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100% Pure Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Moringa Oil

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Moringa oil has been used for thousands of years for the many unique and diverse benefits it provides. From ancient Egypt to famous actors and models today, moringa oil, also known as Ben oil, has long been an insiders secret to great skin and hair. Much like our high-quality moringa powder, we have worked hard and searched far and wide to bring you the finest moringa oil in the world.
The oil starts with moringa seeds from Moringa trees that are given the time to mature and seed. Most moringa farmers harvest the leaves for powder and don't give the trees time to go to seed. This is one reason why real moringa oil is rare and hard to come by. In our vast research into Moringa oil and its many benefits, we located a rare region in the tropical climates of Nicaragua, where the Moringa trees are able to fully mature and seed. This find was the perfect start with delivering the very best moringa oil to your doorstep.

We further invested into the perfect process for extraction. Our moringa seeds are put through a highly-regulated cold press process to achieve a remarkably pure food grade level. Every last drop of our Moringa Oil is 100% pure and Extra Virgin. Our special process guarantees that you will get 100% pure, high-quality moringa oil from Green Virgin Products every time.

This is especially important to understand, whether you are already buying moringa oil or you are just considering your first purchase because you heard about the benefits. Many companies are selling fake or heavily diluted oil. They will dilute the product with corn oil or some other very cheap oil so that they can sell it as moringa oil at an unsustainably low price. Don't be fooled by that “incredible deal” you found online.

Cheap moringa oil is never pure moringa oil. During a recent study of olive oils that purport to be extra virgin quality, it was found that 70% did not meet that high standard of purity required to advertise “Extra Virgin.” This same unfortunate situation applies to the many cheap, knock-off moringa or ben oils being sold on the internet today.

At Green Virgin Products, we’ve built our reputation around delivering the highest quality healthy products at an affordable price. In fact, our pricing has always been based around providing these incredible products to you at the lowest possible profit margin and it always will. This strategy was developed around the simple idea of delivering the best and purest moringa oil. We worked from there to find the best possible price we could sustain while still being able to offer consistently wonderful fulfillment of our pure moringa oil.

Green Virgin Products will always be a company that puts the health and wellness of our customers first. Providing pure moringa oil at the best possible price is one of the ways we stay true to that mission. You will notice the difference the first time you use our 100% pure Extra Virgin Moringa oil. We absolutely cannot wait to hear about the ways it improves your life. Get your first bottle today

The Many Uses of Moringa Oil

The versatility of moringa oil makes it a must have around your house. From a soothing daily moisturizer to a simple leave-in hair conditioner to a superb cooking oil, this oil has become a daily part of our lives at Green Virgin Products, in so many ways. With its unique combination of therapeutic properties, this oil has an incredibly high nutritional value.

It contains an abundance of bioactive compounds such as carotenoids, flavonoids, and polyphenols. This unique combination of benefits packed into one oil makes it so helpful on so many fronts. There are so many interesting ways to use this oil to improve your health, wellness and beauty. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share some simple ways to start today.

As An Incredible Moisturizer

This one is easy. Start rubbing a little bit of oil on your face and hands a few times a day to take advantage of the incredible natural  moisturizing benefits. Many woman use it on their entire body for the softest healthiest skin all over. This oil contains an array of vitamins that improve the appearance and feel of your skin. You will build collagen with the abundance of Vitamin A. Collagen is vital for the overall health of your skin, muscles and bones.

The Vitamin C in the oil helps your body form collagen and elastin as well. It even aids in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, especially around your eyes. Vitamin E is also a powerhouse for skin healing and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Moringa is packed with all three key vitamins for beautiful skin. Moringa has recently become very popular in the beauty and cosmetic industry for these amazing properties. Many high-end, luxury cosmetics use this oil in their skin creams and conditioners.

The oil extract from moringa seeds offers unique and remarkable anti-aging benefits that have made it popular among celebrities and models. The only problem with those high-end, luxury cosmetics is that they cost a fortune and generally contain a small percentage of the oil. There simply is no match for 100% pure, extra virgin, Moringa oil when it comes to your skin. The pure oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, which means just a little goes a long way and it’s much more affordable than the newest luxury skin cream.

If you want strong, flowing hair, then you need healthy hair follicles. Your hair follicles need ample nutrients and protein. The oil helps your follicles in a number of key ways when you use it as a simple leave-in conditioner on slightly damp hair. For starters, vitamin A improves your body’s production of sebum, which naturally lubricates your hair. This keeps your scalp healthy and flake-free.

You’ll also notice fewer damaged hairs and split ends with regular use of moringa oil. Vitamin E in moringa oil promotes healthy blood circulation in your scalp, which ultimately improves the absorption and utilization of key nutrients by your hair follicles. Moringa oil does wonders for itchy, dry scalps as well. Put just a little bit of our Moringa oil in your hair and you’ll start to notice the differences right away.

Acne Treatment and Prevention

Most people have no idea that moringa oil is one of the best all natural treatments for acne. In fact, using this oil as a regular facial moisturizer can help prevent (or significantly improve) acne breakouts. The wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of moringa oil provide your skin with a natural, deep cleanse without drying it out.

Regular moringa oil use on your skin helps combat the harmful pollution our skin comes in contact with every day. It is packed with antioxidants to counteract free-radicals. This same process also helps to clear up blackheads, and works to reduce skin imperfections. This oil is even a popular treatment for psoriasis and eczema. Generally, you will see your skin improve and look younger with routine moringa oil application that naturally fight against the causes of acne and blackheads.

Sunburn and Itch Relief

Much like the general benefits of our 100% pure Moringa oil for your overall skin health, it has a soothing effect on minor sunburns and itches. Moringa oil packs into its amazing combination of properties some unique antiseptic qualities alongside its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that make it especially useful for minor scrapes, burns and dry or itchy skin.

Moringa oil will gently sooth minor pain and inflammation while promoting the healing process. Rub just a little moringa oil anywhere you are feeling burnt from a long day in the sun to help ease the pain and speed up the recovery from sunburn.

Arthritic Pain

On top of all the benefits for your skin, the oil has fantastic uses for internal inflammation and arthritic pain. It’s simple to use for this type of pain. Simply apply some of the oil to your painful and achy joints. Regular use will help naturally improve the inflammation that causes much joint pain.

Many people report reduced swelling within a few days of using Moringa oil on their troublesome joints. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of moringa oil and there uses for management and relief of arthritic pain have been well documented in many recent scientific studies. None of these studies claim that this oil is a miracle cure for all arthritis, but show conclusive evidence that moringa and specifically that the oil extract do reduce inflammation, which is one of the main symptoms of arthritis.

Gum Health

Moringa oil is so diverse in its uses that many people add it as a daily mouthwash for healthy gums. It’s simple to use. Just a few drops of moringa oil swished around in your mouth and gently massaged onto your gums will help relieve gum inflammation. Our 100% pure Moringa oil has a mild taste that many people say reminds them of fresh vegetables.


While it’s not the main way we recommend to use our 100% pure moringa oil, it does make nice cooking oil as well. Generally, you can use it for sautéing or deep frying. It reaches it smoke point around 200 C, which is the correct range for deep frying. People commonly use moringa seed oil as a salad oil as well. We often hear about people making their own healthy salad dressing with moringa oil as one of the main ingredients.

Why does Moringa Oil have so many diverse uses?

Most plants and vegetables have a few beneficial properties for your health, but nothing comes close to moringa for the powerful combination of nutrients and health benefits. And as we’ve shared, the Moringa tree offers many gifts beyond its nutritious leaves.

Moringa seeds cold pressed properly and precisely have a wealth of benefits and uses. Moringa oil, commonly referred to as Ben Oil, is the fantastic by-product of this process. We’ve perfected the process to bring the purest moringa oil in the world. The oil is so unique because it is the only oil that does not go rancid. For years, we’ve invested in the purest moringa trees with the best moringa seeds and developed the best process for extracting the oil.

Moringa’s Secret Weapon: Moringa oil

Moringa has so many powerful properties and unique benefits, but it’s most effective healing properties come from its “secret weapon.” The special weapon that provides so many of its anti-aging properties is cytokinins.

Most people have probably never heard of cytokinins. They are a special and unique plant hormone that spurs cell division and growth. It directly fights aging of your cells by delaying the death of human cells. The best cytokinin for things like anti-aging and cell reproduction is zeatin. No plant on earth has more zeatin per serving than moringa. It actually has thousands of times the zeatin of any other plant.

Moringa oil has so many unique benefits…

Every drop of the oil is jammed with 46 antioxidants. The sheer number in one food is unmatched and provides your body with the natural defenses against free-radicals. You come in contact with free-radicals everywhere you go on a daily basis. From pollution to toxins to sunlight to smoke, your body is bombarded with free-radicals regularly.

If left unchecked, free-radicals will damage your cells and start to cause early aging, both internally and externally. This is where the unique composite of antioxidants is so important to your health. The regular addition of antioxidants into your diet will prevent the oxidation of your cells and minimize the damage and outward signs of aging. Moringa’s unique addition of antioxidants and essential amino acids means it actively promotes healthy, 90 day gaurantee - green virgin products moringavibrant skin and cells; which helps your body inside and out.

As you can clearly see, moringa oil is a must-have for every home. The amazing list of uses goes well beyond what we’ve highlighted today with our favorites. Moringa oil will immediately become a part of your daily routine once you try it for the first time, as it has for us at Green Virgin Products.

The purity of the moringa oil matters. Cheap knock-offs and diluted oils will leave you missing out on most, if not all, of the amazing benefits that moringa oil brings to your life. You won’t get a purer moringa oil in the world than direct from Green Virgin Products. We guarantee it! If our Moringa Oil is not the best moringa oil you’ve ever used, send it back within 90 days for a full refund.

Get your order in today and we’ll pack and ship it within 24 hours or less. Every order is packed carefully. We use recycled and environmentally-friendly packaging for every order we send to you, so that it arrives safely and securely at your home as soon as possible.