Here’s Why You Really Should Switch To An All-Natural Salt Deodorant

Here’s Why You Really Should Switch To An All-Natural Salt Deodorant

Posted by Green Virgin Products on May 17th 2016

Here’s Why You Really Should Switch To An All-Natural Salt Deodorant

Mineral salt deodorant stone

Some people are born with specific skin sensitivities. Others seem to develop these issues over time. Finding products that are good for the skin can be challenging. This is true for all cosmetics and not just ones used for odor relief or cleaning. Salt Deodorant is a great example of this type of product. It can help those who are allergic to many of the name brand antiperspirants and deodorants.

This is also a great option for people who are searching for natural cosmetic items. It is not made with harsh ingredients. It also helps you eliminate a common source of chemicals. Some deodorants, especially aerosol versions, have a long list of chemical ingredients. But the benefits of natural Salt Deodorant are vast. It enables you to treat your sensitive skin carefully and effectively, while still smelling great every day.

Use a Natural Deodorant Product                                                                                                     

Looking for natural deodorants is not always easy. Generally, there are not many (or any) options at the grocery store. Those with sensitive skin have to be careful when it comes to their deodorants. Allergic reactions can be triggered with the use of the wrong product. Since this area is especially sensitive, rashes, bumps and other issues can occur there. A natural product made from salt allows you to enjoy an effective deodorant that doesn’t damage the skin.

Our Salt Deodorant Stone works by providing a thin layer of mineral salts in your underarm that fight any bacteria from forming. When there are not any bacteria for sweat to combine with, there will be no smell or odor. That’s it. That’s exactly how our natural deodorant works. It provides a non-toxic, natural layer of salt film in your underarm that bacteria cannot thrive in.

Reduce Cosmetic Costs                                                                                                                                             

There are more natural deodorants on the market today. The problem is that they are typically made from ingredients that get used up quickly and you still have to purchase them regularly. This is one major difference between them and deodorants made from salt.

But natural mineral salt deodorants can actually last for years on end and will save you tons of money over regular deodorants or antiperspirants. At the same time, these are natural stone salt products. They offer the benefit of minerals that work effectively in a deodorant form. The savings this type of product provides really adds up over time. You also save time by not having to regularly replace these deodorants

No Fragrance Or Color

One of the things to look for in a natural deodorant is a lack of chemicals. Mineral ingredients are not common in these products. Deodorants made from salt are great for many reasons. They do not have added fragrances. These can lead to their own type of sensitivity or allergic reactions. Even some natural deodorants include some form of color or fragrance component. Using a salt product is a nice way to avoid this issue and the many problems they can cause sensitive skin. There are no colors or fragrances added in our natural Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone.

Deodorant products sold at stores today are often filled with ingredients that can damage the skin. It is important to remember the sensitivity under the arm. This skin is susceptible to damage and regular reactions to chemicals. Deodorant made from salt provides a truly natural product. It works to eliminate odor in this area, as well as, provide protection to the skin there.

At Green Virgin Products, our family has used Salt Deodorant for years and we know that it keeps you smelling great without irritating your underarm. We believe in it so much that we offer a completely hassle-free 90-day return policy if you don’t feel the same way for any reason. We even offer free shipping on orders over $50 and you can get a special 10% discount when you use coupon code: 10off – at checkout on our site today.