What are the benefits of moringa powder?

Sep 20th 2022

Is Moringa powder good for you?

Absolutely! Moringa powder (also known as malunggay powder) is densely packed with powerful nutrients. In fact, moringa powder which is native to South Asia and Africa is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet - and it’s vegan too.

Interestingly, moringa powder goes by several names depending on where in the world it’s referenced including:

  • Malunggay powder - typically named in Thailand and surrounding countries
  • Miracle tree powder/miracle powder
  • Drumstick powder

Whichever name you’ve heard, moringa is incredibly good for you and here’s why.

Moringa powder is considered one of the best superfoods. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and calcium, regarded as a source of energy, it’s entirely vegan, it’s a naturally powerful antioxidant and inflammatory.

What vitamins does moringa powder contain?

Moringa is absolutely loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our moringa powder contains:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is critical for maintaining vision, it’s critical for supporting your immune system to help fight off colds and infections. Additionally, vitamin A is important for promoting healthy growth and development.

Moringa powder contains 13x more vitamin A than spinach and up to 10x more vitamin A than carrots.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B (B1 - B12) is also a crucial component of a healthy diet and body. Vitamin B is important to help your body release energy from food and keeps your nervous system healthy and efficient.

Our Moringa powder is loaded with vitamin B. To put that into context, one 10g serving of moringa powder has an amazing 48x more vitamin B2 than two cups of fresh kale.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is critical to keep your cells healthy and helps to maintain healthy skin and bones in addition to helping speed up tissue regrowth.

Vitamins D and E

Vitamin D is important to keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and promotes healthy eyes and skin. A lack of vitamin D and E can cause children's growth issues.

Each serving of moringa powder is packed with vitamins D and E

What minerals does moringa powder contain?

Moringa is rich in critical minerals that can be challenging to introduce into your diet, particularly if you’ve a nut allergy or you’re avoiding milk. Here’s a breakdown of the minerals that moringa powder is rich in:


Potassium is critical for your heart as it regulates your heartbeat and helps cells to function normally. Our moringa powder has 15x more potassium per serving than bananas!


Calcium is, of course, crucial for bone health and strength and it can be tricky to get your recommended daily dose of calcium is you’re vegan or you’re avoiding cow’s milk.

Green Virgin Moringa Powder contains 17x more calcium per serving than cow’s milk.


Iron is crucial to keeping your bloody healthy and helping your body to product red blood cells. Often found in meat and pulses.

Green Virgin Moringa Powder contains 20x more iron per serving than spinach!


Magnesium helps in turning our food into energy and also helps to ensure healthy thyroid regulation and function.

Our moringa powder contains 8x more magnesium per serving than spinach

What are the top moringa powder benefits?

Protects and keeps the liver healthy

Due to moringa’s anti-inflammatory properties, moringa powder is a great supplement to take to protect the liver, keep it functioning normally and keep it healthy.

Additionally, it can help to reverse liver damage and alleviate symptoms of liver fibrosis.

Soothes stomach gripes and conditions

Moringa’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes it great at helping reduce the severity of a number of stomach conditions including gastritis, ulcerative colitis (stomach ulcers) and constipation.

Helps the body fight off infections faster

Moringa is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; many of which contribute to helping your body fight off infection and speed up recovery. Perfect to combat winter colds or if you have a weakened immune system.

Moringa powder benefits for men

There are so many benefits for men who take moringa including promoting a healthy prostate, which is the leading form of cancer in men.

Additionally, moringa powder can also help to alleviate erectile dysfunction and can improve fertility. Moringa powder can also help men to better regulate their blood sugar - ideal for men with type 2 diabetes.

Moringa powder benefits for women

Moringa powder can help to alleviate symptoms of PMS and mood swings associated with periods due to the boost of iron and vitamin E.

Additionally, it’s an overall mood enhancer as moringa helps regulate blood sugar and support the body to release energy from food efficiently.

If you’re breastfeeding, moringa can also help your body to produce more and increases the nutrition of breastmilk too.

Moringa powder benefits for dogs and pets

Moringa powder is also great for dogs, cats and birds. As moringa is so nutrient-rich, it’s a great way to give your companions a nutritional boost by sprinkling it on to their food at meal times.

Particularly young cats and dogs that grow rapidly and therefore need more nutrients to grow healthily.

How to make sure you buy the best moringa powder

Avoid oxidation to retain key nutrients

Moringa powder has many health benefits, but for it to work, it must be high quality.

The majority of the moringa powder sold to consumers is actually brown. This means that it has oxidized and is no longer fresh.

We get many comments from customers about how the previous moringa powder they ordered from another brand arrived brown.

If your moringa is brown, then it has already lost most of its nutrition and this is due to oxidation (where oxygen degrades the moringa and causes the moringa to lose its nutritional content).

We take steps to make sure our moringa stays fresh so you get the full benefits of this amazing plant. We package it in an air-tight bag that also prevents UV and light to pass. Additionally, we also include an oxygen absorber inside.

All of these steps ensure the moringa you receive is the freshest and most nutrient rich moringa powder on the market.

Ensure your moringa powder is only made from fresh moringa leaves

The leaf is the most nutritious part of the moringa tree. We only use the leaves in our moringa powder. Some seller use the seed cake, the bark, or the roots to cut costs and bulk out the product.

Moringa powder from Green Virgin Products is made exclusively from fresh moringa leaves to ensure the purest, most nutritional moringa powder.