Soap Nut, Moringa, Citrus Shampoo

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$31.99 On Sale $20.99
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Soap Nut, Moringa, Citrus Shampoo

$31.99 On Sale $20.99
(You save $11.00 )
Completely non-toxic soap nut, citrus, and moringa shampoo. Safe for adults, children, and newborn babies.
Completely non-toxic soap nut, citrus, and moringa shampoo. Safe for adults, children, and newborn babies.

Soap Nut, Citrus, Moringa Shampoo - 12 Ounces.

lemon slice - moringa shampooThis is an absolutely amazing, totally new product. This Soap Nut, Moringa shampoo is completely non-toxic and does not contain any ingredients that are rated higher than a 2 on the Skin Deep Database. The all natural orange essential oils we use are rated a 2 And the citric Acid is a 2. Every other ingredient in this amazing shampoo is rated a one. Water is rated a 1 so this shampoo is amazingly non-toxic. It is not only non-toxic, but it works better than the shampoos containing highly toxic chemicals and known human carcinogens.

Fillers, Foaming Agents, Thickeners and Toxic Chemicals

Fillers, foaming agents, thickeners and toxic chemicals are present in almost all hair shampoos you buy. When most corporations design a hair shampoo the most important thing to them is profit. They want to be able to sell their product to as many consumers as possible. So they design a product that can be sold cheaply. This means using inexpensive ingredients to keep their cost low.

This philosophy automatically eliminates using relatively expensive pure natural essential oils. Instead, they use artificial toxic fragrance oils made from the toxic waste from the oil industry. Toxic fragrance oils might smell good, but they contain literally hundreds of toxic chemicals and known carcinogens. When labeling laws were being drafted, manufacturer's lobbyists argued that the artificial fragrance had too many ingredients to list.

So our politicians in their infinite wisdom and with bribe money lining their pockets came up with the term fragrance. Manufacturers do not have to disclose the ingredients in the term fragrance -- they got the loophole they were looking for. They can now put almost any toxic chemical in their products and just say it is in the fragrance. They can even legally put in banned chemicals in their products and just say it's in the fragrance. So if a product has the word fragrance in the ingredients list, it can contain the most toxic chemicals on earth and you as a consumer will never know.

We Had To Fire Several Chemists

soap nuts - soap nut shampoo

When we first started trying to design a quality non-toxic moringa hair shampoo, we had to fire several chemists. They kept telling us that to make shampoo and sell it to make a profit, you have to dilute it way down with water. Then because it is so diluted you have to add foaming agents. Foaming agents just make foam or suds. They do not add to the cleaning ability at all. Foaming agents make it seem like products are more effective. The average consumer has been conditioned to think, "Wow, look at all these suds. This must be really good shampoo."

The next thing the chemists told us is that since there is so much water added, the shampoo is watery and not thick. Consumers have been brainwashed into believing thick is rich and desirable. So thickening agents need to be added. Sodium Chloride or plain table salt is commonly used as a thickening agent along with several alternative chemicals. How silly is it to add salt to shampoo. We are often trying to wash the salt out of our hair. The thickening agents cut the sudsing action even further so even more foaming agents need to be added. So most shampoos available to consumers are mostly water, thickening agents, and foaming agents. Even the super expensive designer shampoos use this method. Hair Shampoo is an item most of us use several times a week to more than once a day.

We care about our hair and way it looks. We spend a lot of time caring for our hair. We spend a lot of time combing, brushing and styling our hair. Unfortunately most hair shampoos on the market today contain hundreds of toxic chemicals and known carcinogens. Our Moringa Shampoo is completely safe for adults, children and even a newborn baby.  Green Virgin Products Moringa Shampoo does not contain any toxic ingredients.

We Tried To Keep The Price Low.

The first several chemists gave us prices that were just astronomically high. They tried to get us to use toxic ingredients to keep the price lower. We told them that is not who we are. We are dedicated to totally non-toxic products period. Then our search led us to Richard Brown. A  brilliant chemist that specialized in non-toxic products and it was a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Richard died in a tragic skiing accident shortly after finishing the formulation for our shampoo and conditioner. We can never thank Richard enough for coming up with these brilliant formulas just before his untimely death.

Now There Is  Something Completely Different, And Far Superior

Moringa leaves

Our new exclusive Moringa Shampoo and Conditioner are light years ahead of the shampoos and conditioners on the market today. This amazing non-toxic shampoo is made with soap nuts and moringa powder. Soap nuts are a berry that grows on trees and contains huge amounts of saponin. Saponin is a natural surfactant or soap. Moringa is a leafy vegetable that grows on trees too. Besides being the most nutrient dense food ever discovered it has huge amounts of zeatin. Zeatin is really good for your skin and hair.

Moringa has over 1000 times more zeatin than any other plant. Because of the soap nuts, you will notice a lot of natural lather. It feels different from the foam from foaming agents. And the zeatin from the moringa over time will strengthen and improve your hair. When used with our Moringa Oil conditioner you'll notice a difference. They were made to work together, so try the moringa shampoo and the moringa oil conditioner.

What is it like to use? It's Incredibly Good?

The first thing you will notice about our moringa shampoo, is you can use a lot less than you're used to. Because we don't dilute it, it is more concentrated than normal shampoos, so you can use less and still get abundant lather. You can use about half as much as your old shampoo. This saves money. You use half as much so it's like getting it for half price. Then you'll notice the pure all natural lemon and orange essential oils. This shampoo smells delicious. But it is a light scent and not overpowering at all. You won't believe a product so good is totally non-toxic.

Is It Worth It? You Bet It Is. 

You can buy hair shampoo for a few dollars a bottle, but it will be a toxic soup of fillers, foaming agents, thickeners, toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Over 8,000,000 people died last year from cancer. It is estimated over half of all cancer deaths are avoidable. One of the best ways to prevent cancer is to avoid carcinogens and toxic chemicals. Carcinogens are chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Is it worth a few dollars a year to avoid bathing in carcinogens. We definitely think so or we would not have invested so much time and effort into designing this exclusive product. This moringa shampoo can only be considered expensive when compared to the cheap budget shampoos on the market. But when compared to the salon quality shampoos, ours is an absolute bargain and a far better product too. Order a bottle of this amazing shampoo and our amazing conditioner too. You will be glad you did and this will surely become one of your all-time favorite products.

This is also the best shampoo you can buy for babies and children too. Babies and children are much more susceptible to the effects of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. They depend on you to protect them.

Our Moringa Shampoo Ingredients

Click on the links that say Skin Deep Data Base Rated to see the rating

Deionized water - Skin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Decyl glucoside - Skin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Disodium cocoyl glutamateSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate- Skin Deep Rated 1

Lauryl glucosideSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Capryl/ capramidopropyl betaineSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Polyglyceryl-4 caprylateSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Sodium lauroyl glutamateSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Diglycerin Skin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Moringa oleifera tea - Skin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Soap nuts liquidSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Citric acidSkin Deep Data Base Rated 2

Xanthan gumSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Guar gumSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Lemon peel essential oilSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Orange peel essential oilSkin Deep Data Base Rated 2

phenethyl alcoholSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

EthylhexylglycerinSkin Deep Data Base Rated 1

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Shampoos.

orange slice - nontoxic citrus shampooOur moringa shampoo contains none of the following hazardous chemicals. The Shampoo your buying now probably contains many of the following.

DEA (diethanolamine) Rated a 10 on the Skin Deep Data Base

MEA (monoethanolamine) This is from Dow's website. DOW monoethanolamine is not sold for consumer use. However, it is used in the production of products that consumers may use. The most probable exposure route is skin contact with products that contain small amounts of this material. Monoethanolamine can cause burns to the eyes and skin. It is harmful and corrosive if swallowed. It is also harmful if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. It can cause lung damage if aspirated, and repeated exposure may cause liver and kidney damage.

TEA (triethanolamine) Rated a 5 on the Skin Deep Database.

FD&C or D&C Color Pigments. These coloring agents are made from Coal Tar. A known carcinogen.

Formaldehyde. A known Carcinogen. Used as a preservative. Banned in the European Union but our politicians think it's good enough for Americans. Rated a 10 on the Skin Deep Database.

Fragrances/Parfum Artificial Fragrance is made from the toxic waste from the oil industry. Fragrance contains hundreds of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. A labeling loophole. Manufacturers can hide any ingredient in fragrance even banned chemicals and consumers will never know it's in there. Check your labels. Not just shampoo. If it has the word fragrance in the list of ingredients, avoid it. Rated an 8 on the Skin Deep Database.

Parabens A preservative and fragrance ingredient. Endocrine Disrupter. Rated a 7 on the Skin Deep Database.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)  &  Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) Usually contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen.

Quaternium-15 A formaldehyde releaser. Rated an 8 on the Skin Deep Data Base.

1,4-dioxane. Rated an 8 on the Skin Deep Data Base

This is a very short list of the toxic chemicals in other shampoos, and shampoos contain many more toxic ingredients. There are way too many to list here.

Now there is an amazing non-toxic product that works beyond your expectations. Try a bottle today.