Proven Moringa Oleifera Benefits

Proven Moringa Oleifera Benefits

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

Proven Moringa Oleifera Benefits

Moringa benefits

Moringa oleifera is known the world over by many different nicknames like the Miracle tree because it provides essential nutrients and amazing benefits. It has also garnered a reputation for growing in areas of the world, where starvation is worst. It can grow and even thrive in climates that most other plants simply cannot. The list of moringa powder benefits is amazing long so we put together a few of the most impactful.

Moringa Oleifera is a Nutrition Powerhouse

The leaves and seedpods of the Miracle tree are packed with almost all the essential nutrients and minerals that we need to stay healthy and happy. They have twice the Vitamin A of carrots, nine times the Iron of Spinach, fourteen times the Calcium of Milk and four times more fiber than Oats per serving. That powerful combination of daily essentials gives your body most of the nutrients it needs in just one teaspoon per day.

Great Way to Get Daily Natural Antioxidants

There are 46 different types of natural antioxidants in Moringa oleifera leaves. This unique, high-concentration of naturally-occuring antioxidants promotes the neutralization of harmful free radicals in your body. Free radicals are now recognized to at least contribute to the formation of many of the worst diseases impacting humanity right now, like diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, and cancer.

Moringa Oleifera Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Many plants can lower cholesterol in the blood and moringa oleifera has been proven in studies to have properties to promote healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. These are among the most common causes of heart disease and death in the world today, but both have effective treatment options if they are confronted head on. Simply by eating more leafy greens, getting some exercise and losing some weight, most people can and will avoid the worst of these disease. Anyone with cholesterol and blood sugar issues should absolutely consult a doctor as soon as possible. Serious cases may require medication.

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