Why We Have The Best Moringa Powder Capsules

Why We Have The Best Moringa Powder Capsules

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Aug 1st 2016

Why We Have The Best Moringa Powder Capsules

Best Moringa Powder Capsules

At Green Virgin Products, we guarantee that our Moringa Powder capsules contain the highest-quality moringa leaf powder on the planet and they will arrive at your doorstep as fresh and potent as the day we harvested and packaged them. We can only make this claim, that we have the Best Moringa Powder Capsules, because of the decades of hard work and care that have gone into developing our industry-leading Moringa Ultimate process.

The Moringa Ultimate Difference!

Obviously, you found us because you already know the power of moringa powder capsules or you heard through the grapevine and wanted to do a little more research. The power of the miracle tree and its pure leaf powder are truly amazing, but only if you get the best moringa in the proper packaging. Fortunately, you’ll know the difference now.

We created a six step process that we call the Moringa Ultimate Method to make sure that we always deliver the finest moringa powder capsules. Here’s how we do it:

-We only use the finest Moringa trees – The best trees grow in mountainous, tropical regions of the world with warm, damp breezes to nurture the trees to maturity. We have found multiple sources of the best trees on the planet, so that we always have a fresh supply of the highest-quality leaves.

-We use an advanced far-infrared drying system – Our exclusive drying process takes only a few hours and allows us to achieve the lowest moisture content in the industry. Most sellers use the much slower and less expensive shade drying method that puts that leaves at risk for mold, mildew and bacteria.

-We have the fastest packaging time possible – All of our moringa powder capsules are harvested, dried, and packaged within 8 hours. This is as fast as the process can currently be, and it is one of the most important reasons behind our quality. Most companies use a slower process that makes the leaf powder susceptible to oxidation. You will notice the difference between our bright, green moringa powder and the dull, brown color of many other sellers.

Best Moringa Powder Capsules sold here-Our exclusive packaging prevents oxidation – We spent years developing the perfect packaging for moringa powder capsules. The three-layer package completely shuts out light and oxygen. This is the only way to guarantee freshness and potency as the leaf powder of the miracle tree will quickly lose all nutritional value when exposed to these elements. We even include a special oxygen absorber in every package of our best Moringa Powder Capsules to make sure you get all the nutritional benefits in every capsule.

-Our Moringa Powder Capsules are Certified Kosher – The Kosher process is no longer simply used for religious purposes. The strict process for cleanliness provides an extra layer of accountability and assurance to any plant-based foods. It insures that you are getting 100% pure moringa leaf powder that is free of contaminants.

-We carefully package and ship all orders quickly – We generally get all orders shipped the same day and always within one business day if the product is in stock. We use recycled materials when possible to precisely and carefully package every order so that it arrives safely at your door. We even offer free shipping on orders over $50.

-Benefits of Taking Moringa Powder Capsules Every Day

Moringa Powder capsules are the most convenient way to improve your health and wellness this year. A few capsules a day will deliver a unique and powerful combination of essential daily nutrients. Although the benefits of the miracle tree is just gaining popularity in the United States recently, the amazing tree has been used for thousands of years throughout Africa and Asia.

Here’s a few of our favorite reasons to take a few of our best Moringa Powder Capsules every day:

-Get an all-natural boost of energy and sustained focus

-One of the best natural sources of plant-based antioxidants

-Promote a healthy and active immune system

-Help maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

-Naturally ease the pain of joint inflammation

-Get all your daily nutrients with fewer calories

-Promote healthy skin and hair

All of these amazing benefits have been proven in many recent scientific studies. Study after study points to the complex combination of healthy components that make up the moringa tree leaves as the driving force behind its diverse properties.

At Green Virgin Products, we made it our mission to share the best Moringa Powder Capsules in the world at the lowest possible price and we want to prove it by offering you, a special discount. Use the coupon code: 10off – at checkout to get 10% off your order today.