Studies Show Promise With Holistic Uses for Moringa and Cancer

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jan 22nd 2016

Moringa leaves

A number of recent studies conducted on the positive benefits of holistic uses for moringa and cancer prevention show promise. Study after study show a multitude of potential for moringa to be used in the prevention and treatment of many cancers and the related illnesses that arise from current accepted treatments.

Moringa is a Natural Multi-Vitamin

There’s no need to take a synthetic multi-vitamin pill when you are eating a teaspoon of Moringa powder every day. It has an amazing list of vitamins and nutrients, including:

-Vitamin A

-All B Vitamins

-Vitamin C





-And many more…

Moringa leaves contains a high concentration of antioxidants and all the essential amino acids, which is rare among any food. This unique and valuable combination makes it a powerhouse for boosting your immune system. An excess of free radicals, highly reactive chemicals, in our body has been proven to cause and speed up the development of many types of cancer. The best way to fight free radicals is with natural sources of antioxidants, and they are commonly recognized for their ability to slow and fight the development of cancer cells caused by free radicals.

Manage Common Symptoms in Cancer Patients

In the study “Nutritive Value of Indian Foods,” Gopalan et al completed an exhaustive investigation of the medical and nutritional benefits of the Moringa tree. It has been oft cited as the base for many follow up studies in the cancer-fighting potential of the Miracle tree and established many potential treatment uses for those dealing with cancer. One of the most important findings was the relief that regular consumption of moringa leaf powder had on many common symptoms, including:



-Respiratory issues

-Joint Pain and Inflammation



-Sore Throat

Most cancer patients that have to go through chemotherapy also have trouble eating enough food to get their daily recommended nutrients, and this leads to an unhealthy amount of weight loss. Moringa powder is a simple way to combat this debilitating side effect of chemo. With the powerful mix of minerals and nutrients, cancer patients can get most of their essential nutrients with just a little bit of the leaf powder every day.

Cancer Preventing Potential of Moringa

A 2003 study by Bharali et al study the potential of moringa extract to prevent the development of skin tumors in mice. The study found those mice that had moringa added to their diet show statistically significant difference is the rate and amount of skin tumors that forms.

This important study led to the investigation of the use of a molecule found in moringa extracts for advanced cancers that could not be cured with an operation, like late stage ovarian cancer. The study found similar results and showed proof that benzyl isothiocyanate, the molecule from moringa extract used, has the potential to kill cancer cells in those patients inflicted with the disease.

All the evidence points to the high value of Moringa for cancer patients on many fronts. Whether it’s simply helping to improve the daily intake of needed nutrients or providing relief from common troublesome symptoms associated with most cancer treatments, moringa powder has so many practical reasons to be included in the diet of those inflicted by cancer.

As we can see from these studies, it has value for anyone looking for more natural ways to fight and potentially prevent the development of cancer cells.