Posted by Green Virgin Products on Apr 14th 2015

soap nuts


You may or may not have heard about soap nuts, a berry that grows on the Chinese Soapberry Tree that huge numbers of people are now using to wash their clothes instead of chemical laundry detergents. And you either thought one of two things...

1. There is no way that some berries can wash my clothes. I'll just use the toxic chemicals and hope for the best.


2. That sounds amazing. I can't wait to try them. My health is extremely important to me.

I have been using soap nuts for over 5 years now. They really work as well as the leading chemical detergents and even outperform them in many ways. Many of the large chemical manufacturers who make the popular name brand laundry detergents you find in grocery stores add ingredients to their formulas to make your laundry stiff. Now why would they do that?  It's really very simple; the same company also sells fabric softeners! So they create a problem and then happily sell you a solution. By making your clothes feel stiff they leach millions of dollars extra every year from hard working and unsuspecting consumers. Thankfully you can still have clean and soft clothes without being a victim to large corporations.

Soap nuts leave your clothes softer than you have ever felt them. Washing your sheets and pillowcases in soap nuts is an amazing experience. Sleeping on sheets and pillowcases that have been freshly washed in soap nuts is such a decadent and luxurious feeling you may find that you actually sleep better too!

Soap nuts also are unparalleled in removing odors due to their antibacterial properties. Most chemical detergents just add toxic fragrance to cover up odors instead of actually eliminating them. Soap nuts actually remove odors so your clothes smell like you hung them outside on a clear spring day.

"But I don't want to spend extra for natural products". Great!  Soapnuts cost less than half as much as chemical detergents and the average family can save over $40 a year by making the switch. And since soap nuts grow on trees and nothing is added to them, you are not only saving money, but you're going green and saving the planet too.

But do they really clean as well as Tide? For every day washing for an office worker, they are unsurpassed. If you work on a construction crew or as a mechanic, even Tide won't get out every stain without a prespotter so you may find you need a prespotter as well for tougher stains. But overall soap nuts clean as well or better than Tide.

Now the big thing that makes soap nuts superior... Green Virgin Products soap nuts are the highest quality available anywhere. They are completely non-toxic and eco friendly as evidenced by their net negative carbon footprint. Chemical detergents and fabric softeners contain over 400 toxic chemicals as well as known human carcinogens. These toxic chemicals are known to cause all kinds of health problems including asthma, cancer, sperm damage, hormone disruption, thyroid disease, sudden infant death syndrome, allergy problems and many more. You and your loved ones may be exposed to toxic chemicals from the detergent residue in your clothes and sheets 24 hours a day.

Soap nuts do have one very small disadvantage. Tide includes bleach and optical brighteners. Both of which are very toxic. So to have the whitest white you can add bleach which is toxic, or hydrogen peroxide or Oxyclean both of which are non-toxic.

So to summarize, soap nuts cost much less, they remove ordors better, they soften your clothes better, they are completely non-toxic and don't cause health or allergy problems, and don't destroy our planet. I can't see why anyone would pay extra for toxic polluting products when soap nuts are so amazing. If you're still skeptical, click this link and order a sample for only $1.89. Or read our real customer reviews and order a bag today!