Why You Will Go Nuts for Soap Nuts

Why You Will Go Nuts for Soap Nuts

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Aug 1st 2016

Why You Will Go Nuts for Soap Nuts

natural soap nutsAs time goes on, it’s becoming more and more apparent that chemicals used in our food and in household products are harming our health. As a result of this, many people are looking for ways to take care of themselves and their families without using so many chemicals. Natural food and materials have increased in popularity as people have made the decision to forgo chemicals in favor of food, household cleansing items, and clothing that are free of anything that could potentially affect their family’s health. Natural soap nuts are an incredible way to eliminate a major source of toxic chemicals in your life.

What is Natural?

In order for something to be natural, it needs to grown or produced without any artificial chemicals or additives. More and more, people are beginning to understand the importance of organic food and how pesticides and chemicals negatively impact our health and our environment. But what about the cleaners we use in our homes? What about the cleaners we use on our clothes (which contact our skin all day, every day)? And the real question at hand: are your soap nuts really natural soap nuts

Soap Nuts: A Natural Cleaning Solution

For those who are interested in all of the cleaning power with none of the chemicals, natural soap nuts are a fantastic solution. Soap nuts look exactly like they sound; they’re small, brown, and hard-shelled. Put them in water, however, and they go to work!

The secret to soap nuts is what’s inside: a naturally-occurring, soap-like substance known as saponin. The saponin in natural soap nuts is able to target dirt and lift it off of whatever it’s clinging to—whether it’s your dirty clothes or grimy kitchen countertops—allowing it to be rinsed away. It’s really that simple! Why use chemical soaps or cleaners when natural soap nuts can do the job with none of the additives? Not only is it safer for you; it benefits the environment, as you’re not rinsing pollutants down the drain every time you wash.

What Can I Clean with Soap Nuts?

Everything! Soap nuts are usually used as laundry detergent. This all might sound odd, but here’s how it works: You simply toss soap nuts into a muslin bag (which is typically included with a soap nuts purchase) and drop them into a warm or hot water wash. (For cold water washes, you’ll need to soak the soap nuts in warm water for just a bit in order to activate the saponin inside.) Stand back and let your washing machine and the soap nuts do all the work! Don’t put in any fabric softener and don’t run out and buy dryer sheets, either, as soap nuts will make your laundry fluffy and extremely soft.

The cleaning power of natural soap nuts isn’t limited to laundry. Soap nuts can be boiled into soap nuts liquid or ground into a paste, giving you the ability to use them on everything. Whether you’re using the whole nuts in your laundry or using the liquid to scrub your kitchen floors, soap nuts clean in a way that is safe, gentle and hypoallergenic. If using natural food and household products is important to you, soap nuts are a must.

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