Our Favorite Moringa Juice Recipe

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jan 20th 2016

moringa juice

As you are most likely well aware if you’ve stopped by our blog, we love everything Moringa. It truly has been a miracle tree for the Green Virgin Products family. We have integrated it into our life and we love sharing the fun ways that we use it. This simple Moringa Juice Recipe is the perfect addition to a wholesome breakfast or great for a post lunch all-natural pick me up. You will need a juicer and we recommend a few affordable options below.


½ Teaspoon of Moringa Ultimate Micro-Fine Powder

2 Honeycrisp Apples

1 Cucumber

1 Cup of Organic Blackberries

2 Cups of Fresh Organic Baby Spinach

½ Grapefruit (using a citrus juicer)

Run all the ingredients through your favorite juicer. You will leave the Moringa powder separate. Do not run the powder through the juicer. Just add it to the finished mixed product of the other fruits and vegetables. Once you stir in the moringa completely, you will have a tasty and nutritious treat.

The best part about this recipe (and a juicer in general) is the ease with which you can mix in your favorite fruits and vegetables. Use this as a starting point and replace some of it with your favorite ingredients. Make an assortment of juices in bulk to remove a huge source of processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup in many store-bought drinks by having all your own juices and vegetable drinks around the house.

Benefits of Moringa Juice

In this one drink, you’ll be getting most of your daily vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants, and essential amino acids. Moringa has more of these required nutrients per serving than any food in the world, and the rest of the fruits and vegetables provide a rich and complex assortment as well.

You will get a long list of benefits by simply adding moringa juice into your life.

-Natural Energy Boost

-Promote a Healthy Metabolism

-Promote Healthy Cholesterol Levels

-Promote Healthy Skin and Hair

-Relieve Joint Inflammation

The Miracle tree has been used for thousands of years to treat many common illnesses and provide essential nutrients. It’s an amazing plant that can grow almost anywhere and almost every part of the tree can be used for something valuable.

Your entire body will enjoy the benefits of Moringa juice. It is an amazing source of leafy green vegetables and mixes in some important fruits as well. These combine to provide a high concentration of natural antioxidants that scavenge free radicals. Study after study confirms suspicion that free radicals cause many of the worst diseases afflicting humanity right now. From promoting healthy blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and fighting cancer, the list of positive benefits of free radicals is amazing by itself. Most of these studies emphasis the importance of getting your antioxidants from natural sources and this is antioxidant packed as any drink you will find.

Moringa juice is wonderful for your skin and hair as well. Part of that particular benefit comes from the high concentration of antioxidants, but it helps in many ways. Moringa also contains sulphur which is essential to collagen and keratin production and aids in skin elasticity, flexibility, and rigidity.

The Best Juicers

Juicers are a fantastic way to add more fruits and vegetables into your life and cut back on sugary energy drinks and sodas. There are tons of great options that are affordable for juicers. The Juicer Fanantics offer a great break down of the best juicers on the market and shares tons of great recipes to put the juicer to work.

You can even get a very basic citrus juicer from Black and Decker for about $15 on Amazon right now. This is great for grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits. It’s also very easy to use and clean. The low-tech, easy-to-learn nature of it makes it a great way to start juicing. You can even add the citrus juices to mixed drinks, create your own salad dressing, and add some flavor to a marinade mix to get a bunch of diverse uses out of it.

At Green Virgin Products, we searched the world to find you the finest Moringa so that you can enjoy the benefits of adding it to a great juice. We want you to be able to see the Moringa Ultimate difference for yourself with a special discount. Use coupon code: 10off – to get 10% off your order today.