Moringa and the Green Virgin Products Difference

Our special, unique packaging process is part of what sets Green Virgin Products apart from every other company in the industry. All of our Moringa oleifera products come in a high-tech, three-layer, resealable pouch that blocks out all light to completely prevent photo-oxidation. We add our special oxygen absorber to every package before completely vacuum-sealing the package to remove any oxygen.

Green Virgin Moringa

Our exclusive oxidation-free packaging and processing ensures that our moringa is the freshest and most potent brand of moringa on the market.

Leading Competitor

Moringa that is not packaged and processed correctly is highly susceptible to oxidation resulting in diminished nutritional value, colour loss and less freshness.


This process is why your Moringa Ultimate Powder arrives with a beautiful, green glow. Amazingly, Green Virgin Products is the only company that takes the time to package it correctly so that it is as fresh as the day we packaged it. We know you’ll appreciate the difference when you see how fresh our product looks and smells when you open the special three-layer pouch for the first time or the thirtieth time!

The Moringa Ultimate Process 

To make sure you get the purest, most potent Moringa in the world, we have the most advanced six-step process in the industry to ensure the quality of all our products when they arrive on your doorstep. And yes, we’d love to walk you through them all!

1) We start by only using Moringa Oleifera that is naturally wild-crafted among the tropical climate of Nicaragua. Moringa grown in the USA simply does not achieve the same quality and potency as trees in tropical climates.

2) We use an exclusive high-tech, temperature-controlled, state of the art drying system to make sure our product is dried to perfection in a few hours instead of days or weeks. We would never use the shade dry method which encourages mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

3) We harvest and completely package our products within eight hours. You have a very limited amount of time to avoid deterioration once it is picked from the tree. Mold and mildew don’t stand a chance against our process. All our Ultimate products will preserve all their nutritional and prophylactic properties for the longest possible shelf life.

4) We put a special oxygen absorber into every one of our exclusive three-layer packages to completely prevent oxidation from oxygen and light (oxidation destroys nutritional value). Plastic containers (pill bottles) do not block out light and are not vacuum packed with an oxygen absorber inside to prevent oxidation, it will be oxidized before it is even opened.

5) We use recycled boxes and newspapers for packing material to pack all orders with precision and care. Each shipment is packed to be secure until it arrives in your mailbox or on your doorstep. We ship within one business day, generally the same day. Shipping is even free for orders over $50.

Our goal is to get your order to you as fast and fresh as possible! You will notice the difference immediately when you open your first package. And if you’re trying it for the first time, you’ll be spoiled by the finest product in the world right out of the gate. We apologize in advance… because you won’t be able to find a product that compares anywhere else, but we’ll be here. We’re working hard to improve our process again tomorrow and we’ll be happy to ship you out another package.

Compare Moringa Oleifera to Your Favorite Fruits and Vegetables

Moringa leaves are jam-packed with nutrients and beneficial properties far superior to many of your favorite fruits and vegetables:

-10x more Vitamin A than Carrots

-17x more Calcium than Milk

-15x more Potassium than Bananas

-25x more Iron than Spinach

-9x more Protein than Yogurt

-4x more Fiber than Oats

-7x more Vitamin C than Oranges

You can find out more on why moringa is so good for you in our detailed guide. Moringa is also great for men and moringa is also great for women too.