About Us

We really enjoy interacting with our customers, and we have a passion – To offer some of the finest green cleaning products around the globe. We sell the most potent, and best Moringa products from the Moringa tree, one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet. We provide non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products that will do the job as well or better than any other leading brand, but without the side effects. We also offer the world’s best natural laundry detergent – soap nuts – and a range of other non-toxic, healthy products.

But how did it all start?

Green Virgin Products began online in January of 2009. We had just sold our business of 14 years in 2008 with the intent to retire. However, when the economy crashed, we had to go back to work. At around the same time, my older brother died of cancer at the age of only 52. He did not smoke and lived a very healthy lifestyle.

I struggled to find the cause of his untimely death and began doing a lot of research into the possible causes and sources that might have lead to his cancer. The answers that surfaced were shocking to me. The causes appeared in areas I never expected. I learned for example that laundry detergents and fabric softeners contain a lot of very toxic chemicals, including known human carcinogens. This revelation led me on a path towards Non-toxic, eco-friendly, healthy, products.

I deepened my studies on the effects of cleaning agents, and in discussing this with friends I found that most people did not even know their household cleaning products contained toxic chemicals and carcinogens that could cause real harm to their health. I found out that they also didn’t know how to avoid harmful chemicals, or what alternatives to use instead. They believed, just like I originally did, that once a product is labeled eco-friendly and natural, it means that you have purchased a healthy and non-toxic product. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Given a choice, most people confirmed they would prefer to use non-toxic products. Giant soap companies spend billions of dollars a year to market their products. Next time you see a Tide commercial notice how they don’t say their product is non-toxic, but they always show a loving mom with her happy children. The implication is if you’re a loving mom and you care about your children you should buy Tide. Most moms would be shocked to learn the truth about all the toxic chemicals and known human carcinogens in chemical detergents. Consumers do not think about the fact that they are purchasing products that could harm them, and regulation in this area is lax. Since advertisers have a huge influence on TV programming and even the news, product toxins are not a topic that is adequately addressed.

That’s when we decided to start a company that would offer non-toxic, eco-friendly, healthy, products. We wanted the people buying our products to feel confident about the fact that every single product they purchase would contain zero toxins, and that all our production methods were environmentally friendly. Lastly, we wanted to ensure that our products wouldn’t cost more than the regular brands. We set out to start a company that consumers could trust, that they could rely on, that genuinely cares about their well-being, and that would contribute to making the world a better place.

Green Virgin Products is a company based in Tampa, Florida that only sells toxic-free, eco-friendly, healthy, products at the lowest prices, and made of the highest quality ingredients. All our products come with a 90-day money back guarantee, and work as well or better than leading national brands. Our stainless steel bottles even have a lifetime replacement warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

When it says “green” on our products, you can rest assured that “green” is also inside our products. You can purchase from us with confidence. The effectiveness of all our products has been tested in comparison with leading brands to ensure they work as well or better. We sell you the cleaning power without the side effects. Our moringa is far superior to any other brand due to our exclusive, advanced processing and oxidation free packaging. 

No Animal Testing!

Our products are never tested on animals. We never did and never will.

Our eco-friendly, non-toxic, healthy products, deliver what they promise.

You have our word.

All Fair trade products!

All our suppliers are family owned farms. We didn't realize this for years. It turns out that a small family farm is the best place to get good old fashined pure products. Giant corporate farms are no good because they use modern equipment to boost volume. When we were searching for a moringa farmer the corporate farms use cold pressing machines, but they were run at such a high speed that the oil is actually cooked due to the high heat caused by friction from running the machines so fast. 

So by purchasing from us your supporting small family farmers instead of giant corporations.