Moringa Ultimate Micro-Fine Powder, 120 grams

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Super fine Moringa Powder made from 100% pure, high-quality, wild crafted moringa leaves. A fantastic addition to your favorite liquids.
Serving Size:
2 grams equals 1 teaspoon per day
Take with food as many vitamins are fat soluble
Processing & Packaging:
We are the only company that uses oxidation free packaging & Far Infra Red Light. It's a game changer. Oxidation destroys nutrition. Ours will have full nutrition and a competitors could have almost no nutrition. More info below.

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Moringa Ultimate, Micro-Fine Powder, 120 grams  

This super fine moringa powder is not put in individual pouches. It is a bulk powder. This is the finest moringa powder you can buy. To make moringa powder this fine we had to invent and build new machines to do it. Recommended minimum dose is 2 grams per day. 2 grams equals about 1 teaspoon.

WOW! It is even finer now.

We have improved the ultimate micro fine powder. It was already the finest powder in the world, and now it is 33% finer than it was before. This powder is really the Ultimate. This makes it even easier to mix with liquids, improves the feel and smoothness going down and tastes even better. I sometimes mix it with water and add 1 tablespoon of sugar (48 calories) and it tastes delicious. And it's great mixed with your favorite fruit Juices. I love it with sweet lemonade mixed with apple juice. And, of course, the bio-availability is further improved.

What Can Moringa Powder Do For Me?

moringa leaves in morter - moringa powder

Click here to see a list of the disease-preventing nutrients that moringa contains and the benefits or conditions that you might get if you're deficient in any of them. Click here to see more benefits of moringa. Our highest-quality Moringa Ultimate Micro-Fine Powder is the perfect way to add moringa into your favorite juices, smoothies, and soups. It mixes easily to deliver the plethora of the proven benefits of moringa. Our special packaging ensures that it will arrive at your home as fresh and potent as the day we harvested it. You’ll notice the healthy green color of our 100% pure moringa micro-fine powder when you open that special packaging for the first time. Our exclusive processing and oxidation free packaging is the way you know you’re getting all the powerful benefits of Moringa.

  • Industry-leading, exclusive harvest to sealed in the package in under 8 hours
  • Advanced Far Infrared temperature controlled drying system and oxidation free packing process
  • Oxygen absorber inside every package preserves freshness
  • Worlds most nutrition dense plant. Packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and protein in every serving.
  • World Record holder for the most antioxidants of any other plant.
  • 90 day money back if not satisfied for every product we sell.




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