Moringa Powder Benefits

Moringa Powder Benefits

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

Moringa Powder Benefits

moringa powder benefitsThe Moringa Tree, aka Moringa oleifera, is famous for its many benefits and amazing properties. It is known the world over by many different names from drum stick tree to the ben oil tree to the horseradish-tree. Its many nicknames are a sign of the growing popularity around the world for the host of benefits for health and wellness.

One of the most common ways that the moringa tree is utilized is from its leaf powder. The leaf powder is the by-product of harvesting the leaves of the moringa tree, drying them and grinding them into a fine powder that can be eaten or added to many drinks and meals for a natural nutritious boost.

There are so many benefits and advantages to moringa leaf powder over other ways of adding the miracle tree into your diet. It’s quick, easy and convenient to any meal. You can make a nutritious shake with some fruit, water and leaf powder or simply mix it into a glass of water and you’ll get your recommended daily intake of so many key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids and nutrients in one glass.

You will enjoy a natural energy boost from the abundance of Iron in moringa powder. The biggest advantage over caffeine is the lasting feeling of concentration and focus. Iron plays a vital role in the delivery of oxygen in our blood to the rest of our body. With three times the iron of spinach, the powder is an iron powerhouse that provides a better, lasting pick-me-up than sugary energy drinks, energy shots and even coffee.

The Ben Oil Tree is famous in the high-end cosmetic industry for the renowned ability to promote healthier skin and hair. Eating moringa powder regularly is one of the easiest ways to enjoy those same benefits. Vitamins A, C, and E all promote the production of collagen and improve circulation which are both essential for beautiful, soft skin and hair.

The popular use of the moringa tree around the world to treat common diseases and ailments has led to a number of scientific studies to investigate these claims. The amazing thing is that most of these studies prove the effectiveness of moringa in fighting diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and even cancer. While there is a certain need for many of these studies to be confirmed with more long term testing on humans, the many benefits for your health and wellness are becoming clear and undeniable.

Since this leaf powder is susceptible to the destructive forces of oxygen and light exposure. Most of the nutrients and vitamins in the powder will be lost with oxidation and it will be left with a dull, brown color. To get the multitude of benefits, moringa powder must be kept in protective packaging that completely keeps out light and oxygen. That’s the only way it will stay fresh and potent.

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