Soap Nuts Uses: An Ancient Cleansing Secret for a Modern World

Soap Nuts Uses: An Ancient Cleansing Secret for a Modern World

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

Soap Nuts Uses: An Ancient Cleansing Secret for a Modern World

soap nutsFor thousands of years, people in many parts of Southeast Asia have used an all-natural, chemical-free way to clean their laundry, their bodies and their homes. Soap nuts, the nut-like berries of a tree from the Lychee family, are growing in popularity in the Western world now, but have been used for so long because, quite simply, they work! Learn all about the different soap nuts uses in this article.

How Do Soap Nuts Work?

How can a nut clean something? You’re probably envisioning taking your clothes out with a bucket of water, putting them on a rock and scrubbing them with a handful of nut hulls, right? If so, you’re wrong. The reality is so much easier. The secret to soap nuts is a nifty, natural ingredient known as saponin. Saponin is a gentle, useful soap. It helps separate the dirt from whatever you’re cleaning and lift it out so that it can be rinsed off with water. No chemicals, no additives—to get things squeaky clean, all you need is soap nuts and water.

What Are The Most Common Soap Nuts Uses?

The most common use for soap nuts is to clean laundry. Soap nuts are frequently sold with a muslin wash bag; the nuts are placed inside the bag and thrown directly into a load of laundry. The saponins in the soap nuts get your laundry clean and extremely fluffy (eliminating the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets). All you have to do is remember to grab the soap nuts and set them aside for use in the next load of laundry. One set of soap nuts is good for multiple loads; you simply replace them once they begin to look dried out or lose their natural soap nut scent.

Because the saponin in the soap nuts is a gentle cleanser, you can use soap nuts in a household where someone has sensitive skin or allergies. Soap nuts are even safe enough to use on your baby’s clothes or cloth diapers! Why use toxic name brand detergents that have a laundry list of side effects when you can use a cleanser that’s truly all-natural and free of toxic chemicals? Most people would say it’s a simple choice when given an effective, natural option.

Soap nuts can clean more than laundry, however! These little wonder berries can be boiled to create soap nuts liquid. Soap nuts liquid can be used to clean anything you can imagine. Use it to spiff up your kitchen, clean your glass, or clean yourself!

Soap nuts can be used in the shower as body wash or shampoo. It’s safe and gentle enough to be used on babies and pets. One note, however: soap nuts liquid is NOT tear-free. If you use it as shampoo or on any babies, small children, or pets, make sure to avoid getting it into any eyes, as it will sting. Soap nuts can also be ground up to use as an extra-cleansing paste. With all of these options available, why not give soap nuts a try at your house?

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