150 Moringa Tea Bags (Natural Super Multi Vitamin)

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This Item is for 150 Moringa Tea Bags in five hermetically sealed, oxygen-free, 100% light blocking, resealable pouches. Save $4.96 compared to buying them individually.


100% pure Moringa Oleifera Leaf in tea bags. No fillers.

About the Taste of Green Virgin Products Moringa Tea.

moringa tea

Our Moringa Tea tastes very good and has a very mild flavor that most people rated among their favorite teas. Those who tried other brands of Moringa tea totally hate the taste. Basically, the taste of Moringa is terrible unless it goes under our proprietary processing method. All other Moringa teas sold in the market are simply air-dried leaf or powder with added ingredients to try and cover their bad flavor.

When making Moringa Tea it is important to not heat the water hotter than 140 degrees F. Making it any hotter will destroy some of the nutritional value. It tastes great over ice too. Tea must be consumed within 24 hours after steeping in hot water or nutritional value is diminished.

To see a list of the nutrition in our moringa click here. We know you’ll love our pure Moringa Tea Bags. They deliver all the benefits of our popular Moringa Ultimate Powder in a convenient tea bag. You’ll notice the crisp, flavorful brew in your first cup of our Moringa Tea. Add some all natural honey or lemon for a perfect sweetener and enjoy. It’s never tasted so good to improve your health.


Green Virgin Products Moringa Tea Bags make the best tea!

-We only use the highest-quality moringa tree leaves for our powder. -We have an industry-leading, exclusive, infrared drying and oxidation free packaging process. -The special packaging keeps out all oxygen and light so the moringa tea bags stay fresh and prevents oxidation! -We use a secret Japanese method to improve the taste of our moringa tea so it tastes better than other brands. We don't add any flavors or sugars so you can add what you like.

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