Moringa Ultimate Extract (60 servings)

Our Moringa Leaf Extract is the fastest and easiest way to take moringa. Squeeze one dose in your mouth and enjoy all the benefits of moringa.
Serving Size:
One to 2 doses per day. Squeeze bulb on dropper. It will fill about half way. That is one dose.
One dose per day with food, because a lot of vitamins are fat soluble.
This has a nice sweet taste even kids will like.
RAW Green Virgin Products, USDA Certified Organic, dried, Moringa Oliefera leaf powder and Certified Organic and Kosher palm vegetable glycerin
This concentrated extract contains the same nutritional values as our powders, teas and capsules.

Green Virgin Products Moringa Ultimate Extract

Of course Green Virgin Products had to make the best Moringa leaf extract too.

This product is the fastest and easiest way to take your moringa. Just an eye dropper full in your mouth and you're good to go.

Producing extracts, using no heat, or alcohol from herbs is a slow process that requires patience and much care:moringa leaves - moringa leaf extract

1. First we start with our moringa, which is more potent than any other brand due to our exclusive oxidation free processing system. We use only RAW USDA Certified Organic dried Moringa Oliefera leaves in the process. We also only use Certified Organic, and Certified Kosher Vegetable Glycerin. Most companies don't use Organic Glycerin or they use cheap Soy glycerin which is GMO and not certified organic. They can still put a USDA certified organic seal on the bottle for some reason, but it is not all organic. We use non-GMO, certified Organic palm glycerin

2.  Only glass jars and glass eye droppers are used.

3.  An exact measurement of leaves vs glycerine is used to obtain the complete extraction of the “active ingredients” from the leaves.

4.  Glass jars have to be placed in a dark, fresh room for a minimum of 2 months, depending on the herb being extracted.

5.  Jars have to be shaken every day for at least 5 minutes to homogenize the process and make sure that all parts are totally and evenly soaked with glycerine.

6.  Every few days the leaves absorb the Glycerin and the jar has to be refilled up to a certain level.

7.  After the time is right, the liquid and solids are pressure strained to obtain only the liquid which has a tan color, very nice smell, sweet taste and very powerful as all the Herb’s properties are highly concentrated.

Glycerin tastes sweet but it is not metabolized as sugar in the body and doesn’t cause a rise in blood sugar. For that reason, it’s sometimes used as a sweetener in foods marketed to diabetics and low-carb dieters.

Kosher Vegetable Glycerin extract has a sweet taste but it does not contain sugar and is even recommended for people with diabetes 2.


The recommended daily dose is one half, to 1 full eye dropper fulls under your tongue. The eye dropper can only fill half way so to get 1 full dropper just do 2 half droppers. Each bottle contains about 60 doses.


RAW USDA Certified Organic dried Moringa Oliefera leaf, Certified Organic and Kosher palm vegetable glycerin.

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