Gourmet Loose Leaf Moringa Tea, Makes 30 Cups of Tea.

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Gourmet Loose Leaf Moringa Tea

cup-of-loose-leaf-tea.jpgOur Gourmet Loose Leaf Moringa Tea is made from the finest wild crafted Moringa oleifera trees. We only use hand-picked, whole Moringa leaves for this ultra high-quality tea. You will be able to taste the difference when you make your first cup. You will need approximately 2 grams to make a cup of tea so you should be able to get roughly 30 cups from each package of the Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea. Two grams is equal to about a tablespoon of our loose leaf tea.

We recommend adding a little honey or lemon to sweeten the tea naturally. This is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable ways to add the benefits of Moringa into your life. You should notice a natural energy boost with your first cup. Moringa tea has so many proven benefits for your health and wellness.

It’s rich in essential nutrients, like antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Remember heating your tea above 140 degrees F will destroy some of the nutritional value.

Why is Green Virgin Products the most potent Moringa you can buy?

oxidized-apple.jpgWe use an exclusive processing and packaging process. We have all seen an apple turn brown after it has been cut and exposed to the air. That is called oxidation. Oxidation is caused by oxidation and light.

Oxidation also destroys nutritional value so preventing oxidation is very important if you want to enjoy all the benefits that moringa has to offer. Our packaging system uses an expensive 3 layer pouch that blocks out all the light and is then triple sealed to prevent any oxygen getting in.

We then put an oxygen absorber inside each package to absorb any oxygen that was left behind. No other company takes the time and expense package their moringa is this superior method. That is why our moringa is the most potent you can buy.

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