Moringa Capsules & Supplements

100% Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules from Green Virgin Products

Why Are Our Moringa Capsules Better?

Green Virgin Moringa capsules are made using only the healthiest and most nutrient-rich moringa trees in the world; specifically selecting moringa trees grown in tropical climates.

Our moringa is grown in Nicaragua in Central America as it the mountainous landscapes provides the perfect conditions to ensure the healthiest and most sought-after moringa in the world.

Our moringa supplements are made using 100% moringa leaf powder

The leaves of the moringa tree are the most nutrient-rich and also the most desirable part of the moringa tree.

Many of our competitors will use fillers, binders and other, less nutritious parts of the moringa tree; which ultimately compromises the quality of the end product and reduces the amount of nutritional content within each capsule.

Just 8 hours from tree to packaging for maximum freshness

All of our moringa capsules are harvested, dried, placed into capsules and are packaged within 8 hours - the fastest time from tree to package in the industry.

Ensuring a short window from harvesting to packaging ensures maximum freshness and allows us to reduce the amount of nutrients lost once the leaves have left the tree - providing you with a higher quality moringa capsule than any other on the market.

Vegan moringa capsules available

We understand that whether you’re vegan or not - not everyone is happy to consume regular gelatin capsules. Here at Green Virgin Products, we’ve developed a gelatin-free moringa supplement without compromising the quality of moringa powder.