How to Prepare Pure Moringa Leaf Extract

How to Prepare Pure Moringa Leaf Extract

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

How to Prepare Pure Moringa Leaf Extract

Moringa leaf and powderThe Moringa tree has been used around the world as a traditional treatment for many illnesses, but the recent interest in natural treatments and their effectiveness has put a spotlight on Moringa for its many amazing medicinal and nutritional benefits. Recent studies show that Moringa leaf extract has great promise to treat and manage a number of common diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer.

The Best Method for Moringa Leaf Extract

Most studies use an extraction method to isolate certain biochemical components of the plant. There are many different methods available for extraction, but solvent versus water extraction are the two main options. Jung 2014 conducted an interesting study into the potential of using cold water extraction to make Moringa leaf more effective at fighting cancer cells in the body.

Jung noticed that nearly all studies focused only on solvent extracts that used ethanol, methanol, acetone and ethyl acetate. The 2014 study posited that cold water soluble Moringa leaf extract could be an important candidate for anticancer therapy with high specificity and fewer ill effects for the patient.

The study concluded that “Overall, these data suggest that the cold water (4°C)-soluble MOL extract may become a good candidate for anticancer therapy with high specificity and less adverse effects. In conclusion, I demonstrated that the soluble MOL extract may have be a new promising candidate for a natural anticancer drug. Further studies are required in this regard.”

The most popular and effective process for extraction is the Soxhlet Extraction. The Interactive Lab Primer has a helpful animation that walks you through the extraction process and equipment that can be used to create solvent and cold water extracts of Moringa leaf powder.

The Moringa Ultimate Method

It is our mission to deliver the best Moringa leaf powder in the world. To make sure that it is as fresh and nutritious as the day it was harvested, we developed the best process and packaging for Moringa leaf in the industry and we love to share exactly how! The Moringa Ultimate Method guarantees that our leaf powder is the absolute highest-quality available for your Moringa leaf extract. Here’s how we do it:

  • We only use the best trees – Moringa trees can grow in many diverse climates around the world, but the best are always found in tropical regions. Warm, damp weather will lots of ocean breezes craft the most potent Moringa leaf for extract.
  • We use the most advanced drying system – The exclusive far-infrared drying system that we use allows us to achieve the lowest moisture content in the industry. It also gives us a much faster drying time so that we are able to harvest the leaves, dry and grind them into a fine powder and package it all in under 8 hours. This is the fastest time possible and the best in the industry by far.
  • Our packaging completely prevents oxidation and light exposure – We developed an exclusive three-layer package and oxygen absorber for all our Moringa Ultimate products that shield the Moringa leaf powder from the harmful effects of light and oxygen. Much like an apple that you’ve taken a bite out of, the leaf powder is sensitive to the elements and will quickly lose its nutritional value if not packaged properly. To achieve a pure leaf extract, you need to use bright green Moringa leaf powder. If the powder is dull and brown, your extract will not have the nutritional benefits of the miracle tree.
  • Our Moringa Ultimate Powder is Certified Kosher – The Kosher process has strict standards for cleanliness and any insect contamination with plant based products. This makes our leaf powder perfect for extraction.
  • We Ship Our Orders Quickly! – We pack all of our orders carefully and generally ship them the same day (if your order is early enough). We use environmentally-friendly and recycled materials when possible. You’ll even get free shipping when you order at least $50.

Our Moringa Ultimate Micro-Fine Powder is the perfect start to a pure Moringa leaf extract. It is the finest Moringa leaf powder in the industry and we want to prove it with a special discount. Stock up with the coupon code: 10off – for 10% off today.