Moringa Powder

moringa oxidation - green virgin products comparison

We only use oxidation-free packaging to maintain quality

Just like how a cut apple turns brown, oxygen and light is the biggest enemy of moringa as it gradually reduces and kills off the precious nutrients and compounds that exist within the moringa powder.

That’s why all of our moringa powder is packaged is our proprietary packaging that seals off your fresh moringa powder from oxygen and light. This prevents the breakdown of nutrients within the moringa powder and also helps to extend its shelf life too.

Moringa powder made purely from moringa leaf

Unlike many others, our moringa powder is made exclusively from moringa leaves, the freshest and most nutrient-rich part of the moringa oleifera plant. There are no fillers used in our powders, no preservatives and it contains exactly what it says on the bag - 100% moringa powder.

Leaves picked and packaged within 8 hours for maximum freshness

To ensure you receive your moringa powder in the best possible condition and to maximise the amounts of nutrients captured, all moringa leaves picked and harvested for moringa powder are picked, turned into moringa powder and packaged all within 8 hours.

This industry-leading turnaround time ensures the best quality and most nutrient rich moringa powder product is delivered to your door.

Advanced Infrared Drying Method to maximise nutrients and safety

Many brands of moringa powder will dry out the moringa leaves (ready for grinding into powder) by drying them in the shade or sun which takes days. The problem here is that the precious nutrients in the moringa leaves breakdown quickly; so by the time they’re dry, many of the key nutrients would have broken down.

Here at Green Virgin Products, we use our state-of-the art infrared drying system which perfectly dries the moringa leaves in just hours and not days. This dramatically improves the nutritional content of the moringa powder.

Lastly, the infrared process also destroys mold and bacteria to ensure your moringa powder is clean, safe to use and has a longer shelf life.

There’s an endless list of moringa benefits

Moringa powder has many incredible benefits from adding it to food and recipes to even using it as an ingredient in homemade scrubs. Be sure to check out our full list of moringa powder benefits and moringa powder recipes on our blog!