The Many Advantages of a Natural Deodorant Stone

The Many Advantages of a Natural Deodorant Stone

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

The Many Advantages of a Natural Deodorant Stone

Green Virgin Products Deodorant stonehile many of us pay attention to the chemicals in our food, we forget that a lot of the items we use for our daily hygiene also contain dangerous substances. Like fragrance, a perfume made from the toxic waste from the oil industry. A salt-based deodorant stone is an excellent option to remove this common source of toxic chemicals. This stone works in a similar way to deodorants, by creating a thin layer of salts on the part of your skin that it touches. This ensures that no bacteria or smell comes from your armpits when you use this product. Obviously, we want to remove toxic chemicals, but we don’t want to stink either.

With the deodorant stone, you are getting all the benefits without any of the possible side-effects. In fact, the way we use deodorants is slightly misleading. Sweating is a natural part of the human body. We release sweat in a healthy way all the time. Sweat itself does not smell. The only smell you get from your armpits, or other parts of your body, is sweat contacting bacteria. It is these bacteria that the stone deodorant removes, thereby ensuring that you are smelling fresh all day.

Aside from the health benefits, this is very cost effective. Because you are only adding a very thin layer of the stone to your body, you can use the same product for a year or more. We actually have users report that our mineral salts deodorant stone lasted them for nearly two years. This is not like regular deodorant, where you have to keep applying it in order for it to work at all. Also, you can forget about any nasty stains on your expensive clothes.

Why Choose Our Deodorant Stone?

If you care about your long-term health, there is no reason for you to continue using dangerous deodorants on your armpits every single day. Certainly, there is a lot more research needed into the long term side effects of using products, like antiperspirants, that are high in aluminum on a regular basis. Instead of taking that risk, it is better to trust a 100 percent natural alternative that will not harm you in any way and still enjoy smelling fresh and clean.

In fact, this product works even better than regular deodorant. Instead of stopping your body from producing sweat, which is completely natural, it eliminates the bothersome smell associated with this sweating.

It is the aluminum in regular deodorant that causes the most controversy. Many experts believe that certain diseases or genes could result in a person absorbing more than an insignificant amount of aluminum into their bodies. This is very unhealthy, because our bodies are not made to take in these plastic compounds, even in minor amounts. There is no telling what type of damage this can do in the long-term and we certainly hope the scientific community continues to study the long term impact of daily use of these chemicals.

The only thing you have to get through is the first few days. At times the body takes time to adjust from the regular deodorant to the stone. If you are not satisfied with the product immediately, wait a few days and it should work perfectly after that period of time. Antiperspirants literally create temporary plugs in your sweat glands and it takes a few days for all those to be removed and washed away.

At Green Virgin Products, we developed a 100% potassium alum mineral salt Deodorant stone because we wanted to eliminate another common source of toxic chemicals from our life while still smelling great. Once we had something that our family loved, we knew that our customers would love it too. To make it even easier, we offer free shipping on orders over $50 and completely hassle-free returns if you are not satisfied for any reason within 90 days. We even want to throw in a special discount today. Use the coupon code: 10off – to get 10% off your next order on our site.