The Benefits of Moringa Powder

The Benefits of Moringa Powder

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

The Benefits of Moringa Powder

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The Moringa tree is called the Miracle Tree for its long list of amazing benefits. The tree has been used for thousands of years to promote health and wellness and to treat an assortment of common diseases. At Green Virgin Products, we love the Moringa tree and all its amazing by-products. Our introduction to the benefits of moringa powder took place decades ago and it continues to have an incredible impact on our lives. We decided it was something that we had to share and that has always been a driving part of our mission.

We Only Use The Highest-Quality Moringa Powder

To make sure that we only offer the finest moringa powder, we searched the world for the best sources of the amazing tree. Moringa trees thrive in tropical climates, and we found a mountainous region in the Philippines where the trees are able to mature and grow strong in the warm, mountain breezes. The leaves of these trees make the finest moringa powder in the world. You may find quality of the same level, but you won’t find better moringa powder anywhere else.

Our special packaging process guarantees you get the freshest Moringa!

Many people believe that Moringa powder is a dull, brown color because most of the industry has failed to recognize the importance of packaging moringa powder correctly. That dull color is actually a sign that their powder has been ruined by oxidization and all the nutrients and vitamins are gone.

At Green Virgin Products, we guarantee your Moringa Ultimate Original Powder will be as fresh, green and potent when you open it at your home as the day we packaged it. We stand behind this guarantee because of the special harvesting and packaging process that we developed.

We use an advanced far-infrared drying system that allows us to reach the lowest moisture content in the industry and completely package our moringa powder within 8 hours. The special three-layer packaging completely locks out all light and oxygen to prevent oxidation. We even add a special oxygen absorber to every package. This is the Green Virgin Products difference and you’ll love that bright green color and wonderful taste of our Moringa Ultimate Original Powder.

Moringa Is One of The Most Nutritious Foods on the Planet

The case for adding miracle tree leaf powder into your life is simple and strong. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients. The long list of benefits includes a natural energy boost, improved digestion, improved circulation, healthier skin and hair and much more.

Moringa Ultimate Original Powder delivers these amazing benefits in a powder form that is easy to add into your diet. You can quickly and easily mix the powder into your favorite juices, shakes, teas, soups, salads, dips and more. It’s even great mixed into a glass of water with some lemon. One teaspoon a day into something else that you love to eat or drink and you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

Your Body Will Thank You For the Antioxidant Boost

There is a growing focus on the importance of antioxidants in our lives. Study after study proves the vast array of benefits related to maintaining a healthy level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are simply molecules that protect other cells from the damage and destruction caused by oxidation and free radicals. They work to keep the cells in your body from breaking down and decaying.

Antioxidants are now looked at as an important part of cancer prevention because of their unique properties. They are often referred to as “free radical scavengers” with the ability to seek out and destroy the most damaging free radicals.

With all the hype around antioxidants, you want to be careful about how you add antioxidants into your life. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health cautions that taking synthetic antioxidants may not be beneficial and may even come with some serious risks. They conclude the study by saying, “At the same time, abundant evidence suggests that eating whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—all rich in networks of antioxidants and their helper molecules—provides protection against many of these scourges of aging.” Basically, they suggest you find natural sources of antioxidants.

Moringa provides one of the richest networks of antioxidants and helper molecules of any food on the planet. You get all the benefits without the uncertainty and risk of a synthetic antioxidant.

Enjoy The Benefits of Moringa Powder’s Anti-Inflammatory Power

A lot of common pain is caused by the inflammation of joint tissue and muscles. That same inflammation is also at the heart of serious and chronic pain associated with diseases like arthritis that impact millions of people around the world every day.

Moringa is a fantastic and natural way to provide your body with some anti-inflammatory power. Many recent studies point to the effectiveness of moringa for treatment of inflammation-related pain. Most of these studies conclude that the high concentration of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties.

At Green Virgin Products, we believe in the power of the miracle tree and have spent decades making sure that we can deliver the finest moringa powder to anyone in the world. Our high-quality Moringa Ultimate Original Powder will arrive fresh and potent with a bright, green color every time to insure you’ll enjoy all the benefits of pure moringa powder.

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