The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Powder

The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Powder

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Powder

What Is Moringa Powder?

Moringa powderMoringa powder is made from the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. The tree is resilient enough to grow in most climates, but the best tree are generally found in tropical areas of the world. When the leaves are picked from the trees, they are dried and then ground into a fine powder. This is best accomplished by a far-infrared drying system to speed up the drying time. If Moringa leaves are simply left to dry in the shade, as they are by many farmers, they are susceptible to mold and mildew and can lose much of their nutritional value.

Why Is Moringa So Good For Your Body?

Moringa leaves are packed with so many essential nutrients. It is basically a natural multi-vitamin that delivers a host of minerals, nutrients, and amino acids with every serving of the leaf powder. It has more calcium than milk, more potassium than bananas, more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, more fiber than oats, and much more. The Science of Eating recently posted a review of many different studies that conclude, “Greens are the Number One food you can eat regularly to help improve your health and boost weight loss. This is because leafy vegetables are full of fiber along with vitamins, minerals, and plant-based substances that help protect you from heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.”

Get a Natural Energy Boost

If you find yourself reaching for coffee or an energy drink every morning, then moringa powder give you the benefit of a natural energy boost. Moringa powder has over three times the iron of spinach and iron is essential for transporting oxygen throughout your body. According to WebMD, “Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body.” Basically, Iron is one of the driving forces behind getting oxygen to every nook and cranny of your body. They also explain that many people are iron deficient and balancing iron levels is one of the quickest ways to improve your energy levels, focus and concentration

Loaded with Antioxidants

One of the most important benefits of Moringa powder is the high concentration of natural antioxidants. Natural sources of antioxidants have been proven to fight and prevent many diseases. You do want to make sure that you are consuming natural sources, like fruits and vegetables, for your antioxidants as there are studies that show they are not helpful and even harmful in some cases.

Natural antioxidants act as protection against the harmful impact of excess free radicals. From pollution to smoke to the sun, there are many sources of free radicals and we even produce some free radicals naturally in our body. However, free radicals become toxic in high concentration in our bodies. Moringa powder is an excellent way to fight the disease caused by unchecked free radicals.

Can Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

High cholesterol and blood pressure are both serious issues that show any warning signs. It is generally too late when you they strike. That is why you have to be proactive about both. This means regularly checking with your doctor that you have healthy levels of both. You want to regularly exercise if you are dealing with either condition. You will also want to add in nutritious superfoods, like Moringa Powder, into your diet. Moringa has been shown in many studies to have antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering properties. It is a fantastic part of a balanced approach to fight the myriad of diseases caused by high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Great for your Skin and Hair

Last, but certainly not least, you will love the benefit of great hair and skin with Moringa. It is rich in many of the essential nutrients for strong, healthy growth of both. Moringa is rich in sulfur, which helps your body naturally produce collagen and keratine. It also helps with blood circulation, which helps your skin, scalp and hair follicles.

Only The Best Moringa Has Benefits for Your Health

Make sure that you get 100% pure Moringa Oleifera that has been harvested and packaged to prevent the corrosive forces of light and oxygen. You will only see the benefits of Moringa powder when your leaf powder has been protected from oxidation. The leaf powder is very sensitive and will quickly become dull and brown.

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