How to dramatically increase your odds of survival after a cancer diagnosis?

How to dramatically increase your odds of survival after a cancer diagnosis?

Posted by Ken Marion, a stage 4 cancer survivor on Jul 12th 2018

What you should do immediately after a cancer diagnosis... 

Or better yet, you should take these common sense steps to prevent yourself or someone you care about from getting cancer.  Prevention is always easier than a cure

So you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer...

Depending on how far advanced your cancer is, it is beatable. A cancer diagnosis is not necessarily a death sentence. The American Cancer Society reports that as of 2016 there were  15.5 million cancer survivors living in the USA. So keep your chin up. You can beat cancer. Follow these common sense steps and dramatically increase your odds of living to a ripe old age. Please, we are not advocating ignoring the advice of a good oncologist. These steps are to be taken in addition to what your doctor recommends. 

Toxic chemicals definitely cause cancer and other debilitating diseases! 

"A panel of experts in 2003 concluded that genetic predisposition accounts for no more than 20 percent of all childhood cancers and that environmental causes could account for 5 - 90 percent, depending on the type of cancer. The good news is that these high rates of childhood cancer are not inevitable, and that we can prevent childhood cancer by removing toxic chemicals and other environmental hazards and take steps to better protect our children." said Richard Clapp, professor of environmental health at the BU's School of Public Health.

Children are more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults, but adults are not immune to toxic chemicals by any means. Adults are dying of cancer at alarming rates. Over 8 million people died of cancer last year alone. 

Remove all toxic chemicals from your home asap!

Do it now, don't wait. Don't use up the last of the toxic product you bought recently. 

I don't know how many times I've received a call and been told by someone that they just got diagnosed with  cancer and they want to eliminate all toxic chemicals from their home. I'll tell them about soap nuts. It's a laundry detergent that grows on trees and contains zero toxic chemicals. They clean as well as toxic chemical detergents like Tide does. And the customer says that sounds good but I just bought a big bottle of Tide and I want to wait till I use that up before I get the soap nuts. Wrong, it's very possible the toxic chemicals in Tide is what caused your cancer. Waiting to use up a toxic product, that contains many known carcinogens, to save a few bucks is not in your long term interest. Throw that Tide away or give it to someone you don't really like very much. 

Since it is impossible to know which toxic chemical caused your cancer, it is necessary to eliminate as many toxic chemicals and carcinogens as you can from your environment as soon as possible. This will also make it less likely you will develop a new different type of cancer.   

The European Union, which consists of 28 different European countries, has banned 1,371 toxic chemicals. The USA has banned less than 10 chemicals. So if you live in the USA, it is totally up to you to protect yourself and your family. Our politicians are too busy protecting giant corporations profits to protect the people of the USA. So the average American is bathing in carcinogens, applying carcinogens to our skin and leaving them on our skin all day, eating carcinogens, and breathing carcinogens. We are exposed to carcinogens 24 hours a day. 

So how do we protect ourselves from cancer causing chemicals. Carcinogens are chemicals that are known to cause cancer. Suspected carcinogens are chemicals that probably cause cancer but science has not proven it yet beyond any doubt. It can take 40 years for some chemicals to cause cancer. Then there are toxic chemicals. These chemicals don't cause cancer but can cause other debilitating diseases or death.

Here are the steps that will dramatically increase your odds of survival.

Step 1. Eliminate all toxic cleaning products.

Most household cleaning products contain chemicals and solvents so toxic that when scientists handle those chemicals in the lab, they use respirators, lab coats, and gloves. Yet there they are, right in your home, some of the most toxic chemicals available. And no matter how careful you are, you are exposing yourself and your whole family to carcinogens and hundreds of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are not only known to cause cancer but they cause many other debilitating diseases. Even if you're careful with the way you handle them just the fumes of some of these toxic chemicals in your home can cause serious diseases or even cancer.  Click here to read more about toxic cleaning products and the toxic effects that they have on the human body. Click here for more information about toxic cleaning products. Replace almost all of them with this one totally non-toxic, odorless all purpose cleaner. This product also saves you a lot of money.

Step 2. Eliminate Toxic Chemical Laundry Detergents and Fabric Softeners

The big national brands of laundry detergents like Tide are petroleum based and contain literally hundreds of toxic chemicals and a few known carcinogens including a lot of fragrance. Don't risk your families health by using chemical detergents. Mother nature makes an amazing laundry detergent called soap nuts. Soap nuts are a berry that grows on trees. These berries are dried in the sun and they contain huge amounts of Saponin. Saponin is a natural surfactant. Tide is a surfactant too. It's just that Tide is very toxic and soap nuts are totally non-toxic. Both clean clothes very well. Soap nuts also cost about half as much as Tide so besides saving your health they save a lot of money too. And unlike tide, soap nuts are also very good for the environment.  Click here to learn more about Soap Nuts.  Click here to learn why giant corporations put toxic chemicals in everything. 

Step 3. Get rid of any Flameproof Mattresses or Furniture.

The US Government passed a Federal law that states, As of July 1, 2007 all mattresses must be flameproof. In order to make a mattress flameproof almost all companies use extremely toxic chemicals and carcinogens to do it. The law actually states that the manufacturers don't have to disclose the toxic chemicals that they use. It has been proven that we will absorb 27.5 times more of these toxic chemicals every day than the safe allowable limit set by the EPA.

Here is a link to a trailer for an HBO documentary on the facts about how toxic your mattress is. If it was made after July 1st 2007, you will want to buy a non-toxic mattress right away. You will need your doctor to prescribe you one to get around this law that is killing us. 

HBO Trailer

HBO Documentary

Step 4. Eliminate Toxic Personal care products.

This includes a lot of products. Of course any product that has the word "fragrance" in the list of ingredients is very toxic. Here is a partial list of products to replace, and a suggestion of what to replace it with.. 

Underarm deodorant - Nationally advertised brands of underarm deodorant contain many toxic chemicals and carcinogens. This is especially concerning because we wear the deodorant pretty much 24 hours a day. The toxic chemicals are being absorbed into our skin constantly. Replace it with the world's best deodorant that is also totally non-toxic and will save you a lot of money too.

Hair shampoo and conditioner - Most of the nationally advertised shampoos and conditioners are loaded with toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Replace them with this amazing totally non-toxic shampoo and conditioner.

Moisturizer and skin care products - Moisturizers are problematic because we apply it and leave it on till we shower and then we apply more. Moisturizers contain fragrance, toxic cancer causing preservatives, and more. Some are even petroleum based (Vaseline brand). Petroleum based moisturizer has to be the front runner for the the worst idea ever award. Replace it with the worlds best moisturizer, all natural organic moringa oil

Shaving cream - Shaving creams and gels also contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Replace them with this totally non toxic bar soap.

Makeup - The FDA doesn't regulate cosmetics. This means makeup manufacturers can put whatever toxic chemicals they want in your makeup and not even tell you about it. It's buyer beware, you're on your own. Google non-toxic make up to find a replacement for your toxic makeup. 

Lipstick - Most lipsticks contain lead and other heavy metals. There is no safe level of lead. Click here to see a list of the lipsticks that contain the most lead and some suggestions of what to replace it with. 

Hair Spray -  Hair spray contains fragrance, solvents and polymers. Google non-toxic hairspray to find a replacement for your toxic hairspray. 

Bar or liquid soap - Most soaps, even some sold in health food stores contain fragrance. Essential oils are safe. Check the labels. Avoid fragrance or perfume or other words that sound similar like parfum. Some manufacturers are tricky and put in essential oils and fragrance. Don't be fooled. Replace it with this luxurious totally non toxic bar soap.

Toothpaste - Click here to see how toxic your toothpaste is that you are voluntarily putting in your mouth and what you should switch too.

After Shave, Cologne and Perfume - Even the most expensive high class perfumes are very toxic and will negatively affect your health. Google non-toxic perfume and cologne. 

Sunscreen - A lot of sunscreens are known to actually encourage tumor growth. Google non-toxic sunscreen to find a safe sunscreen or just wear cover up clothing.

Hair Dyes -  In December 2002, the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products stated that there is epidemiological evidence to indicate that the regular and long term use of hair dyes by women may be associated with the development of bladder cancer. 

And much more!

Step 5. Remove all plastic from the kitchen.

Plastic is an amazing invention. But it has many problems. It take a very long time to biodegrade so any plastic trash lasts forever and pollutes our planet. But one of the biggest problems is that almost all plastic leaches toxic chemicals. If you put a liquid into a plastic container it will leach toxic chemicals into the liquid. It is not safe even if labeled BPA free as the BPA is often replaced with an even more toxic chemical. Plastic has hundreds of amazing uses, but using plastic for cups, bowls, plates, storage containers etc are one of the worst uses of plastic ever. Get rid of all the plastic from your kitchen asap. Safe materials to use are glass, stainless steel, and ceramic (check to make sure it is not old as some old glazes are not lead free). Don't use plastic straws at restaurants or bars. If the drink you ordered comes with a straw just take it out and drink from the glass.  

Another large source of toxic chemicals is covering food with plastic wrap and heating it up in the microwave. Heat accelerates the leaching and you get even more toxic chemicals in your food. Use a paper towel instead.  Click here to read more information on plastics leaching chemicals into your food.

It's been called an absolute health nightmare.

Never buy microwave popcorn in the bag. It has a plastic liner. High heat and oils heated with plastic ensures you get the maximum amount of toxic chemicals. There are many safe ways to make popcorn in the microwave that will even save a lot of money.  Click here to see why microwave popcorn has been called an absolute health nightmare.   

Step 6. Don't use hand sanitizers or any product that is antibacterial. 

Antibacterial products like hand sanitizer should be avoided. Evidence shows that plain soap and water is the most effective way to kill germs and does it without harmful toxic chemicals. Alcohol poisoning is another danger. Two ounces of hand sanitizer is enough to kill a child. Hand sanitizers also increase the risk of getting super bugs like MRSA. MRSA killed 18,000 people in the USA in 2005. Replace it with these non-toxic bar soaps.

Step 7. Eliminate all Air Fresheners.

Air freshener is just a mixture of hundreds of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. The chemical industry managed to get a law passed which basically says, if you put the word fragrance on the list of ingredients you can put any chemical in there you want. Even banned chemicals because they don't even have to disclose what chemicals are in their fragrance. EWG Skin Deep Database rates fragrance an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most toxic. 

Step 8. Eliminate all Pesticides.

Pesticides are the most toxic chemicals available to consumers. Exposure to pesticides causes cancer. I used to have an exterminator come into my house and spray pesticides all inside my house. What an idiot I was. I used to still see bugs. Now that I have not had a single pesticide inside my house for about 8 years now, I don't see any more bugs than I used to. The reason most bugs come into your house is for food and water. I know it's just about impossible, especially if you have children but if there is no food or water, like crumbs on the counter or floor then you will hardly ever see a bug in your house. Here is a totally non-toxic, odorless all purpose cleaner that actually kills insects.

Step 9. Buy only organic foods whenever possible and eat a healthy diet.

Some people believe that organic food somehow doesn't taste as good or is less appetizing than food grown with pesticides and herbicides, both are known carcinogens. This is just not true. In fact most of the time organic food is much better because it is grown without chemicals like herbicides and pesticides the way food is intended to be grown, the way it has been grown since the beginning of our time on this planet. 

It is very important to eat a healthy diet. Your body can cure itself of just about anything like healing broken bones etc if it has the proper nutrition. Nutrition is like tools for your body to use to heal itself. Just like a master carpenter can't make anything without his tools, your body can't heal itself without the nutrition it needs. So what is the best source of nutrition on the planet. Believe it or not a little known leafy vegetable is the most nutritious food ever tested. It's called Moringa. Moringa has over 90 different nutrients. Far more than any other plant. There are many articles on Pubmed.govUS National Library of Medicine that show moringa has cancer fighting abilities. Click here to read about the unbelievable facts about moringa and how its abundant nutrition can improve your health in many ways.

Step 10. Install a Reverse Osmosis water filter and a whole house water filter.

Many public water treatment plants are experiencing cuts due to declining tax revenues. This means the quality of the water coming out of your tap is likely to be lower than it was a few years ago. An extreme example is Flint, Michigan. Your water is most likely not that bad but most drinking water contains pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, prescription drugs and much more. A reverse osmosis water purifier removes almost all impurities from your water. 

Step 11. Get Some Exercise.

Studies show that cancer patients that exercise have better outcomes than patients that get no exercise.  

Follow these simple steps to dramatically increase your odds of beating cancer. Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Do it as soon as possible, and join over 15 million other cancer survivors living in the USA.