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Why our Moringa Ultimate is the most potent moringa in the world

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At Green Virgin Products, we love moringa and have since we first found out about its amazing properties and abundant benefits. That’s why we searched the world over to find the best moringa. We invested significant resources into everything moringa. We thoroughly refined and perfected the process for harvesting and packaging moringa and built our business around getting it to you as quick as possible. Our moringa is called Moringa Ultimate Powder.

To understand why Green Virgin Products delivers the best, most potent, moringa powder, moringa capsules, moringa tea and moringa oil directly to your home, you can start by checking out our special Six-Step Process for the Moringa Ultimate Method.

1) We Source The Best Wild Crafted Moringa In The World.

The most potent Moringa grows in the damp regions of the world with tropical climates. After significant testing and research, we found moringa that grows in the mountainous areas of Nicaragua. We found a farm that for centuries was a cattle farm. For that reason the land was not sprayed with pesticides and herbicides for hundreds of years. The land is also very low in lead. The natural breezes and dense, damp air is the perfect setting for moringa trees to thrive.

2) We Utilize The Most Advanced Far-infrared Drying System In The Industry.

Our exclusive high-tech, far-infrared drying system makes sure your moringa is dried perfectly and nearly-completely within hours. The outdated shade dry method takes days or weeks depending on where it takes place. The Moringa Ultimate Method gives our moringa the lowest moisture content in the industry. Far-infrared light also destroys bacteria, mold and mildew. If the company you purchase moringa from does not know if they are using shade drying for their moringa powder, run for the hills. That means their moringa is susceptible to bacteria and mold as it slowly dries in the shade.

3) Our Moringa Ultimate Powder Is Harvested And Packaged Within Eight Hours.

Every fresh harvest of our moringa leaves goes from the tree to completely packaged and sealed within eight hours. If you’re familiar with the industry standard for moringa, you’ll recognize the power and value of our unique system. Most companies use the outdated shade dry method which takes days or sometimes weeks to dry in the rainy season. The Moringa Ultimate Method makes sure that the moringa powder that arrives with your order will be as fresh and potent as the day it was picked from the tree. All the nutrients are preserved so you can truly enjoy all the benefits of moringa.

4) Our Exclusive Packaging Prevents Oxidation.

The combination of light and oxygen on almost any food leaves it inedible in a short amount of time. Think of what happens when you cut an apple in half and leave it out. It doesn’t look very appealing after a short amount of time. Moringa is also especially sensitive to oxidation once it is harvested and dried. You’ll notice the dull, color to almost all other brands of moringa powder sold in the United States. Most of the nutritional value of the powder decays even before the color fades. But, the Moringa Ultimate Method insures that your moringa has not been tainted by exposure to oxygen and light. We even seal it securely with our special oxygen absorber that comes with every package of Green Virgin Products moringa powder. We are the only company that take the time and expense to do it this way.

5) We Pack And Ship All Orders As Quickly As Possible.

All your orders are carefully and skillfully packed and shipped within one business day. We even get most orders out the same day. You’ll get a nice email with your tracking number to let you know your order is on the way. We use recycled boxes and newspapers for packing material to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We even offer free shipping on every order over $50.

Our Moringa Ultimate Powder is as fresh when you open your package as when we harvested it for you. That is our goal. You’ll notice the Moringa Ultimate difference from the very first time.

The Most Potent Moringa Makes Healthy Living Easy!!!

moringa-leaf-powder.jpgWe like to play off the old adage, “An apple a day…” with our own twist, “A little Moringa every day keeps the doctor at bay!” Moringa powder is a powerhouse mix of many of the most important and valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and proteins. Moringa is one of the easiest ways to make positive changes to your health and well-being.

This amazing plant has a positive impact on every single part of your body. From your immune system and natural defenses against free-radicals to a healthy, strong metabolism, and even a boosted circulatory system. Every part of your body will thank you for the incredible ways that a daily dose of moringa powder provides. Since our Moringa Ultimate delivers the freshest, purest form of this amazing plant, your body will be able to receive and take advantage of all the benefits.

Moringa has recently garnered lots of attention for its amazing antioxidant capabilities. Moringa is the current world record holder for the most antioxidants of any edible plant. It is an all-natural, antioxidant-rich, energy-booster. Antioxidants are so important to our long term because they aggressively fight free-radicals in your body. Free-radicals wreak havoc on our cell structure and regeneration, and have also been tied to heart attacks and cancer.

In a study released in January 2015, leading botanists and biotechnologists concluded that, “The overall result of the present study certainly provides promising baseline information to ascertain the potency of the crude extracts of [Moringa] as a potential source of natural antioxidants. This suggests that these extracts possess reasonable prospect as a source of natural antioxidants to be used by food industry. They have great potential in health-related area via preventing or treating diseases caused by the oxidative stress and might be extensively used for the treatment of degenerative diseases.

moringa-capsules-in-bowl.jpgKnowing the power of routinely taking moringa led us to find more convenient ways for us to provide the benefits of the miracle tree. The natural path (and common request) was the option for moringa powder in a capsule. We listened. All the potency and freshness of our Moringa Ultimate powder is also available in two different capsule options.

We now offer Moringa Ultimate Capsules and Moringa Ultimate Vegan Capsules. These amazing moringa capsules mean that it is easier than ever to have moringa ready to go wherever and whenever you want. At Green Virgin Products, our team uses them the exact same way. Feeling a little sluggish post lunch? Feel the natural energy boost of moringa with a simple moringa capsule. We are fairly sure there is not an easier way to improve your daily energy levels, mood and health than a Moringa Ultimate Capsule a few times a day.

choc-chip-moringa-cokkie.jpgThere are so many fantastic ways to add all the benefits of moringa into your daily life. We have a few favorite simple recipes that we like to share. Before we dive into some of our best and simplest recipes, it is important to understand the recommended daily serving. With that information, you can use and tweak our standard recipes to fit your personal needs.

You can substitute 5 - 10% moringa powder instead of flour for any baked goods recipe. These moringa chocolate chip cookies will delight any one and adds nutrition to what used to be empty calories.

The minimum recommended daily serving to enjoy the benefits of moringa is two grams daily. That works out to about one teaspoon of our powder. This recommendation is based on a person that weighs 150 pounds. We would recommend that a 300-pound person take at least four grams per day (or two teaspoons). And likewise, a child that weighs just 75-pounds would take at least one gram per day. Moringa is classified as a leafy vegetable. It has no toxic side effects and it is safe, and often times desirable to take more than the minimum dose of 2 grams a day. For instance if you’re fighting an illness, disease or even a just a cold, having more nutrition will help boost your body’s natural defences.smoothie-moringa.jpg

This gives you the framework that we have developed our recipes and suggested dosage of moringa powder. You can make the necessary adjustments based on your own weight. Since moringa is all-natural and has no known harmful or toxic side effects, it is okay to experiment with different amounts in your daily diet without worry. Moringa contains 36 different anti inflammatory compounds. So taking extra might make you feel better if you’re affected by conditions caused by inflammation.

Moringa with your breakfast is a fantastic way to start your day. It provides a natural, caffeine-free energy boost. It’s a perfect way to get going without relying on coffee (although it can go great with coffee, too!). Many of our customers report that they were amazing by the new feeling of alertness, focus and energy that lasts throughout the day. We’re all familiar with the post-lunch or late afternoon lethargic feeling when our energy level drops. Adding moringa powder to your lunch or early afternoon snack will help fight that slow-down.

Many people love the taste of moringa and add it directly to soups, stews, salads, meats and more. It also mixes fantastic with a shake or smoothie.

Attention Athletes, Here Is The World’s Best Sports Drink

Our favorite is what we call the Perfect Sports Drink. To create the Perfect Sports Drink, start with a few ounces of water and add Moringa Ultimate Powder. Let it sit for about five minutes, and the powder will eventually sink to the bottom of the glass. Or just put it in a container with a lid and shake well. The Moringa Ultimate Powder will completely dissolve and now you can add your favorite flavor mixer. Whether it’s more cold water with some lemon or honey, or your favorite juice for a great flavor. Drink Moringa for a fresh new sports drink that is more packed with essential nutrients than any energy or sports drink available today.

The Perfect Sports Drink is perfect for before, during or after a workout. Whether you’re an elite professional athlete or an aging weekend warrior moringa is the best sports drink in the world. The natural boost of energy will certainly help fuel a more productive workout. The biggest benefit will be from the 36 different anti-inflammatory compounds found in Moringa Ultimate Powder.  Gatorade and the other sports drinks do not have this amazing benefit. These will go to work to eliminate muscle soreness and joint pain while giving boost to your body’s natural muscle recovery. You will see much faster recovery times and much less muscle soreness.

We also recommend the Moringa Ultimate Super Fine Mixer:

1) Start with one-half glass of apple juice or cider.

2) Mix in sweet lemonade for the second half of the glass

3) Finally, add a teaspoon or more of Moringa Ultimate Super Fine powder and shake well. Even children and picky eaters will like this tasty nutritious drink.

That’s it! You now have a delicious fruit drink that is fantastic for you!

We have also heard from many customers that they really enjoy mixing Moringa Ultimate Powder with tomato juice. Moringa Ultimate Powder makes it so easy to experiment with your favorite fruit juice or drink. The only thing to keep in mind as you start experimenting with different juices and liquids for your moringa mixes is that moringa is susceptible to excessive heat. Anytime it reaches temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, some of the nutritional value of the moringa is destroyed. But strangely some of the nutrition is boosted by high temperatures.

To use Moringa Ultimate Powder with almost any other meal, all you have to do is sprinkle a dash on the food right before eating. You can stir it in to mask some of the vegetable taste or simple sprinkle on top and eat. Many people that love the taste of moringa do this daily to get their dosage. At Green Virgin Products, we add it to pasta, salads, soups and more.

One of the general themes you will see to everything we do at Green Virgin Products is making healthy living easy. It’s what drives us to continue to find new, better products to share with our amazing customers. Adding Moringa Ultimate powder to your diet is without a doubt the easiest and most effective change you can make for your health of anything we’ve found so far.

We love moringa and try to show all the cool, easy, and creative ways to add it to your daily life. If you are looking to start mixing moringa powder into your favorite drinks, keep in mind our exclusive Moringa Ultimate Micro-fine Powder is the best for mixing. The micro-fine powder dissolves much quicker and more completely into liquids than any other moringa powder on the market today. We believe that our Micro-fine powder even tastes better than the original. But we’ll leave that up to you!

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