Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea from Green Virgin Productsusda-organic.jpg 

Our moringa tea is made from 100% USDA Certified Organic Moringa Tea Leaves and is packaged in a tea bag made of corn starch making them much more friendly for the environment!

Why drink Moringa tea?

Moringa tea is a great way of introducing the benefits, nutrients and compounds of moringa into your diet - particularly if you enjoy drinking herbal teas.

Moringa tea contains zero caffeine yet many moringa tea drinkers share how moringa gives them their daily energy boost that can last all day.

Moringa is also one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world. It’s very much a superfood!

Just take a look at the many benefits of moringa tea.

Our tea bags are 100% biodegradable

Our tea bags are entirely biodegradable so they’re cleaner and much better for the environment than tea bags that contain micro plastics.

Once you’ve brewed and steeped your moringa tea, you can add your used moringa tea bag to your compost heap or soil. This also ensures we’re proactively reducing waste destined for landfill.

Only the freshest and best quality moringa leaf used

Green Virgin Products only use the tips of the moringa leaf and our tea bags contain 100% moringa leaf - no fillers, binders or anything else added.

The tips of the leaves are the youngest and are therefore the richest in nutrients whilst also giving the moringa tea a more delicate and palatable taste.

Energy without the caffeine with moringa tea

Moringa is able to deliver an energy boost without caffeine and more importantly without a crash afterwards. Drinking moringa provides those that take it with a steady release of energy throughout the day allowing you to reduce your dependency on sugar, energy drinks and of course coffee.