Get A Head Start On Spring Cleaning With These Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jan 14th 2016

o-Friendly Cleaning Products for All Natural Spring Cleaning

Most of us are not excited about the prospect of spring cleaning, but there are few people that would not say they feel a lot better when their home is sparkling clean and organized. The thought of switching to eco-friendly, all-natural spring cleaning practices does not make the task of cleaning our homes more appealing for most of us, but the lasting impact for you and your family will be worth it.

We are just starting to understand the tragic impact of toxic cleaning supplies, and it’s not a pretty picture. It’s not hopeless, though. There’s an assortment of options and simple techniques for all-natural cleaning. With just a little bit better planning this year, you can use non-toxic natural cleaning supplies to make your home beautiful and clean and keep it that way for good.

Add Some Miscellaneous Storage at the Front Door and Garage Entry

We are all guilty of bringing home lots of miscellaneous items, and we generally leave them in the same spot, like our kitchen table or a bedroom night stand. This simple habit seems to immediately clutter up your house right after cleaning it, but there is a simple solution this year. Add some storage at the front door and garage entry.

This could be a table with a couple small dishes and drawers or something more creative to match the motif of your home. By giving everyone in your home a convenient spot to leave the random items we end bringing home with us every day, you will be going a long way to organizing your home for good.

Give Everything a Place this Year

The front door is the easiest place to start this practice. Once you see the way that simple change can remove the clutter in your home, take it a step further and give everything a place this year. Work with everyone in your home to find a place for everything. This will almost certainly involve reorganizing your cupboards, closets, pantry, garage and any other storage places, but it might be the most worthwhile time you spend on spring cleaning.

You certainly do not have to, and probably shouldn’t, do all of this in one session. Start with one room and get it organized. Be honest, you have probably been thinking that your kitchen could badly use a complete reorganization. Sifting through your cupboards to find that random saucepan or the right top to your Tupperware can be frustrating. Most people are amazed at how much space they open in each room when they take an inventory, get rid of the things they have not used and give everything else a designated space.

By getting everything on the same page about where things go, you are creating an environment where everyone subconsciously works together to remove the mess and leave fewer things around the house. Much of the perceived hassle of a full spring cleaning comes from the fact that you don’t have a specific place for all the random things that have accumulated in your home.

Have a Charity Basket

Once you start giving everything a place, you should realize that you have a lot of things that you have not used in years. Hopefully, you will be able to give many of those items to charity, but you will obviously need to throw some stuff out, too.

To help avoid this build-up of stuff you don’t use, keep a basket somewhere prominent around the house that you can collect items that will be donated to charity. Not only will you be clearing up your home and helping people in need, you’ll even be giving yourself a small tax break if you donate it to an approved charity.

Time Every Task

As you go through the progression of spring cleaning in your home in each room, make sure to keep tabs on how long each task takes. Most people overestimate how long individual cleaning tasks take because they simple do not enjoy cleaning. This simple trick will make it much easier mentally to complete a chore or two every night. It’s a lot easier to clean the bathroom when you know it takes you 12 minutes.

Use Microfiber Clothes

The advances in microfiber cloth play a major role in effective, all-natural spring cleaning. Microfiber clothes are a must-have for this year. They will allow you to use less liquid in your cleaning and can often do a great job with just water. Microfiber is much more absorbent than cotton mops and is also incredibly resilient. Most will look like new for many years even with regular use.

Microfiber clothes have so many uses around the house. They are fantastic for dusting, great for regular use in the bathroom and shower, effective for floor cleaning and even tough enough for cleaning oven stains. One of the best practices is to get a few in different colors and assign a color to each room or job. You won’t want to use the microfiber cloth that you wiped down the shower to dust your room, and this simple trick will make sure you have microfiber clothes available for every spring cleaning job.

Prepare All Natural Alternatives for Every Major Cleaning Job

-Laundry – The laundry room is the most toxic room in the house for most people in the country and they generally have no idea. The chemicals used in most name brand laundry detergents and fabric softeners have been proven to be toxic and carcinogenic. You have a better option this year. Switch to all-natural, effective Soap Nuts Liquid. Soap nuts, also known as wash berries, are actually a fruit that has been used for thousands of years to clean clothing and many other things. They are one of the most effective natural cleaners that will do an amazing job on your laundry. You will quickly realize you don’t need to clean your clothes with a bunch of toxins you can’t even pronounce.

-All-Purpose Cleaning of Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors – Most name brand cleaning supplies also contain toxic chemicals and come with the risk of many health hazards for your family. For most people, the cleaning products they use are a habit that dates back many years. The prospect of changing does not seem that appealing, but that is generally because they have not taken the time to look into the many studies showing the long term health hazards of regular exposure to their toxic chemicals.

You don’t have to give up effective cleaning to get rid of toxic chemicals in this day and age. There are a ton of great options for all-purpose, bathroom and floor cleaners that work as good, if not better, as the name brand toxic cleaners and they don’t put your family at risk for those serious health hazards. Simply try a Non-toxic All-Purpose Cleaner this year to make a huge stride towards lasting health for your whole family while keeping your home fresh and clean.

-All Natural Soap – There are so many great All Natural Soaps and body washes now that you do not have to continue using a toxic name brand chemical concoction any more. Find an all-natural soap and/or body wash that you and your family enjoy and you will have made a lasting impact on your health. Most people are surprised to find out that many all natural soaps are more effective at moisturizing your skin and will leave you feeling clean and smooth.

-Natural Air Freshener – Many name brand aerosol air fresheners are made up of a dangerous combination of toxic chemicals. There are many recent studies that point to the dangers of regular exposure to aerosol cleaning sprays and air fresheners. Try a simple natural air freshener to keep your home smelling clean without the toxic chemicals.

Here’s a recipe we found that is easy and works great. Start with a medium sauce pan, simmer some water on your stove and add a sliced lemon, rosemary and a dash of vanilla. Just make sure you do not boil off all the water. Let this natural mix simmer to enjoy a wonderful, fresh smell around the house. You can easily mess with the combination to add your favorite smelling fruits, spices and essential oils.

-All Natural Dishwasher Cleaning – Fill a bowl about half way with white vinegar and place it on the top rack of your dishwater. Run a full cycle with just that bowl of white vinegar in your dishwasher to give it a full cleaning. This should help get rid of musty or bad smells and make your dishwasher move effective by helping to clear the water lines. You should notice the improvement on your next load of dishes.

-All Natural Oven Cleaning – The dirt and grime that builds up in your oven over time make it one of the hardest cleaning jobs and you most likely gave up hope for a natural cleaning solution a long time ago. Give this great recipe and technique a try during spring cleaning this year. It’s a simple way to use baking soda and vinegar to completely clean your oven. Get rid of those toxic oven cleaners for good.

-Natural Mold and Mildew Treatment – Every home will run into an issue with mold and mildew from time to time. Regular spring cleaning can certainly help eliminate a lot of the common causes, but you want to have a natural solution to mold and mildew ready just in case. The temptation is to pour bleach on that mold and mildew to make sure you take care of it completely, but you don’t have to. A few teaspoons of tea tree oil and water will do a fantastic job against mold and mildew. Simply spray the mix directly on any mold or mildew and leave it to dry. The smell will disappear along with the mold and mildew threat.

Hopefully, these all natural spring cleaning tips will help you get your home clean and organized. Share your tips and tricks for a cleaner, more organized, toxic-free year in the comments. It’s great to hear how you’ll be keep your home clean and organized this year. We would love to make that process of spring cleaning more affordable with a special discount on our all natural cleaning products. You can get 10% off with the coupon code: 10off – at checkout today.