Transform Yourself & Your Life with Moringa Leaf Powder

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Feb 23rd 2016

The Moringa tree is becoming widely known as a reliable provider of an amazing superfood. The leaf of the tree is by far the most nutritious part. Almost every piece of this 

Moringa Powderplant is edible and useful, and incredibly nutritious. It has special value to many parts of the world where it is hard to grow crops that provide sustainable food to the community.  

Moringa grows well in severe climates and poor soils. Due to its heavy nutritional value, deep resilience and frost resistance, it has been an invaluable resource in Africa and Asia for thousands of years, helping the population fight against hunger and malnutrition. That popularity is spreading quickly as the amazing benefits of Moringa have gained the acceptance and backing of many in scientific and medical communities around the world.

Benefits of Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa leaf powder has a light taste that combines well with almost any daily food. Just add one teaspoon of the powder to juice, drinks, smoothies or yogurts for a nutrient-packed breakfast, and add it to salad or sprinkle it on freshly cooked food for a boost throughout the day.

Moringa powder can also be a powerful tool for diabetics. A recent scientific study found that Moringa provided significant protection against oxidative stress for those with diabetes. Scientists believe that this effect is explained by the high content of food cellulose and flavonoids.

The powder from moringa is developed from the dried leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. To preserve its natural nutrients, the leaves are best dried using a far-infrared system. Be wary of powder sellers that use the shade drying method. The leaves can quickly lose their nutritional value when simply left to dry in the shade and they can develop mold and mildew. Far-infrared drying is much quicker and more effective. The fragile dried-up leaves are then milled and turned into a light and fluffy powder. Through this process, about one pound of powder is produced from seven pounds of fresh-gathered leaves. The powder from Moringa leaves contains:

-17 times more calcium than milk

-7 times more vitamin C than oranges

-4-10 times more vitamin A than carrots

-15 times more potassium than bananas

-36 times more magnesium than eggs

Using Moringa Powder

There are endless ways to include Moringa leaf powder into your diet; you are only limited by your imagination! Adding the powder into your usual meal will increase its vitamin, mineral and protein content. Add it on top of a prepared meal or mix it in with smoothies, but stay away from cooking with it, as its wonderful mixture of nutrients can be compromised by extreme heat. Add it to your meals after you have cooked them.

With Moringa powder, your morning smoothie will give you more energy for an active day. Whether you’re an athlete, hard-working professional, student, malnourished child, or a person feeling the effects of aging, this powder will promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. More importantly, it has no proven negative side effects - only benefits.

Every human body needs to have an adequate supply of the essential ingredients that Moringa leaf powder provides in order to cultivate a healthy body and maintain balanced mental well-being. Your body craves these nutrients, and has some unpleasant ways of letting you know.

Are you tired of feeling upset, exhausted, or irritable, and struggling through the work day with no energy? Maybe you’re looking for the solution in the wrong place. Moringa powder can deliver a strong concentration of many vital nutrients in one simple step. Imagine what you’ll be able to do if you are energetic and focused throughout the day.

Make The Change Today

It’s time to take your day and your health into your hands. Just add Moringa powder to your daily meal, and give yourself the chance to live life to its fullest.

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