Free-radicals Gone Wild: Why You Need More Natural Antioxidants Like Moringa in Your Life

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Dec 22nd 2015


Most people are probably not too familiar with free-radicals or the destructive impact they have on our lives. They exist in every person naturally in quite a few forms. Unfortunately, our tolerance for free-radicals has sensitive limits. We are exposed to a toxic level of free-radicals every single day by many different sources like pollution, smoke and the sun. Overexposure to free-radicals has been traced to the potential cause of many devastating diseases that plague humanity right now, including diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, cancer and more.

Fortunately, we can do something about it. Natural sources of antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, have been proven to neutralize free-radicals and protect us against many common diseases and illnesses. Among all fruits and vegetables, Moringa stands tallest for nutrients, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants combined into one simple food. That’s why the Moringa tree, and its many by-products, such as moringa oil and moringa leaf powder, are an essential part of our daily fight against free-radicals gone wild.

What are Free-radicals?

According to the National Cancer Institute, “Free-radicals are highly reactive chemicals that have the potential to harm cells ... Free-radicals are formed naturally in the body and play an important role in many normal cellular processes. At high concentrations, however, free-radicals can be hazardous to the body and damage all major components of cells, including DNA, proteins, and cell membranes. The damage to cells caused by free-radicals, especially the damage to DNA, may play a role in the development of cancer and other health conditions.”

Seems scary enough, right? We produce free-radicals naturally and we need them for the normal function of our cells, but they cause diseases and damage our DNA if we get exposed to high concentrations. So far, not so good. If you’re like us, the prospect of this invisible force playing such a delicate and essential role in our life is a little frightening.

Role of Free-radicals in Disease

In a recent study by the Centre for Environmental and Health Science, they found that, “Evidence is accumulating that most of the degenerative diseases that afflict humanity have their origin in deleterious free radical reactions. These diseases include atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory joint disease, asthma, diabetes, senile dementia and degenerative eye disease. The process of biological ageing might also have a free radical basis.”

That covers almost the entire gambit of the worst diseases impacting society today. To narrow down the potential cause of many of these diseases, or at the very least a common contributor to their development, would be a monumental discovery in healthcare. It gives hope to an entire generation of people currently battling these diseases for a treatment in their lifetime. This certainly means it is far more likely we find proven treatments and cures in time for those reading this not yet afflicted.

The most important finding by the CEHS was that, “The human species is not genetically adapted to survive past middle age, and it appears that antioxidant supplementation of our diet is needed to ensure a healthier elderly population.”

As people around the world generally have children at a later age and have fewer children in total than previous generations, we will continue to see the average age of our population grow for many years to come. This coupled with the well-documented and growing cost of healthcare in the United States makes it more important than ever to find natural, cost-effective ways to take care of the eldest among us.

Simple and natural antioxidant supplementation is absolutely one of the easiest ways available. This could certainly be a part of an approach that unlocks a healthier overall population at a much lower, more-sustainable cost. No matter the outcome for the greater population, it is an easy thing to try with those older family members and friends that are suffering with common diseases, like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, cataracts, cancer and many more. There are many great natural sources of antioxidants with most fruits and vegetables being the most common. It will make it easier to add antioxidants into your diet, or that of a loved one, if you find a variety of natural sources that you like and enjoy eating.

Common Sources of Free-radicals

An important 2010 study published in the Pharmacognosy Review investigated free-radicals impact on human health and introduced the idea of a need for more natural sources of antioxidants as well. The study found that, “Free-radicals are derived either from normal essential metabolic processes in the human body or from external sources such as exposure to X-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, and industrial chemicals.”

In plain English, our body produces some free-radicals naturally, but we are exposed to free-radicals from a growing number of outside sources and that is where the increasing risk to our health lies.

The study included some of the common natural sources of Free-radicals:

  • Mitochondria
  • Xanthine oxidase
  • Peroxisomes
  • Inflammation
  • Phagocytosis
  • Exercise
  • Ischemia/reperfusion injury

They also listed some of the common outside sources of Free-radicals:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Radiation
  • Certain drugs, pesticides
  • Industrial solvents
  • Ozone

The study concludes that free radical damage is a major contributor to many chronic diseases, like cardiovascular and inflammatory disease, cataracts and cancer. They add, “Antioxidants prevent free radical induced tissue damage by preventing the formation of radicals, scavenging them, or by promoting their decomposition. Synthetic antioxidants are recently reported to be dangerous to human health. Thus the search for effective, nontoxic natural compounds with ant oxidative activity has been intensified in recent years. In addition to endogenous antioxidant defense systems, consumption of dietary and plant-derived antioxidants appears to be a suitable alternative. Dietary and other components of plants form a major source of antioxidants.”

Another major study comes to the conclusion that regular consumption of natural sources of antioxidants is a vital part of the long-term approach to many common diseases.

Antioxidants to The Rescue

The National Cancer Institute defines antioxidants as chemicals that interact with and neutralize free-radicals. Antioxidants prevent free-radicals from doing damage to our cells. They attribute the antioxidant nickname of “free-radical scavenger” to the unique ability to seek out and destroy free-radicals. Our bodies make some antioxidants naturally to fight and neutralize free-radicals, but we mostly rely on our diet to get all the antioxidants needed to effectively scavenge all the free-radicals.

They list fruits, vegetables and grains as the best sources of dietary antioxidants. They add that dietary antioxidants are available as supplements. However, you want to be very careful about taking any manufactured and synthetic antioxidants. They also specifically highlight that butylated hydroxytoluene and butylated hydroxyanisole have shown documented health hazards and have numerous side effects. Although there are only a few studies into synthetic antioxidants, they all paint a picture of something you want to avoid. Natural sources of antioxidants are universally recommended by every scientific study to effectively fight free-radicals.

The National Cancer Institute states, “Although there are several enzymes system within the body that scavenge free-radicals, the principle micronutrient (vitamins) antioxidants are vitamin E (α-tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and B-carotene. The body cannot manufacture these micronutrients, so they must be supplied in the diet.”

This statement, above all else, should drive home the importance of finding a natural source of antioxidants for your diet. If you are not adding these vital nutrients into your diet regularly, then most likely free-radicals are already taking a harmful toll on your health and you don’t have much time to effectively fight them.

Moringa is a Proven, Natural Free Radical Scavenger!

It is abundantly clear that free-radicals are a problem if left unchecked. Your body needs additional sources of antioxidants to adequately fight the battle against excess free-radicals and the potential health hazards that come with them. There is mounting evidence that free-radicals may contribute to or even cause most of the worst diseases afflicting humanity right now.

The good news for you is that you’re now informed and you know that there are simple ways to fight excess free-radicals. One of the main reasons we’ve always believed in the power of the Moringa tree is the evidence of its free-radical fighting power.

According to a 2011 study into the ability of Moringa leaf extracts to fight free-radicals , the power of Moringa leaf powder to fight free-radicals is mostly attributed to its unique composition of phytoconstituents, specifically polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanin, glycosides and thiocarbamates. These phytoconstituents aggressively find and scavenge free-radicals, while activating antioxidant enzymes and inhibiting oxidases. The basic conclusion was that the moringa leaf and fruit extracts tested had the ability to convert free-radicals into stable products that no longer posed a health risk.

The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences released an important study about what products of the Moringa tree possess the most powerful free-radical fighting potential. The study compared pure moringa leaf powder and moringa leaf tea with moringa seed powder and moringa seed tea. It concluded that, Moringa leaf powder and moringa leaf tea infusions possessed more calcium, phosphorus, sodium potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper than moringa seed powder, moringa seed tea and their combination (leaf+ seed) tea infusions…Moreover, the higher scavenging activity were also found in moringa leaf powder and moringa leaf tea infusions; these were better than moringa seed powder and moringa seed tea infusions. It is concluded that moringa leaf powder, moringa seed powder and their respective infusions contained essential nutrients in significant amount and good antioxidant properties therefore, can be a part of diet based therapy for the management of chronic diseases.”

All the Moringa tree by-products tested in these studies for their free-radical fighting power showed some positive evidence. They all contained some antioxidant concentration, but the evidence is clear that you need pure moringa powder and products made from pure moringa powder and oil to get the highest antioxidant concentration and the most powerful free-radical scavenging power.

Only The Freshest Moringa Assures You Get the Full Antioxidant Power

You now know about the innate dangers of free-radicals gone wild in your body and what you have to do to fight their destructive impact on your health. Add more natural sources of antioxidants to your diet and you rob free-radicals of their hazardous influence and take an important step towards lasting health and wellness.

Moringa powder is a simple and effective way to add those vital antioxidants naturally. But don’t be fooled by some unsavory moringa sellers. If you’re moringa powder is a dull, brownish color, it has lost most of its free-radical scavenging power. Exposure to oxygen and light will ruin moringa powder, just like it does to an apple. And we all know how quickly an apple becomes brown and too disgusting to eat.

If you want to enjoy the full antioxidant potential of moringa powder, you need to make sure you only get the freshest, most potent moringa powder. We source our moringa powder from the finest moringa trees and use an industry-leading process to make sure that it is fresh and potent when it arrives at your doorstep.

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