How To Use Soap Nuts for Natural Laundry Care At Half The Cost

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Dec 22nd 2015

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Your laundry detergent is probably not at the top of your priority lists as you read this blog. Let’s be honest. It probably wasn’t even on your radar. Most of us find a laundry detergent and keep using it if we like the smell and feel of it. How many people actually research the chemicals in their favorite name-brand laundry detergent or fabric softener?

Then again, maybe that’s how you found this post today. There is certainly more attention on the toxic chemicals in most household cleaning products lately, and the laundry room is probably the most toxic of all the rooms in the typical home. If we are being honest, most people don’t even realize how many toxic chemicals they have accumulated and stored in their laundry room over the years. You may even be thinking it’s time for an inventory check at your house. But, how do you know what to get rid of and what to replace it with without spending hours digging through all the information available online?

Full well knowing that we are all creatures of habit, we understand that it seems overwhelming to make a big change in your laundry products. If it’s not something you’ve put much thought or research into, then you probably don’t feel much urgency to change what seems to be working just fine. The sense of urgency arrives as soon as you understand how many toxic chemicals popular name-brand cleaners contain, and the nasty health hazards these pose to your family.

That’s where the amazing cleaning power of soap nuts can rescue you from those toxic chemicals. They deliver an awesome all-natural cleaner that has a diverse list of cleaning uses around your home. The most popular use by far is soap nuts for natural laundry and natural fabric softener.

Toxic Chemicals in Name-Brand Laundry Detergents

Before we go into how easy it is to replace your name-brand laundry detergent, it’s important to understand just how dangerous name-brand laundry products can be. Most name-brand laundry detergents use an assortment of chemicals that have been proven toxic and carcinogenic. In most cases, they don’t even have to disclose these toxic ingredients in their products because of loopholes and general short-comings of our current laws.

The University of Washington released a study of six of the best-selling laundry products and air fresheners. The study investigated the actual ingredients in common air fresheners and laundry products and found that all the products contained at least one chemical proven toxic without any of them listing that chemical as an ingredient.

The professor at U of W, Anne Steinemann, in charge of the study concluded, “Be careful if you buy products with fragrance, because you really don't know what's in them. I'd like to see better labeling. In the meantime, I'd recommend that instead of air fresheners people use ventilation, and with laundry products, choose fragrance-free versions.” The scariest part of this 2008 study is that nothing has changed in regards to the common loopholes in laws that allow a company to include proprietary fragrances and many other toxic chemicals without informing the consumer about the ingredients in these chemical concoctions.

In the United States, the Toxic Substances Control Act is supposed to control what chemicals can be used in all commercial products, like laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. There are many organizations around the country dedicated to reforming this dated congressional act so that it might actually accomplish that goal.

There was progress in 2015 with a congressional bill to reform the act and require improved disclosure of toxic chemicals in commercial products, but it has stalled out for the year. This is certainly an issue that should be revisited next year and will require continued pressure on Congress to accomplish. You can rest assured that the major corporations behind name-brand cleaning products and laundry detergents are against these labeling measures and disclosure requirements because they pose an obvious and immediate increase in costs and, hopefully, a decline in use of their toxic products.

Until changes are made, major corporations will be able to fill their products with toxic chemicals without disclosing them to consumers. Maybe, you’re feeling lucky for finding this blog today. You might even be checking to see if your name-brand cleaner is one of those known offenders. The good news is you don’t have to go insane and continue to use toxic products while you wait for Congress to act. There is a better way to clean your clothes that will completely eliminate all those dangerous chemical concoctions from your life.

What are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts are actually berries that have amazing natural cleaning power. They got their nickname from the hard, nut-like coat that forms around the berry as they dry. Soap Nuts, also known as soap berries and wash berries, have been used for thousands of years as an all-natural cleaner for many things, and are renowned for the natural ability to lift stains and remove odors from your clothes and laundry.

Soap nuts are also 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. You can use soap nuts deseeded for up to 7 laundry loads and simply put them in a compost pile for an awesome, natural laundry detergent that is free of any waste.

Soap Nuts Deseeded Make Great Laundry Detergent

To insure the best cleaning power from our Soap Nuts, we only use the finest Sapindus Mukorossi, soap nuts. We only use deseeded soap nuts as well. This guarantees that our soap nuts will always have the highest concentration of saponins, the natural soap-like surfactants that provide all the cleaning power.

Since quality deseeded soap nuts can be used for multiple laundry loads, they are far more cost-effective than name-brand laundry detergents as well. Typical users have reported spending less than half of what they spent on name-brand laundry detergent. How can an effective laundry detergent clean twice as good and cost half as much? It might seem too good to be true. We certainly know the feeling. However, our experiences of decades of fresh, clean clothes and thousands of happy customers have convinced us that there is no better all-natural laundry detergent on the planet.

Best Ways to Use Soap Nuts for Your Laundry Care

The best part about soap nuts is that they are easy to use. We recommend two main ways to use them. You can put 4-5 of our Soap Nuts Deseeded into a wash bag. Simply throw the wash bag with the soap nuts deseeded into the washer with your next load of laundry. Don’t worry if you don’t see the same level of suds or soap you are used to. Those soap nuts deseeded are hard at work cleaning your clothes. As we mentioned, you can even reuse those same 4-5 soap nuts for up to 7 loads of laundry. The wash bag with soap nuts deseeded even makes a great, all-natural replacement for dryer sheets. Just throw it in the dryer with your clothes after washing with it.

The other popular option for all-natural laundry care is our Soap Nuts Liquid. It’s the more popular option because it is much easier to use. There’s no need to keep track of how many laundry loads you’ve used the same soap nuts deseeded. We’ve also found it to be a more effective cleaner in test after test. We get the same feedback from our many wonderful customers. Our Soap Nuts Liquid is a powerful, all-natural cleaner that will make you forget about that toxic name-brand cleaner.

Either option delivers an effective clean that will leave your clothes feeling great and smelling fresh without the toxic fragrances almost all name-brand laundry detergents use. We can share that in the most recent independent testing by Exova of cleaning activity, our Soap Nuts Liquid did perform much better than our Soap Nuts Deseeded. Our Soap Nuts Liquid actually performed 300% better than almost all name-brand competitors.

That’s the amazing power of soap nuts. You can eliminate the toxic chemicals in laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets and use a more-effective cleaner. It seems like a no-brainer to us, but make sure you know there are some unsavory soap nuts sellers out there as well.

Not All Soap Nuts are Created Equal!

At Green Virgin Products, we love to see the attention that soap nuts have received lately for their all-natural cleaning power. However, you want to be aware of some of the common soap nuts scams out there right now.

One of the worst trends is companies promoting Soap Nuts Full or Soap Nuts Whole as a viable, less-expensive option for your laundry care. The only difference is that Soap Nuts Full still contain the seeds. Unfortunately, soap nut seeds have no saponin at all and offer no cleaning power. They do make the package weigh more so it seems like you’re getting more for less. The problem for everyone that hopes for soap nuts to catch on as a popular option for laundry care is that people that buy soap nuts full or whole are left with a poor impression. They have no idea they were sold a product that does not clean anywhere near as effectively as soap nuts deseeded. If you are ordering soap nuts full or whole, then you are simply paying extra for less saponin. Stay away from these sellers and only buy soap nuts products that use, deseeded soap nuts.

The other common problem is exaggerating the number of loads that soap nuts can be used. We even see some sellers of quality soap nuts deseeded making these exaggerated claims. We will always offer accurate and conservative estimates of how many loads of laundry soap nuts can be used. This guarantees that you will have a fantastic experience with our Soap Nuts Deseeded or Soap Nuts Liquid by simply following the directions. The real cleaning power of soap nuts needs no exaggeration.

The Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts Guarantee

At Green Virgin Products, we deliver the best soap nuts in the world at any price. You’ll find companies that charge more for their soap nuts deseeded, but we guarantee they are not higher quality. We also guarantee that they have not put the time and research required to develop the process and special packaging we have in order to ensure that the soap nuts arrive at your doorstep fresh and effective. These companies simply do not share the same goal of sharing the highest-quality soap nuts deseeded at the lowest possible sustainable price. That will always be our goal.

We even want to offer you the opportunity to get stocked up on your Soap Nuts Deseeded and our exclusive Soap Nuts Liquid with a special discount. Use the coupon code 10off to get 10% off your order today!