Moringa Oil Reduces Wrinkles.

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Apr 21st 2015


Moringa oil reduces wrinkles, giving you younger looking skin.

Would you like to look younger. People spend huge sums of money trying to put off the effects of aging. There are anti aging products sold by cosmetics companies that cost hundreds of dollars per ounce. What is in these products that makes them so expensive?

The main ingredient in most of these wrinkle reducing products is Moringa Oil. Moringa Oil is made from the seeds of the Moringa tree. Moringa oil has the longest shelf life of any oil. It has been used for centuries by Kings and Queens to make them look younger. This amazing oil has been found in the 5000 year old tombs of the ancient Pharaohs in Egypt. It also is instantly absorbed into the skin. It is proven to reduce wrinkles and make skin look noticeably younger looking. It will also clear up all kinds of skin ailments.

Moringa oil is a very rare and cherished commodity.

Because Moringa leaves are so nutritious, farmers are constantly trimming their Moringa trees, to make Moringa powder. Because of this constant trimming their trees rarely go to seed. Therefore, Moringa oil is a very rare and cherished commodity. Most Moringa oil for sale today is counterfeit or diluted with cheaper oils.

Green Virgin Products has found a farm in Nicaragua that has way to many Moringa trees. They can’t sell all the Moringa leaf they produce. They allow a lot of their trees to go to seed. They supply us with 100% pure, cold pressed Moringa oil. Whereas the cosmetic companies charge hundreds of dollars per ounce for their anti aging products, our Moringa oil is only $26.95 for a 4 ounce bottle. (as of this date 3/12/14) Order some today at

How To Use Moringa Oil.

Apply Moringa oil to your skin and massage it in. You will notice that it is absorbed into the skin very quickly. Moringa oil has moisturizing properties that most moisturizers do not. Since Moringa oil is absorbed by your skin the moisturizing effects are not washed away when washing with soap and water after application. Most moisturizing lotions sit on the surface of the skin and soap and water will wash it away. (Avoid petroleum based lotions like Vaseline products.) Moringa oil is great for the following

  • Reduce wrinkles for younger looking skin
  • Treating sun burn, relieves pain and helps prevent peeling.
  • Helps clear up acne.
  • Helps heal all sorts of skin conditions.Heal cold sores in the mouth.
  • Known as the best massage oil in the world.
  • Great hair conditioner, massage into wet hair and comb through.

Order some of our Food Grade, Cold Pressed, 100% pure moringa oil today.