergent powder and liquid, as well as fabric softener and dryer sheets. Since soap nuts get your clothes soft and fluffy, you’ll be able to ditch fabric softener and dryer sheets altogether.

Not only will you be taking care of your family by cleaning their clothes without the use of chemicals, you won’t be rinsing all those chemicals down the drain and into the environment. And best yet, soap nuts are so gentle that they can be used on ALL of your clothes. Do you have a baby or a family member with sensitivities to regular laundry detergent? Soap nuts will get their clothes wonderfully clean without any itch or irritation for them.

Soap Nuts for the Rest of Your Home

Another plus with soap nuts is that the chemical-free cleaning doesn’t need to stop at just laundry. Soap nuts can be boiled down into a multi-purpose liquid soap for use throughout your house. Soap nuts liquid can be used to clean your kitchen, your bathroom, and also your skin—it’s safe enough to be used as body wash or shampoo. It’s even safe enough to use on kids and pets! Just be careful to avoid getting it in anyone’s eyes, though, as it stings.

If you’ve been thinking about removing the toxic chemicals from your home, Soap Nuts are one of the best ways to start. At Green Virgin Products, we believe in the power of this wonderful, natural laundry detergent and cleaner so much that we want you to try it today with a special discount. Use coupon code: 10off – to get 10% off your next order on our website.