Oxidation can ruin your moringa - here's how we avoid it

Sep 20th 2022

Oxidation Is The Enemy Of Moringa, And Will Destroy Its Abundant Nutrition If Not Packaged Properly!

Moringa is a leafy vegetable that is loaded with nutrition. Moringa has more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and proteins than any other plant. But if moringa is not packaged to prevent oxidation, it will oxidize and most of its nutrition will be destroyed. Green Virgin Products is the only company that takes the time and expense to package our moringa the correct way to insure the most potent moringa you can buy. It makes a big difference.

What Causes Moringa To Oxidize?

Green Virgin Products Moringa Powder versus a leading competitors Moringa Powder

We have all seen an apple turn brown after it has been cut and exposed to the air. That is oxidation. Avocados and bananas do the same thing. When moringa is exposed to oxygen or light it will oxidize. Whereas an apple exposed to oxygen and light will turn brown in a matter of minutes, moringa will lose its nutrition long before it turns color. So moringa will lose its nutrition first and then will eventually turn light green or brown.

Oxidation caused by light is called photo-oxidation. I am sure you have seen a couch in front of a window that is more faded on the side facing the sun. That is photo-oxidation. Most things will oxidize. You can see when steel oxidizes it gets rusty. When moringa is exposed to oxygen or light, the oxidation destroys its nutritional value. This only takes about 90 days.

Is It Possible To Prevent Moringa From Oxidizing 

Yes, it is. Green Virgin Products uses an exclusive packaging process that prevents oxidation. All of our moringa products are packaged in an expensive 3 layer pouch that blocks 100% of light. It also prevents oxygen from entering the pouch. We then put an oxygen absorber in each pouch to suck up any oxygen left in the package when it was sealed. An air tight container is not the same as an oxygen free container. This packaging ensures that you get all the nutrition that moringa has to offer. We are the only company that sells moringa in the USA that takes the time and effort to package our moringa this way. That is why our moringa is the freshest and most potent moringa you can buy.

Moringa Has Abundant Nutrition That Your Body Can Easily Assimilate.

Moringa is classified as a leafy vegetable. It is all natural and your body can assimilate all it’s natural goodness. Store bought vitamins are artificial and can not be absorbed by your body and end up in the toilet. Don’t waste your money on artificial vitamins.

Moringa Contains Much More Nutrition Than Any Other Plant.

  • 90 different types of Nutrients  moringa powder - moringa oxidation
  • 46 Antioxidants
  • 36 Different Anti-Inflammatory Agents
  • 18 Amino Acids and 9 Essential Amino Acids
  • 10x the Vitamin A of carrots
  • 17x the Calcium of milk
  • 15x the Potassium of bananas
  • 25x the Iron of spinach
  • 9x the Protein of yogurt
  • 4x more Fiber than oats
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-hypertensive
  • Anti-tumor
  • 1000x more Zeaten than any other plant for younger looking skin.