120 Moringa Capsules

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Our convenient Moringa Capsules contain 100% pure, organic, moringa leaf powder. It's easier than ever to take Moringa on the go!
Serving Size:
5 Capsules a day, each capsule is 400 mg
100% Organic, Moringa Oliefera Leaf Powder in a gelatin capsule.
Processing & Packaging:
We are the only company in the word that uses oxidation free packaging. It makes a huge difference.Oxydation destroys nutrition. Our Moringa will have full nutrition and a competitors product could have almost no nutrition. More info below

Moringa Capsules

Our Moringa capsules combine the quality of our 100% Pure, Organic, Moringa leaf powder, with the ease of a capsule. We use only our pure moringa powder inside of a capsule. We do not use any flowing agents. We are the only company that does not use flowing agents in their capsules. We use our super fine powder in our capsules. And since we are the only company with a super fine powder, they have to use flowing agents. It is the same Moringa Ultimate process that involves the best Moringa trees in the world with an industry-leading process to dry, prepare and package the capsules perfectly.


Moringa capsules.

We noticed that most Moringa powder was dull and brown, which meant that it had little nutritional value. Just like apple slices left out, the leaf powder of the miracle tree is sensitive to oxygen and light.


We developed a process that dries the leaf powder as quickly and effectively as possible with a far-infrared system to combat this fact and our special three layer packaging guarantees that the Moringa Ultimate capsules will be as fresh and green when you open up the package. Moringa capsules are the easiest way to add the benefits of Moringa into your life and it’s an impressive list of reasons. Moringa leaves are packed with essential nutrients. They are loaded with almost all of the important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It’s unique in the sheer complexity.


That’s one of the main reasons it has been used for so many common issues, like digestive issues, malnutrition, high cholesterol and more. The increasing focus on the tree in the scientific community is backing up the years of common practice among cultures throughout Asia and Africa. We want you to be able to find out about the virtues of our Moringa Ultimate capsules for yourself. We offer free shipping for orders over $50 and completely hassle-free returns within 90 days.


120 Ultimate Moringa Capsules

Ingredients: 100% Wild Crafted, Certified Organic, Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder, gelatin casing. 

It is difficult to fill capsules with regular moringa powder. We use our exclusive Micro-Fine powder to fill our capsules so the powder does not get clogged in the capsule making machines. All other moringa sellers use flowing agents to prevent clogging. Flowing agents are usually silica. Silica is basically sand. Flowing agents are just filler. Our Moringa Capsules pack all the powerful benefits of moringa powder into a convenient capsule. It makes it easy to add 2-4 grams of Moringa powder into your diet. Take our moringa capsules with breakfast and lunch to enjoy the natural boost to your immune system, energy levels, and your skin and hair health.


You’ll notice the Moringa Ultimate difference with your first few capsules! -Every capsule is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and essential amino acids! -Our special exclusive oxidation free packaging guarantees our capsules will arrive fresh and potent. -All the health benefits of our pure moringa powder in capsules! -Makes it easier than ever to take Moringa on the go! If you prefer vegan capsules click here. To read more about our moringa click here.  


Click here to see a list of the many beneficial compounds in our moringa and their benefits for your health. And what diseases you could get if you don't get enough of them.






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