The Amazing Moringa Charities From Around the World

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Dec 22nd 2015


The Moringa tree has a vast number of uses and so many amazing properties for your health and wellness. It’s the most nutrient-dense plant on the world and it grows in many different climates. These two facts have made the moringa tree an important part of the worldwide fight on hunger and malnutrition.

Moringa is especially important in parts of the world where the soil is not very fertile and where the people do not have many options to grow great crops. A number of charities are using Moringa and its many great by-products as a vital way to provide all the daily vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids needed for growing children.

In the holiday spirit, we decided to highlight some interesting charities around the world that are using the moringa tree, moringa leaves and moringa oil to meet the needs of people in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Determined to Develop

Determined to Develop was founded in 2009 by Matt Maroon after he took a year to volunteer in Malawi, Africa. He was so inspired by the experience that he launched the charity in order to assist as many volunteer programs in Malawi as possible.

Maroon originally planned on helping to simply get donations that could be directed to Malawi. However, the charity has grown every year since its inception and has taken on many newer exciting projects. The charity has always been based around the idea that the changes and focus of the charity had to be based on the direct feedback he got from communities around Malawi.

Determined to Develop includes, “chiefs, village development committees, women’s groups, civil society leaders, government stakeholders, and even the kings of various tribes to understand their take on what development meant and how they thought it should be applied in their context. In many cases, it was the first time a “white man” was asking them such questions – and getting their opinion rather than dictating a solution.” This simple, common-sense approach has allowed Determined to Develop into a force for change in Malawi.

One of the most effective programs that Determined to Develop runs and continues to grow uses moringa to provide daily meals to school children every day. With the help of these cost-effective, nutritious meals, they are able to provide them to one child for an entire year for around $10. It’s a fantastic way to feed children in an area of the world that is badly inflicted by malnutrition and starvation.

Moringa Community

Moringa Community is a charity that focuses on improving life in rural Ghana. They provide training and support for sustainable practices in growing nutritious food, home canning and practical trade. The charity works towards a goal of self-sustainability with the help a growing staff and young students that help spread the wonderful benefits of the Moringa tree throughout rural Ghana.

One of the doctors working with Moringa Community described why Moringa was so effective, “We have always had problems with the classical approach to treating malnourished children. This was based on industrial products…whole milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar. When you tell a parent to go buy these things, it is truly costly. On the other hand, with Moringa, the resources are locally available. The people themselves can produce it. We have done experiments in treating malnourished children with this plant and the results are truly spectacular.”

Moringa Community has seen most of its success by teaching local communities in rural Ghana that they can grow Moringa and use other locally available resources to solve the problems of starvation and malnutrition common among children in the area.

Moringa Project

The Moringa Project was started by two Australian acupuncturists, Natasja Sproat and Tom Connor. They travelled to India to help with an open-air clinic in the remote village of Datam. These clinics were treating the entire village with a few volunteers and had a number of challenging issues for a host of health issues with limited resources.

One of the most promises ways to help the diverse group of patients and many ailments, including malnutrition among children, was the Moringa tree. It was able to grow easily in the climate and provide a host of health and wellness benefits with locally available products.

Moringaling Philippines Foundation

The Moringaling Philippines Foundation is not a charity, but they are a network organization doing very important work to make the best moringa available to the rest of the world. They are also helping to improve the quality of life and grow the businesses of many farmers, processors, manufactures, suppliers in the Philippines.

It is a wonderful organization that helps provide information and training on the best practices in the moringa supply chain. They have helped promote the best farm management and processing technologies so that they are readily available to most people in the moringa industry in the Philippines.

The Moringaling Foundation lists their mission on their website:

1.To lead and unite a sustainable moringa industry in the Philippines, engaging stakeholder support for moringa programs and activities (Organizing).

2.To initiate and conduct awareness programs that promote moringa for health, wellness, food security and economic benefits for all sectors of society (Advocacy).

3.To ensure continuing research and development on best practices and technology updates for product excellence (Research and Education).

4.To link moringa producers to markets that enhance their socio-economic welfare (Marketing).

5.To establish industry standards that ensure the production of world class quality products (Quality Standards).

6.To champion the cause of moringa stakeholders in the development of policies and the passage of laws and their proper implementation (Policy Intervention).

Moringa Combating Malnutrition in Haiti

It’s exciting for us at Green Virgin Products to see so many great charities using the power of the Moringa tree to help promote health and wellness around the world. We’ve believed in the power of Moringa since we found it decades ago and scientific study after study continues to prove the host of benefits that the miracle tree delivers to those that add it to their diet and use it for their skin and hair care.

If you are looking to make a contribution this holiday season, we hope you consider a charity that uses the power of Moringa to help so many people. Happy holidays to one and all and a Happy New Year!