Use Soap Nuts for Natural Cleaning

Use Soap Nuts for Natural Cleaning

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jul 30th 2016

Use Soap Nuts for Natural Cleaning

Use Soap Nuts for natural cleaningYou should use Soap Nuts for Natural Cleaning. Soap nuts should be a part of the cleaning regimen for anyone that cares about using effective, natural products. They have a host of diverse uses around your home. They get their common nickname from the hard shell that forms around them when they are dried, but soap nuts are actually a berry. You will often see them referred to as wash berries.

Clean Your Laundry Without Toxins

The most popular use Soap Nuts for Natural Cleaning is laundry care. Soap nuts deseeded or liquid extract both make great laundry detergents. They have a high concentration of the natural surfactant, saponin, which is completely non-toxic and chemical-free. It’s simple to use, too. Add a few soap nuts deseeded in a wash bag or the recommend amount of liquid to a load of laundry and run it like normal. This one change can eliminate a major source of toxic and carcinogenic toxins in your home.

Wash Your Car with Soap Nuts

You don’t have to use crazy chemical concoctions to drive a shiny, clean car. Simply add a few soap nuts deseeded to a bucket of water, stir it slightly and you have a perfect mix for cleaning your car. Use a few towels or sponges to wipe down your entire car, tires, rims, grill and all. Make sure to rinse of the car with a hose before the soap nuts natural cleaning mix dries. Once you give the car a complete rinse, use a dry towel to make sure all the water has been removed. This is an affordable way to keep your car looking like new.

All-Natural Dish Soap

Soap nuts liquid works great as a dish soap. Add about the same amount of soap nuts liquid to your dish washer soap tray before your next load of dishes for a natural alternative to chemical dish soaps and rinse aids. Your dishes will still get a complete cleaning without them.

Safe and Effective Baby and Pet Soap

Everyone understands that you need to take additional care in selecting the right cleaning and bathing products for babies and pets. It has become a huge market. Unfortunately, many of the mass marketed name-brand baby and pet cleaning products have been found to have toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.

Improved information on the harmful effects of these chemicals has gotten many of them removed, but there are still many loopholes for companies to include harmful chemicals. Anything with a fragrance, for example, is still considered proprietary and the ingredients do not have to be disclosed on the label.

You have a better option. Remove the major source of exposure to toxic chemicals with soap nuts. You can use a mix of soap nuts deseeded in a wash bag and water for all your baby and pet cleaning needs. It is safe and effective for both.

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