Soap Nuts: The detergent that grows on trees

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Oct 3rd 2014

Soap nuts, the laundry detergent that grows on trees

What are soap nuts?

Soap nuts are technically berries and they grow on trees. But unlike strawberries, blackberries, and other berries, you do not eat them. Soap nuts contain a very large amount of soap inside of the shell. This soap is called saponin and it is a 100 percent non-toxic and natural surfactant.

What do soap nuts do?

Soap nuts have many uses and are by far the best natural cleaning product in the world. The main use of soap nuts is to do laundry. They can also be used for household cleaning in general. Many people use soap nuts to do dishes, wash hair and hands, wash pets, clean windows and mirrors, and more. Click here for some recipes and instructions (coming soon).

Why should I care?

Maybe you already have cleaning products and laundry detergent and don't see why you should care that soap nuts exist.  But you WILL benefit by switching.

  • Since they make your clothes softer than you have ever felt them, no fabric softener is needed.
  • They cost less! They can save as much as 75% of the money you would spend at the grocery store buying detergent and fabric softeners. For larger families this can save hundreds of dollars.
  • They are 100% non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and earth friendly!
  • They have a net negative carbon footprint since they grow on trees!
  • They are safe for the whole family including pets!

How do I use them?

Put about 5 of them in a sock or a drawstring bag and tie is shut. Throw it in the washer with your clothes and do the was as usual. It works in any kind of washer with any temperature water. You can leave them in till the the washer stops running. There is no need to take them out during the rinse cycle. After the wash is done throw your clothes in the dryer. You can throw the nuts in the dryer with the clothes or take them out before; it doesn't matter either way. I have included a video below.


What kind of soap nuts are best?

The best ones are the Sapindus mukorossi variety. These work the best as they have the most saponin in them. If you ever find them at a dirt cheap price they are probably a different species and you should avoid buying them. Sapindus trifoliatus are not the same and are not worth getting.

Where do they come from?

The best ones come from India and Nepal. Although there are other places they can grow they are not of the same quality.

Where should I buy them?

I doesn't matter as long as you are getting high quality soap nuts at a competitive price. Make sure that the product has verified reviews and a money back guarantee. But if you like the contents of this blog post and want to support us, I'd love for you to buy them here.