You Have Probably Never Eaten Moringa, It’s The Most Nutritious, Healthiest Vegetable In The World.

You Have Probably Never Eaten Moringa, It’s The Most Nutritious, Healthiest Vegetable In The World.

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Aug 11th 2016

The word Moringa means miracle. 

Moringa, It’s The Most Nutritious, Healthiest Vegetable In The World.

Moringa is the most nutrient dense plant ever tested. Moringa is a leafy vegetable that grows in the tropics. The leaf of the Moringa tree is the most nutritious part of the tree. Moringa is classified as a leafy vegetable and there are no toxic side effects. Besides having more vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and amino acids than any other source, it also contains 46 different anti-inflammatory compounds. It contains all the known amino acids including the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are the ones your body needs to survive and cannot be synthesized. The only way for your body to get them is through your diet.

Green Virgin Products started doing research on Moringa and was amazed by its properties. I also discovered something that is totally ignored by all other Moringa sellers. Moringa is very susceptible to oxidation and photo-oxidation. Like when you cut an apple and the exposed part turns brown. What makes the apple turn brown is oxidation. Oxidation is caused by oxygen and light causes photo-oxidation. Oxygen and light destroys the nutritional value of foods. Moringa, despite its abundant nutrition is susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation destroys nutrition. We came up with new processing and packaging methods to prevent oxidation. Green Virgin Products is the only company to do so making our moringa more potent than any other brand.

At the age of 55 I started taking Moringa. Coincidentally I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic Melanoma just a month after I started taking Moringa. Only 12.5 percent of stage 4 melanoma patients survive for 5 years. I had to have 3 separate surgeries to remove tumors from my lungs and liver and now I have been cancer free for over 5 years. I take 5 grams of Green Virgin Products Moringa a day, which because of our exclusive processing and packaging, is the most potent Moringa on the market.

Moringa leaves

I was also amazed, that before taking Green Virgin Products Moringa I had severe knee and hip arthritis pain. I had trouble going up and down stairs. I had to pull myself up the stairs with the hand rail. I could not drive more than a half an hour or my hips and knees would just ache. And as a tennis player I was thinking of giving up tennis. Well after about 6 months my knee and hip pain is totally gone. And now 6 years later I am playing tennis better than ever before with absolutely no knee or hip pain. As a 62 year old I used to come home from tennis and my joints and muscles would just ache for 2 days. It was so bad I had trouble getting out of my chair. I felt like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. My joints and muscles were so sore I felt like I needed that oil can. Now as soon as I get home from tennis or any exercise, I have some Moringa and the difference is just astounding. Almost no stiffness or joint pain. It’s like a fountain of youth.

I also noticed I have not been sick a single day since I started taking Moringa. Moringa has no caffeine but due to the abundant nutrition it gives you a feeling of alertness that even coffee can’t give you. There is also no hopped up jittery feeling and no crash like you get from coffee. The alert, awake, abundant energy feeling lasts all day. Then when it is bedtime Moringa also helps your body regulate your sleep cycle so you will sleep better to. Your body is an amazing machine but it needs the proper fuel to work at its peak. Moringa gives your body the fuel and nutrition it needs. There are hundreds of diseases and conditions that are caused by a lack of nutrition. Ayurvedic medicine estimated that Moringa can prevent or even cure over 300 different diseases and conditions. Better health through proper nutrition has been a staple for centuries but recently proper nutrition is taking a back seat to corporate profits. Our food is estimated to contain about 50% as much nutrition as it did in the past .

I know it sounds unbelievable but it is all true. I too was skeptical but I am living proof and now thousands of our customers are reporting similar results. We have received reviews from many of our customers that are diabetic and after 6 months of taking our Moringa every day, their blood work improved so much their doctors took them off insulin. The reviews on our website are by Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved only allows verified buyers to do reviews on our website. We do not have the ability to edit or delete reviews. Shopper Approved is very strict and they only allow us to delete 1 review per year. Their policy is so strict so shoppers can rely on the reviews to make purchase decisions. Be careful of the reviews on Amazon. There are a ton of paid reviews and also anyone can do a review even if they never used the product.

The word Moringa means miracle. Order some today and join the club. The Green Virgin Products Moringa eaters. We are an extremely healthy and happy group.