Read this article before getting fooled by Soap Nuts Wholesale

Read this article before getting fooled by Soap Nuts Wholesale

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

Read this article before getting fooled by Soap Nuts Wholesale!

soap nutsSoap Nuts are an amazing, all-natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and fabric softeners. They have many great uses beyond that, if you buy high-quality deseeded Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts. As with any popular trend or product, there will be unsavory and unknowledgeable business people that try to carve out their piece of the market without worrying about whether they have a good offering in the first place. All of these distinctions are important and anything less with soap nuts, also known as wash berries, will leave you with a disappointing experience.

Deseeded Vs Soap Nuts Whole or Full

If you search online to find a deal for soap nuts wholesale, you will most likely stumble upon a number of sellers offering soap nuts whole or soap nuts full. You want to stay away from any company that would sell them whole or full. Both of those terms simply mean that the soap nuts still have seeds, which does not sound like it should make a big difference. And we have seen them offered at what seems like very low prices for soap nuts.

The major problem with this trend lies in the fact that soap nuts seeds have absolutely zero cleaning power. There are no saponins, which are the natural cleaning agents, in the seeds. This means that a sizable percentage of the weight of that bag of soap nuts whole or full was worthless when it comes to cleaning. It is also near impossible to tell exactly how many seeds are in each soap nuts since it can vary greatly. This means you are simply guessing at what percentage of your purchase is just taking up space.

You only want to purchase from companies that sell deseeded soap nuts or pre-extracted soap nuts liquid for your laundry care needs. These will provide the excellent cleaning power that wash berries have become known for.

Sapindus Mukorossi vs Sapindus Trifoliatus

One of the worst soap nuts scams out there right now revolves around the difference between Sapindus mukorossi and trifoliatus. There are sellers out there representing the trifoliatus variety of soap nuts as having the same cleaning power as pure Sapindus mukorossi soap nuts. This is unfortunately not true. It’s not even close. The trifoliatus are significantly smaller and contain a small percentage of the natural cleaning agent, saponin. Insist on 100% Sapindus mukorossi soap nuts every time. With that guarantee, you will know that your soap nuts are going to provide a powerful, natural cleaning.

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