Moringa Oil, What Is It Good For?

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Oct 13th 2014

Green Virgin Products moringa oil 4 oz bottle

Moringa Oil Has Many Benefits.

Moringa oil is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. It is the most stable oil known to man and some say it never goes rancid. Moringa means miracle and the Moringa tree, besides supplying us with oil from the seeds also provides mankind the leaves which are the most nutritious part of the plant. Moringa leaves which are classified as a leafy vegetable contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids than any other plant and is the most nutrient dense plant ever tested.

But what is Moringa Oil good for?

Moringa oil has been used for thousands of years to reduce and prevent wrinkles. High end department stores charge about a hundred dollars for a half an ounce,  of wrinkle reducing creams. The main ingredient in those creams is Moringa oil. You can get 4 ounces of 100% pure cold pressed, food grade, Moringa Oil from Green Virgin Products  for only $26.95. That will save you a huge amount of money while eliminating fillers and toxic chemicals found in high end creams.

Just apply moringa oil to your skin and it is totally absorbed in about a minute. The great nutty smell from the oil totally disappears as it is absorbed into your skin also. You will notice over a couple of weeks your skin will actually change appearance for the better. It really is amazing.

I have to share this. We received a review from a customer (60 year old female) who has been using our Moringa oil for 2 months now. Here is her story.

"I had been getting skin rejuvenating facial treatments from a well known doctor in my town. His treatments cost $895 for a once a month treatment. They seemed to work a little, but I had the money so I paid for his treatments for over a year.

Then a friend told me about Green Virgin Products, Moringa Oil. She was getting dramatic results just by applying this rare oil to her face every day. This oil only cost $26.95 for a 4 ounce bottle so I ordered a bottle and I received it in a couple of days. The oil has a slightly nutty smell but as the oil is absorbed into your skin almost instantly, the smell disappears in just a few seconds. I noticed a dramatic result in just a few days. My wrinkles are disappearing. Even my husband noticed, and he never notices anything. All my girlfriends noticed too and are now using this amazing oil with the same results. I am no longer going to the well known dermatologist and I am saving $895 a month. My skin has never looked better and I look 20 years younger.

I also recently had a cold and my nose got so sore on the inside and the outside from constantly blowing it that I couldn't even touch it. I applied some oil to the outside of my nose and put some inside my nostrils. The next day my nose was not sore at all. I have never been so happy with a product in my entire life. You have to try this amazing product."

Another customer has reported that putting a few drops of this food grade oil in her mouth and swishing it around before swallowing it gets rid of cold sores. It also is very good at healing all sorts of skin conditions just by applying it to the affected area. And moringa oil is also known to be the best massage oil in the world.

Moringa oil is very rare as moringa leaves are extremely nutritious so farmers are constantly trimming the leaves to sell so the trees rarely go to seed. As a result 95% of all Moringa oil is counterfeit or is diluted with cheaper and more abundant oils. One of our big competitors sells moringa oil that comes with a warning not to eat it. Here is the warning taken off the back of their bottle of moringa oil. Caution, not for internal use or consumption. If ingested seek medical attention immediately. Wow, they warn you that you can not eat it but they want you to rub it into your skin, no thanks.  Green Virgin Products is a source you can trust.