Moringa Capsules: A Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

Moringa Capsules: A Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Feb 19th 2016

Looking for a simple and quick way to start your morning right and set the tone for an active day? Try adding Moringa 

Moringa Capsules

capsules to your morning routine! They are packed with vegetable protein, antioxidants, iron, calcium, potassium, B Vitamins, and much more. Because these are nutrients are naturally occurring rather than synthesized, your body can absorb them easily. This makes moringa capsules a healthier alternative to manufactured multi-vitamins.

Breaking it down: Understanding Moringa

Let’s break the benefits down even further. The powdered leaves of the Moringa tree contain over 45 different types of antioxidants. One serving, in fact, contains almost 25% of the vitamin C your body needs and over 200% of the recommended intake of vitamin A. Natural antioxidants are a wonderful tool in the fight against free radicals, neutralizing the chemicals that can lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases.

The leaves of the Moringa tree are also loaded with amino acids; more than 15 can be found among its compounds, including eight essential amino acids. This means that Moringa contains complete proteins, which can be difficult to find in leafy food. In fact, Moringa has a protein count that rivals some meats, so it’s an excellent resource for people pursuing a more vegetarian lifestyle. Protein helps to build up muscle, bone, cartilage, and blood and skin cells, while it also aids in the production of enzymes.

Complete Health with Moringa

Bones also need calcium to maintain their strength, and Moringa capsules have it in abundance - more than 100% of your daily recommended dose! It’s a little known fact, however, that calcium doesn’t work alone; it needs other nutrients to help the body absorb it for full potential. That’s where magnesium comes in. Moringa capsules contain over 60% of the recommended daily dose of magnesium, which combines perfectly with calcium to ensure maximum absorption. Once these minerals are in your body, they go to work guarding against osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Moringa also provides almost 100 other nutrients, including iron, vitamins A and B3, and potassium. Fiber, lutein, iodine, zinc, beta-carotene and selenium can also be found in abundance. In just a few capsules you will get everything you need to boost your day, resulting in a happier, healthier you.

Healthy bodies create healthy skin, and Moringa has been shown to help with skin nourishment as well. This beauty secret has recently been discovered by the cosmetic industry, which has begun using Moringa extract to enhance their products.

Regular consumption of Moringa has also been shown to help with high blood pressure, immunity against common germs, and digestive health as well. Moringa capsules are also recommended to reduce the cholesterol and uric acid in the blood, to eliminate edema, to strengthen the immune system, and to guard against osteoporosis.

Today you can start a brand new life with Moringa capsules. How many times have you yearned for the energy and mental clarity needed to take you on new journeys? Moringa can give you just that. You can reach new heights in sports or work, you’ll be more focused and happier, you’ll look healthier and more vital. The choice, and the chance, is in your hands.

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